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  • American Bar Association – The Delamere Group is promoting the American Bar Association, the largest voluntary professional association in the world and the services that are offered FREE to qualifying applicants.  With nearly 400,000 members, the ABA provides law school accreditation, continuing legal education, information about the law, programs to assist lawyers and judges in their work, and initiatives to improve the legal system for the public. Click here. If you have problems in obtaining help, please contact us.



  • Needing a Qualified & Interested Lawyer (USA Only) - Lawyer.com is the most advanced lawyer matching service. Visitors can find the help they need by calling our referral experts, submitting a referral form or searching our comprehensive directory of 2M+ lawyer listings. Lawyer.com provides a targeted experience for consumers urgently needing a qualified and interested lawyer. With 10+ years of matching experience and technology development, Lawyer.com is proud to make thousands of lawyer connections each week. Receive your free family law consultation now!



  • How to Guarantee Information Security & Business Continuity Standards – EPPS specializes in managing websites that support companies during the implementation of various standards and frameworks. EPPS has grown to become the world’s top provider of online training, tutorials and documentation for ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 [information security and business continuity standards], and also manages websites related to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000 and ITIL and certifies individuals who qualify in this skill and practice. ITIL is the acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. While this longer name is still officially in place, it is now more commonly known as just ITIL. ITIL is a globally recognized set of best practices for Information Technology Service Management. Cyber security is now one of the world’s primary concerns. By creating industry-leading products, EPPS has acquired numerous clients in almost 100 countries worldwide. 27001 Academy. ISO 20001 documentation templates, and expert advice.

ISO 27001 – Documentation Templates and Expert Advice | 27001Academy



  • Having Confidence Between Businesses & Consumers - TransUnion is a global information and insights company that makes trust possible between businesses and consumers, by ensuring that each consumer is reliably and safely represented in the marketplace. We do this by having an accurate and comprehensive picture of each person. This picture is grounded in our legacy as a credit reporting agency which enables us to tap into both credit and public record data; our data fusion methodology that helps us link, match and tap into the awesome combined power of that data; and our knowledgeable and passionate team, who stewards the information with expertise, and in accordance with local legislation around the world. Read more.



  • Estate Planning - LivingTrustify was created by attorneys to make quality estate plans more accessible to individuals and families. We understand how important it is to set up a living trust or will because we have seen firsthand what happens if you don’t. LivingTrustify is an intuitive and inexpensive way to protect you and your loved ones in case the unexpected happens. Protect Your Loved Ones - Start Planning With LivingTrustify



  • Quickest Way to Legally Form Your Business - Incfile.com was founded in 2004 and headquartered in Houston, Texas. Since starting we have assisted more than 150,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners form their businesses. Our mission is it to provide a superior user experience at an unparalleled value. Incorporate your business for just $49! Plus State Filing Fees!




  • Online Legal Forms - More than 2 million people have used LawDepot to create over 4 million legal documents and save over a billion dollars in legal fees. Whether you are interested in protecting your estate, managing a rental property, setting up a business, or any other situation requiring legal forms, LawDepot's extensive library of documents and legal resources are able to assist you with your legal needs. Online Legal Forms




  • Online Will Writing Service - Our mission to provide a high quality, convenient, stress-free and affordable online will writing service. We have simplified the whole process of creating a fully comprehensive, personalised will and have created a slick website with a fully featured back end system to make creating a fully legal will quick and easy. Read more.

Quick Will



  • Electronic Signature Software - With our free electronic signature software you can sign documents the way you like. We offer three different options to create electronic signatures: draw an e-signature using a mouse or touchpad, type your name, or scan an image of your signature and upload it to the document. Read more.


  • Protection Software - Our Blur software is the only all-in-one solution to protect your passwords, payments and privacy. Blur is built on an extremely secure Password Manager foundation, with a wide variety of unique online privacy features that have never been combined into a single product in the past. In addition to the secure password manager, Blur is also a Tracker Blocker. Similar to the popular “ad blockers”, Blur’s tracker blocking actively blocks marketer’s attempts to track your browsing activities, and it even blocks their attempts at re-targeting you on different websites that you visit in the future. DeleteMe: Remove your personal info from public databases

Remove your personal information from Google and other search engines with DeleteMe



  • Benefits of Operating Your Business as Nonprofit Organization - Serving as a one-stop-shop nonprofit resource center, CharityNet USA offers nonprofit consulting services helping entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established nonprofit organizations start or grow with over 30 expert business solutions. Whether you want to know how to start a nonprofit organization or need help for your existing organization, CharityNet USA can help. Read more.




  • Create Your Own Will & Last Testament Online (UK Only) - Quick Will provides will writing throughout the UK. We use the latest technology to make life easy for you, allowing you to create a will from the comfort of your own home in just ten minutes - there is no need for a physical appointment. Read more.

Quick Will


  • Safety Media - Health and safety training products including DVDs, e-learning, posters and booklets. Safety Media are World Class Health and Safety Training providers, specialising in E-Learning courseware, DVDs, Booklets, posters and training aids. The products have been used by some of the largest companies worldwide; creating a powerful, well-known brand in the industry. Safetymedia

  • James Publishing – This publisher provides practical law books for attorneys and students featuring time-saving motions & pleadings, client letters, step-by-step procedural checklists, pattern arguments, model questions, pitfalls to avoid and practice tips. James Publishing uses an efficient business model to keep their prices below their competitors. Save 20% When You Purchase Two Legal Texts at James Publishing. Shop Bundle Packages Now!


  • Offices & Office Accommodation Offered Worldwide - Delamere Estates now has available this service, Search Office Space, which provides a free online and offline service for users to search for serviced offices globally. Search our database for free.



  • How to Incorporate Your Business Without a Lawyer - Starting a business is already a confusing process, so why complicate the matter further by adding high fees from attorneys when you can do it on your own? Our course cuts down the middleman and provides easy and convenient instructions for businesspersons and entrepreneurs who are starting a business. This course is a quick and easy overview of the 7 necessary steps you need to take in incorporating your business. We will teach you how to form your own Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation without a lawyer, choose a name, file a fictitious business name, file Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation, create Operating Agreement or Bylaws, apply for an EIN, file Statement of Information, and how to get business licenses and permits, plus more. How To Incorporate Your Business on Your Own: Quick & Easy



  • Starting a New Business in the USA - There are many different variables that need to be considered when starting a new business, and the type of entity you form and the way you structure your business can be one of the most important. Use our online tool to compare different business formation options and help you determine which one will suit your business best. Read more.




  • Trademarks: Look up an Existing Trademark Without a Lawyer - In this guide you will learn how to look up trademarks, and determine whether your website, app, podcast or any other kind of a brand infringes on another trademark. It is extremely important to check for existing trademarks before you start any kind of business. You may not be planning to get a trademark of your own, but you absolutely must determine whether the company name or brand you are planning to create will infringe on another existing trademark. If it will, you may have to re-do your entire website and all the branding that you posted all over the web. That would be an absolute nightmare, and this course helps you avoid all that. Save money on not having to hire a lawyer if you had to consult with a lawyer every time you needed to check whether you would be infringing on another trademark, it would quickly become expensive! Knowing how to do it on your own saves you A LOT of money and time! Trademarks: look up an existing trademark without a lawyer




  • Copyright Laws for Online Entrepreneurs - This course is for anyone who has ever posted content that they created on the internet, whether it’s a educational course, a book, a video, a game or even a powerpoint presentation. This course covers the basics of the US Copyright Act and provides an introduction into international copyright law under the Berne Convention. Students will learn the history of copyright law, the basic tenets of copyright law, as well as the rights they have as a copyright owner.  By the end of this course, the students will know how to register their copyright in the United States, which form they need to use and what to include in their copyright registration. Additionally, students will understand the benefits of registration versus the benefits of notice and be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not they want to register their copyright best for them.  This course will go over the law related to online copyright protection and, at the end of the course; students will understand how the law applies to them.  Additionally, they will understand the importance of the takedown letter, where they need to send the takedown notice, how and write a takedown letter that complies with the relevant law. Students will also understand the potential legal pitfalls and liability related to issuing a take down notice.  Students learn how to write a cease and desist letter, when and where to send the cease and desist letter, as well as the difference between a cease and desist and a takedown notice. Copyright Law for Online Entrepreneurs




  • Tracking Source of eMails - eMailTrackerPro identifies the true source of emails, to help track suspects and verify the sender of a message. eMailTrackerPro analyzes the header information of received email, and provides the IP Address of the machine that sent the email and its geographical region location. Buy eMailTrackerPro 2013 Advanced Edition Business Use


  • Partnership Agreements in Business - In Parts 1 and 2 of 'Transform Your Idea Into A Profitable Business' you learned how to create a viable business model, product prototype and how to market and build your brand. But what about scaling up your business? That's hard to do if you're just one business owner. But, at the same time, you don't want your business to fail because you have chosen the wrong business partner. How can you make the right decisions for your business? Part 3 of this course is all about business partnerships.  This course will show you all that you have to do to prevent problems with your partnership and use it to boost your business: Who to choose as a partner and how. Understand the different kinds of partnerships and work out what is best for your business.  How to structure the partnership for maximum success. How to prevent and resolve partnership disputes. How to use partnerships to skyrocket your business growth. How to create the legal agreements to protect your interests. Transform Your Idea Into A Profitable Business: PARTNERSHIPS



  • Learn the Law of Contracts – This is a 60 minute fast track summary of the Law of Contracts, targeting all common law LL.B examinations.Whether you are a new student starting the Law of Contracts this year or someone who is just about to sit for your Contract Law examinations, "The Law Simplified" course on Contract Law will give you a fast-track summery of the subject. Many students who study the Law, find it difficult to connect all of the pieces together. Thus, this course will give you a "bird's eye" overview of the entire subject. What's more, you will have access to 100+ pages of case summaries, specifically designed to help you understand all the legal principles. Remember, this is not a substitute for thorough learning, but it will be a great resource for students who want to recap the entire Contract Law syllabus and for those who want a better, clearer and more concise understanding of the principles. Law of Contracts in 60 Minutes: A Fast Track Course

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Law (Patent, Trademark and Copyright) - What you think you know about intellectual property law is probably wrong. In fact, most attorneys do not have correct information when it comes to patents, trademarks, copyrights, business secrets, and other areas of Intellectual Property Law ("IP"). If you have valuable technology, a product idea, or own any business, it is vital that you know the basics of IP so that you can know your rights and protect them, and avoid making very costly - but common - errors. We will cover the essential basics of: Patents Trademarks Copyrights Trade Secrets In addition, we will provide examples of common (and very costly) mistakes and misunderstandings surrounding IP Law. Must-Know IP Law (Patent, Trademark and Copyright)




  • How to Become a Legal Assistant - Paralegal Schools do not teach you how to run a Law Office. Lawyers, at solo or small law firms, do not have time to train new employees. That is the big problem. Lawyers need help, but they do not have time to train someone and training is very expensive. Get ahead of the curve by coming to the law firm, prepared. This course teaches you how to become a legal assistant. How To Become a Legal Assistant (A complete course)c


  • Startup Guide to Starting a Business in the USA - How to easily create a US Company from the comfort of your home, be it the USA or elsewhere and avoiding expensive legal fees. The course contains 37 lectures with videos, instructions, quizzes and checklists to help you navigate through the process of setting up your US company, avoiding common pitfalls inexperienced entrepreneurs usually fall into. You will also find templates for all the necessary legal documents, which you can freely download and use right away. If you don't live in the USA, we will teach you how to set up your own US company without ever having to travel to the US, these tips are in a special set of lectures we have prepared for foreign entrepreneurs. Startup Guide to Starting a Business in the USA


  • How to Obtain a “Patent Pending” Status - Filing a patent application and obtaining patent pending status is a crucial step in launching a new product or starting a new business. Unfortunately patent law firms charge on average $2,000 to $5,000 to write and file provisional patent applications making this process cost prohibitive for many inventors. Our new course helps you to achieve this successful step in your business venture. Course Goal: Students will be learn how to prepare and file a professional, investor ready, patent application and be "Patent Pending" upon completing the course. Teaching Methods: Students will be provided with videos, examples, and easy to follow text walking them through the entire patent writing and patent filing process with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Patent Template: Each student will be able to download and use my advanced Provisional Patent Template which has been accepted by the US Patent Office allowing them to easily "fill in the blanks" to create their own patent application.  Help and Support: Students will have access to live workshops, a course questions and answer section, and my forum to ask patent questions and get help and support as needed. Get Patent Pending - How to Write and File Your Own Patent



  • Check for Criminal Records – We are a company that provides complete and accurate court information to a person seeking up-to-date knowledge regarding their own criminal arrest or conviction history. FindMyRecord.com has access to over 3,000 district court records nationally which allows a person their right to have criminal records expunged (removed) from not only the courts but more importantly, the data repositories used by thousands of companies and landlords when making hiring and/or tenancy decisions. In other words, You can put the past behind you FOREVER. Criminal Background Check

Let findmyrecord.com help you clean your criminal record. 

  • How to Value a Business - How much is this company worth? That's a question we hear a lot from business owners looking to sell their companies, and business buyers who want to know the value of a business, to be sure they are getting a fair deal. Even business owners with no plans to sell, often want to know the value of their companies for other purposes like retirement, or estate planning, or just to know for their own peace of mind. Our EZvaluation software takes about ten to fifteen minutes to complete and will provide an estimate of the selling price of a company in an arms length transaction. Optionally, you may also purchase a full 9 to 10 page report that details the company's value and the full logic and rationale supporting that price. This report can be used in estate planning, business sale negotiation, and to secure financing. Click here.



  • Regulatory Compliance Training - OnlineCompliancePanel is a dedicated team, who work in tandem with the latest US FDA regulations/regulatory compliance in creating training sessions suitable for individuals and corporations. These sessions are simple, interactive and cost effective. We are a predominantly web based information exchange forum. Our interactive training sessions could be beneficial to corporations thriving in industries such as pharmaceuticals, drugs and chemicals, FDA compliance, medical devices, packaging and labeling, food and beverages, banking and finance, audits and inspections, recalls and crisis management and many more. We emphasizes in offering regulatory compliance training to compliance professionals on varied topics. These primarily include risk management, quality management, corporate compliance and other regulatory compliances. Some of our primary areas of focus include advancement and updates in regulatory compliance, best practices, risk management and market trends. Read more.

Online Compliance Panel  

  • Certified Seal of Approval - The International Bureau of Certified Internet Merchants, IBCIM.ORG, operate the Merchant Certified Seal of Approval and Trust Seal program that enables websites to display a Trust Seal, also known as a Seal of Approval, on their website to prove their credibility and legitimacy as internet merchants. It is proven that a third party Trust Seal and Seal of Approval increase conversion rates which improves your bottom line as well as your customer service perception of your website and company. Read more.

IBCIM.ORG - Merchant Seal of Approval

  • Find Legal Forms - FindLegalForms.com has helped over 800,000 customers by providing high-quality and easy-to-use legal forms. We offer more than 14,000 attorney-prepared legal forms to satisfy virtually any legal need. Legal Forms


468x60 Full Warranty



  • Legal Assistance for Entrepreneurs - Do you want to protect your business or company and save thousands of dollars in avoidable legal fees? We understand that you're not a lawyer. You don't have the time or interest to become one (understandably!). You know that legal issues can creep up and make a mess of your business if you don't know how to identify them in advance. Plus, you need to get this information and absorb it - fast. You need it in a handy format that won't weigh you down. Created for real entrepreneurs - not filled with legalese. Read more.


  • Advocates Without Frontier (AWF) - This is a law firm, highly recommended by the Delamere Group, whose head office is located at the Emirate of Dubai, and duly licensed to practice attorney and render legal consultancy all over the UAE, and abroad through its branches in many countries. It has a team of professional lawyers and legal advisors who are efficient, experienced, result-oriented and licensed to appear before all Courts of Law of any kind, degree whether primary, appeal, or cassation. Visit our site.


  • Professional Translation Services - We have found that on certain occasions our clients have to obtain, for legal and business reasons, an accurate translation of a document, and using the free services offering on the Internet in some basic languages is not adequate. This service by our partner "Lengua Translations" is highly recommended and only uses qualified human translators All translators are highly qualified, with extensive experience in their chosen fields. They maintain memberships in professional associations (ATA, BDU, etc.), and are legally sworn as certified, accredited translators in their native languages and offers translation from and into just about every language in current use. No matter where in the world your documents originated, or are going, they can translate them for you. For an online price list and quote click here



  • Downloadable Legal Forms & Agreements - Using this online service will give you access to 1,000s of documents from our extensive library of US, Canadian and International forms, agreements, documents and contracts. Thousands of legal and business forms - MegaDox

  • Importing Products into the USA - Our essential guide, provides simple and proven step-by-step methods to successfully import product into America. Ideal for people looking to build an importing business, the guide offers quality information and proven techniques and knowledge, until now, only available to professional traders. The guide includes: - How to build an importing business and make money - How to avoid getting ripped off by overseas suppliers - Hot tips to import success and what not to do - Boot-strapping your import business for success - Resources you just cannot do without. Importing America - The Essential Guide


  • Online Legal Documents & Legal Services - Developed by expert attorneys with experience at the most prestigious law firms in the country, LegalZoom has helped over 400,000 satisfied customers take care of common legal matters. Their extensive knowledge of federal, state and county laws allows us to prepare your legal documents quickly and efficiently. Plus, our documents contain advanced provisions not found in simple "do-it-yourself" kits or manuals. That's why LegalZoom is nationally recognized as the #1 online legal document and filing service. They cover divorces, trade names, registration of copyrights, small business registration, wills, living trusts, plus many other legal matters that require documentation or registration with state or federal bodies. Visit Legal Zoom.

Note: For information on establishing copyright registration in all other countries outside the USA, please click here.


  • Legal Protection for the Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs - Owners of small to medium size businesses told a recent survey the threat of a lawsuit could shut them down. Don't be road kill for some attorney. Get the information you need to protect yourself and your business legally when you become a member. This is a one-time fee with no monthly payments. Read more.


  • California Chamber of Commerce (USA) - CalChamber is a one-stop shop for information, products and resources that answer California and federal labor law and human resources questions and help HR professionals and business owners complete compliance-related tasks. CalChamber members receive numerous benefits, including: Labor Law Helpline, which supports your business needs by providing direct phone contact to our HR Advisers - the expert support you need to keep your business in compliance with the law. Try HRCalifornia.com at no cost and get answers to tough HR questions fast.

Store Home Page




  • Forming a Company or Corporation - Founded in 1899 by the architects of Delaware's corporate laws, The Company Corporation has more than a century of experience. We've helped hundreds of thousands of small business owners incorporate or form an LLC. Incorporate.com

  • Search Background Checks - As a leader in public records since 2003, eVerify.com sells background checks, criminal records searches, reverse phone look ups and a variety of other public data. This service is used extensively by companies and recruiters, HR staff, plus numerous other businesses that require information about future clients or employees. It may seem that all arrest records searches are the same, they certainly are not.

Get Info On


  • Business Documents Online - Our company now files business documents online in all 50 states including but not limited to register new businesses, Incorporation, LLC, Sole proprietorship, Foreign entity qualification, Business name change, Certificate of good standing, Sales tax id number, Retail Cigarette license, Business name reservation, DBA, Employer ID number, Registered agent service, Worker compensation, Disability insurance, Dissolution / Close business, Corporate and LLC kit and seal, Certified copies of documents, S corporation election. Register LLC, Corporation, Sole Proprietorship in any 50 states. 24/7 Online Help.



  • Copyright Registration Service - The CRS is a service provided by the Intellectual Property Rights Office (also referred to as the IP Rights Office and the IPRO). The purpose of the CRS is to record and register the creative output of businesses and individuals in order to protect copyright ownership. This website has been developed to allow the originators of creative output to register their work instantly online, without the need for paper forms or postage. CRS can be used by any individual or organization engaged in the creation of original works which are of value to them, and which they would like to protect from being copied, sold, or subject to any other unauthorised use by another party. This includes writers, musicians, artists, photographers, computer programmers, and others. Any work stored in an accepted electronic data format can be registered through this website, be it textual, audio, or visual. Read more.


  • Display Your Website is Secure & Safe - All VeriSign-branded SSL Certificates come with additional features to offer more than security for online businesses. Our premium SSL Certificates, the VeriSign® Trust Seal, VeriSign Seal-in-Search™ technology, and daily Web site malware scanning work together to help assure customers that a site is safe from search to browse to buy. Boost your site traffic and conversions with powerful trust features. Free with every SSL Certificate. Protect your site and customers with VeriSign SSL Certificates. Explore our SSL solutions now.


  • Legal Protection for the Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs - Owners of small to medium size businesses told a recent survey the threat of a lawsuit could shut them down. Don't be road kill for some attorney. Get the information you need to protect yourself and your business legally when you become a member. This is a one-time fee with no monthly payments. Read more.


  • Online Legal Documents for the UK - Our partner in the UK is an organisation dedicated to supplying legal documents online. Their mission is to make the task of preparing legal documents reliable, quick and convenient, and at a competitive price. All the documents have been prepared by qualified solicitors, and encoded to enable easy customisation, to suit various requirements or options. The documents are also available to suit the law of England, Wales, and Scotland. Try a free download or view the samples available. Clickdocs



  • Search for Individuals in the UK- This service is the leading people finding website in the UK, attracting over three million unique visitors every month. Use our service to search for friends and family that they've lost touch with. To complete an address/find a phone number for someone they're already in touch with, and to verify the identity of someone they've just met or are trading with online. Click here


  • Looking for a Lawyer in Africa - Bowman Gilfillan is widely regarded as one of the premier corporate law firms in Africa with offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The firm has an association with Coulson Harney in Nairobi. Employing more than 300 specialised lawyers (including over 118 partners), with a total staff of over 600, the firm is recognised for its professionalism and superior legal services. Visit our site.


  • Choosing the Right Business Format - Our service is a document filing service that can save you both time and money. Many people want to start a business but they don't know where to start when it comes to legal filings, we guide you through the various steps required. We provide document filing services required for a variety of business needs such as forming your own Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC), filing a DBA/Fictitious Business Name, Foreign Qualification Filings, Registered Agent Representations, Corporate Compliance services and supplies in all 50 US states. Get an Incorporation Guide at Corpnet®! Name Your Business! FREE Corporate Name Search at CorpNet® - Get Started!

  • Legal Solutions for Consumers & Small Businesses - The Delamere Group uses Nolo, which is the nation's leading provider of do-it-yourself legal solutions for consumers and small businesses. Our goal is to help people handle their own everyday legal matters -- or learn enough about them to make working with a lawyer a more satisfying experience. This service offers affordable, plain-English books, forms and software on a wide range of legal issues, including wills, estate planning, retirement, elder care, personal finance, taxes, housing, real estate, divorce and child custody. We also offer materials on human resources, employment, intellectual property, and starting and running a small business. Visit Nolo.com


  • Legal Documents for UK Business & Personal Use - Our Company provides the best collection of UK legal documents, legal forms, legal agreements, and legal contracts in plain English on the Internet. We also now offer our services in Canada, India,  Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa. Read more.

Commerce and business


  • Legal Forms for USA Business & Personal Management - Our comprehensive database of 36,000+ forms and documents with competitive pricing offers you a convenient online solution for all your legal form needs. Read more.


  • Our Free Translation Service - Quickly translate Microsoft Word documents, Outlook emails and highlighted text, you also obtain an instant online quote from Click2Translate.com, our translation services agency, and we use only high quality translation services from our professionally trained, native speaking translators. Click here.


  • Legal Forms for the Consumer & Small Businesses in the USA - Our web site is the leading publisher of State Specific legal forms over the Internet. Whether you are an attorney, small business or consumer, we provide you fast results, at a reasonable price, in an easy and accurate manner, to satisfy your immediate State Specific form needs. Our forms include real estate, construction and building, divorce agreement, last will and testament, employment contracts and many more essential forms. Check our list of forms.


  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI) - Over 80 publishers of standards - more than 170,000 titles to chose from, domestic and international standards are used in every business. We offer related books, software, training, industrial supplies, consulting services and standards related programs such as ISO 9000, quality management, ISO 14000, safety, compatibility, testing, data exchange, performance or purity as well as a very wide range of other topics. Download standards


  • Public Records Search Engine - As a leader in public records since 2003, InfoRegistry.com sells background checks, criminal records searches, reverse phone look ups and a variety of other public data. You can never be too safe with your family or business. Run a background check on anyone.


  • Download a Wide Selection of Business Forms - The Delamere Group provides direct access to all kinds of forms - tax forms (Federal and State), a wide variety of business forms, legal and real estate forms. Current and prior year tax forms can be delivered by download, fax, or e-mail. Review our list of business forms currently available. Browse for Forms

  • Become an FBI Special Agent - This new e-Book gives tips and techniques on becoming an FBI Special Agent. Did you know that the 2006 USA Federal Budget supports the FBI's priorities and intelligence reform by providing new funding of $294 million for counterterrorism and counterintelligence initiatives, and $117 million to bolster the intelligence program? These funding initiatives will permit recruitment of 1000's of additional Special Agents, and Expand the Legal Attaché program to augment the FBI's presence in other countries, especially for counterterrorism efforts. For more details click here!


  • Become a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer - With the Delamere Group exclusive kit you will learn how to apply right the first time and start saving and making profits by selling firearms. The Gun Control Act (18 U.S.C. sec. 923(d)) empowers the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms the ability to regulate businesses engaging in firearms sales and service. There are a lot of rules and regulations that our kit details that you will need to know. It is really not too difficult to obtain a FFL, and the ATF will approve an application if the applicant meets certain basic conditions. Click Here!


  • The Delamere Group now has an established ongoing relationship with one of the leading attorneys based in Moscow. If you are planning to establish a business or open a branch office, buy equities, property or an existing business, and require the services of an attorney in Moscow, Russia, please contact our firm at Delamere-Pennine Associates.




  • Proprietary Information Agreement for your employees to sign - In a world where a business knowledge and expertise are often more valuable than its physical assets, it is critical for businesses to protect their knowledge and intellectual capital. Instant Attorney Proprietary Information Agreement helps businesses to do just that. By having all of your business employees sign Instant Attorney Proprietary Information Agreement, you can stop worrying about your employees stealing your company must valuable information. Buy Instant Attorney's Proprietary Information Agreement


  • CyberScrub, the Internet Cleaning Utility - The importance of deleting sensitive data from your computer cannot be overemphasized, and our firm uses the utility CyberScrub. This powerful software will destroy emails beyond recovery, erase 'previously deleted' files and folders (which will still remain on your hard drive, even after using Windows "delete" command), plus it will remove all evidence of any online activity which you have used each day, which you do not want to be scrutinized. CyberScrub security products are purchased and deployed by the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Department of the Interior and Defense, the United Nations and Fortune 100 companies. Request a free trial to prove its tremendous advantage in your business or employment activities. CyberScrub - Protecting your world, securing your data, ensuring your privacy. Click Here


  • Formation of a new company - This service is the one-stop resource for starting, managing and growing a small business. Services include incorporation, LLC formation, startup checklists, small business management, legal filings plus many resources for setting up and running a small business. Read more.



  • Professional Translation Services - We have found that on certain occasions our clients have to obtain, for legal and business reasons, an accurate translation of a document, and using the free services offering on the Internet in some basic languages is not adequate. This service by our partner "Lengua Translations" is highly recommended and only uses qualified human translators All translators are highly qualified, with extensive experience in their chosen fields. They maintain memberships in professional associations (ATA, BDU, etc.), and are legally sworn as certified, accredited translators in their native languages and offers translation from and into just about every language in current use. No matter where in the world your documents originated, or are going, they can translate them for you. For an online price list and quote click here


  • Individual Employment Agreement - This 8-page downloadable document covers all major points and conditions of employment for a position in management or senior management. The small fee requested is well worth the savings in future problems and headaches. Buy Individual Employment Agreement


  • How to Create Your Business into a Corporation or LLC - Our business partner has assisted businesses since 1899 to "incorporate" their business. Check out this site for the invaluable information regarding the advantages of incorporating or forming a LLC. Click here


  • Incorporate Your Business for Your Own Legal Protection - Business owners, entrepreneurs, home based businesses and freelancers are using this service to secure full protection of their personal assets while they are moving ahead and creating and operating a success go-ahead venture. This online service offers a very reasonably priced service for incorporating your business into a LLC, S-Corporations, Non-Profit Corporations or other format, and covers all 50 States in the USA. Check the feature on this site "Why Incorporate?" Which explains the whole process and the terrific advantages provided. Incorporate Online for only $25 plus state fees. Click here!

Incorporate Today for $25 plus state fees


  • Business Brokerage Home Study Program - The Delamere Group now offers a comprehensive Business Brokerage home study program, which will show anyone how to earn a good living helping small business owners sell their business. The techniques and principles of this course apply to most countries of the world. Click Here!


  • The Tenants Guide to Profitable Leasing - When a sample of this hardcover book came across our desk, we casually read the content list, and then suddenly realized that many small businesses, including ours never really investigate the many ways to make a better deal when a lease is signed for offices or rooms.Now one can be armed with an arsenal of practical advice and tips, given by an expert with over 20 years experience in commercial letting, and you are guaranteed to save yourselves thousand of dollars. The advice and tips are applicable, no matter which country you reside; so our advice is, if you are in the market for a new lease for premises, check this book out.


  • If you are considering buying or selling a business? - For a current list of businesses available click here

  • Paralegal Training, Certificates, Courses - A career which is becoming more popular and in-demand each year, is that of a “Paralegal” or “Legal Assistant.” Paralegals can assist lawyers in the delivery of many basic services. A paralegal's general knowledge about the American Legal System and specific knowledge about civil and criminal law can make the paralegal sought after and can enhance a paralegal's value in the workplace. Gaining an overview of the law as well as learning about this course can provide students with insight about this fast-growing area of the law. For more details go to our "Online Courses" page click here and select Category "Paralegal Training, Certificates, Courses" and check the complete list of over 9 separate courses under this subject. For more details click here


  • The US Citizenship Application Package - This package has everything you need to apply for your US citizenship. By using this package, you can save much time and money by following the step-by-step instructions to become a US citizen. Buy US Citizenship Application Package


  • The US citizenship test practice software CD - This CD provides you with excellent practice you need before your test or interview. It contains a database of 99 test questions. You can practice on your laptop or desktop computer. What you need to do is just to insert the CD into the computer. Buy U.S. Citizenship Test Practice Software CD

  • American citizenship test preparation - This course sponsored by the Delamere Institute of Online Learning will help you to study for and prepare to take the INS American citizenship test. This course contains seven critical aspects of information that you will need to know, including: rights and responsibilities of American citizens and aspects of eligibility to apply for citizenship, American History, American Government, American Holidays and Symbols, U.S. Constitution (Preamble and Articles), U.S. Constitution (Bill of Rights and Articles) and 100 Practice Questions. For the full details of this course (American Citizenship Test Preparation - Ref. MTC 411) Go to our Online Courses page select the category of the Catalog American citizenship test preparation or use the Search Box and enter the Course # MTC 411

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