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Features of the Month


  • Online Backup in the Cloud - Backblaze will automatically back up all your files including documents, photos, music and movies. Unlimited files. Unlimited file size. Unlimited speed. Backblaze  had a mission to make backup software elegant and provide complete peace of mind. Today we have expanded to protect business and offer our B2 Cloud Storage to developers and IT. Read more.

  • Invoice Maker With Style - Invoice is a full-featured invoice application for SOHO or business users. It has been designed from scratch to use the power and beauty of the Mac OS, while making life as easy as possible for its users. Since Invoice was designed purely for OSX, it is not simply a port from another platform, unable to take full advantage of the OSX operating system. Invoice uses it ALL. Buy Invoice


  • Book Like A Boss - Our powerful software is a free appointment scheduling software with Payment & Calendar scheduling app integrations. Easily schedule meetings and sell your services with our All-In-One Solution. Thousands of entrepreneurs and freelancers in over 50 countries use Book Like A Boss as the solution for their service based business – from consultants to cake-bakers, masseurs to marketers, dog-walkers to data scientists. Easy And Fast To Set Up - Sign Up Now!



  • Nero Multimedia Software - With our burning solution we offer one of the most secure and simple ways to archive data offline and add password protection and digital signature. In addition, our multimedia applications provide all tools you need to create, edit, play, rip and convert all your multimedia files. Recover/restore lost or damaged data from hard drives, CDs, DVDs and flash memory drives. Nero AG is a leading software developer and publisher of Windows Multimedia Software. Most popular products are Nero Burning ROM and the Nero Platinum Suite. Millions of customers are using Nero products on a worldwide level: consumers, business and educational. Secur360 Driver Updater



  • Tenorshare Software - We are an international software company found in 2007. We focus on the iOS, Android, Windows and Mac platforms and core technology study. We provide users with solutions for device content management, data recovery, password recovery, system repair and other practical mobile phone and computer essentials. Today, Tenorshare's products and services are trusted by more than 10 million users worldwide. Unlock iPhone PasswordEasy and Quick!



  • Password Security - Keep all of your passwords for websites, apps, Wi-Fi, everything, all in one place. Visit a website and your username and passwords are entered automatically for you and creates unique, uncrackable passwords that are different for every site. Password Boss Premium Annual Subscription

  • Electronic Signature Software - With our free electronic signature software you can sign documents the way you like. We offer three different options to create electronic signatures: draw an e-signature using a mouse or touchpad, type your name, or scan an image of your signature and upload it to the document. Read more.



  • Probit Software - We are a software development company based in Netanya, Israel. We strive hard to bring easy-to-use, must-have computer software straight to everyone’s desktop and to provide the best possible support for each one of our products. We have developed software that will help anyone diagnose and fix problems and help maintain your system’s stability. With Probit Software behind you, it isn’t as daunting as you think to figure out what’s wrong and easily fix your computer. Read more.

  • Multidimentional User Interface - Work with several Applications at the same time and maintain your Apps focused while sharing data between your services. This is an asy selectable AppSET launcher and creator that Detects Applications in your PC. Visit mtooyou

  • Backup Service for Small Businesses - Retrospect protects over 100,000 homes and businesses in over 100 countries, backing up data from as far away as the Hubble Telescope and as close by as your neighborhood dentist. We've been used to restore data nineteen years later as well as the laptop that was just backed. Retrospect has been protecting data since 1989. Retrospect, Inc. is dedicated to providing reliable backup and recovery tools for professionals and small-to-midsize businesses. Our customers can be found in every industry and in more than 100 countries around the world. Read more.

  • Computer & Hardware Optimizer - defencebyte is globally recognized for its Computer Optimizer, a product that helps in augmenting the speed of a sluggish computer. A slow PC is a pain for many but with the installation of Computer Optimizer such issues are resolved within no time. It is one such software that furnishes your computer with miraculous optimizing speed and smooth work process. defencebyte Computer Optimizer is the first choice of many as it helps in fixing up Windows operating system registry items while improving your PC performance. It clearly integrates amazing technologies in order to inspect and resolve computer issues and numerous registry errors. A slow running PC can drag you behind than taking you ahead. Fix it now with defencebyte Computer Optimizer

Best Computer Optimizer Software



  • AOMEI Backupper Professional - This service is the complete, fast and easy to use backup and restore software for Windows PCs and Laptops in Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP. Read more.



  • Security Against Malware & Phishing - Emsisoft keeps Windows computers free from malicious and unwanted software, and reliably prevents phishing and ransomware attacks. Home and business computer security is engineered to perfection. Read more.

  • Security for Your USB - This is a flexible and lightweight solution for USB lock-down. Whether you're an IT professional, a small business owner, or just someone who cares about sensitive data security, MyUSBOnly can help protect you against data theft. MyUSBOnly Standalone Edition



  • Powerful Anti-Malware - Zemana AntiMalware is a second opinion malware scanner designed to rescue your computer from malware that have infected your computer despite all the security measures you have taken. Zemana AntiMalware



  • Protect Your Hard Drive - Home users will find HDDlife® simple and pleasant to use, while system administrators will appreciate its advanced and powerful features. The hard drive is the most important component in your entire PC because it holds all that is of real value: your documents, digital pictures, email messages, your work and private data. HDDlife® knows everything about your disks and shares its knowledge with you in your favorite way - from seeing the well-being of your hard drives at a glance to getting remote notifications about developing problems over a network. HDDlife4 Pro



  • How to Remove Duplicate Files From Your Hard Drive - Find and remove duplicate files by its content, size, filename or combination of them. Find duplicate Music by tags like Artist, Title and Album or by audio content only. Find similar images with adjustable similarity ratio, even if they are Rotated, Flipped, Resized or saved in other formats. With a very straight-forward interface, yet rich with many filters and options that can significantly reduce the time spent looking for duplicates. Simple Duplicate Finder



  • Professional Diagramming Software - MyDraw  is a professional diagramming software that allows the visual creation of diagrams, flowcharts, organizational charts, mindmaps, electrical diagrams, floor plans and general purpose drawings. MyDraw for Mac


  • Using an Online Feedback Application - Feedback4professionals is the fastest, most user-friendly online feedback application. Simpler and more flexible than time consuming 360 degree feedback applications, it gives you a quick and easy way of requesting the feedback you need from the people who matter. We believe that this should be the standard for requesting personal feedback in a web-enabled world. The speed and ease of use encourages users to request feedback, ensures a high response rate to feedback requests, and encourages users to view and analyze their feedback. Let feedback4professionals put you in control of your professional development. Read more.


  • Text Seek Search Tool - This great Character-level desktop search tool for document contents on Windows and Mac OS within seconds, supporting PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other formats. It's annoying that after long Windows Search you are told there is no results even some files are just under your nose. By introducing advanced indexing engine, TextSeek can overcome this problem. It performs full-text scanning within several seconds, and renders the search results like Google. TextSeek (Personal licence)



  • Create Your Own Customized Report Forms - AD FastReporter is a great way to make generating, storing, scheduling and sharing AD (active directory) reports easier and faster. It’s straightforward to use so you don't need to be a scripting or LDAP expert. With our free version, you can use a range of built-in forms to generate reports, while our Pro version provides additional tools to help you create your own customized report forms. AD FastReporter Pro



  • Point of Sale Application - Swiftshop is a point of sale desktop application designed to effectively manage your shop, mall, boutique, warehouses, private business etc. Avosoftware Technologies is a design and development firm. We have been providing software solutions for over a decade, working with different software technologies. We create visually compelling, functional applications that have intuitive interfaces to be as flexible, usable, and accessible as possible. Swiftshop POS v1



  • Protect & Govern Sensitive Data - Our company SysTools, we innovate applications to simplify technology. Our solutions play crucial role in protecting user data; personal and business related. We value your data and allow you to protect & govern your most sensitive data through our applications. SysTools Software



  • Network Management Utilities - Our products range from web solutions to network management utilities and beyond.  The Intranet system designed by a school for schools...and now for businesses too!  Check out our various specialized software products. Shares Manager



  • Anti-Malware & Anti-Virus Products - Digital Patrol helps protect your computer from spyware (computer software that collects personal information about a user of a computer without their informed consent) and other malicious software. NictaTech Software is an anti-virus company that develops, produces and distributes technologies for anti-malware and anti-virus products. Nicta Anti-Virus Engine is designed to detect, prevent, and remove malicious software. Digital Patrol



  • Increasing MS Windows Performance - This is a suite of tools for increasing MS Windows operating system performance. WinTools.net Premium contains tools: Clean Uninstaller, Scan Files, Scan Shortcuts, Scan Registry, Startup Manager, Tweak UI, Net Tweaker, The Privacy, File Shredder, Invisible Man, IE Favorites, plus more. WinTools.net Premium



  • Music & Audio Processing Effects - The Transcribe software application is an assistant for people who want to work out a piece of music from a recording, in order to write it out, or play it themselves, or both. It doesn't do the transcribing for you, but it is essentially a specialised player program which is optimised for the purpose of transcription. It has many transcription-specific features not found on conventional music players. Transcribe for Windows



  • Software for Printing Labels & Barcodes - Easy to use and powerful solution for designing and printing labels, price tags, barcodes and more. Digitally printed custom labels are a fantastic solution for product promotion campaign. Use them on packaging and see the difference they make to your sales figures. PricePrint 7 Lite perpetual license


  • Translation Software - This suite is a bundle of 5 translation products that work everywhere and with every application. If you translate lots of web pages, emails and documents in multiple formats, the Suite does it all. And because it's bundled, you save. Send emails or chat with friends in another language. Translate documents, emails, newsletters, etc. for multilingual readers. Expand your business to reach new, international markets. IdiomaX Translation Suite



  • How to Capture User Activity - Ardamax Keylogger is a small, easy-to-use keylogger that captures user activity and saves it to a logfile. The logfile can be viewed as a text or web page. Use this tool to find out what is happening on your computer while you're away. Ardamax Keylogger



  • Online Back Up -  It’s never been easier for you and your loved ones to stay connected to your data with an industry leading five user accounts connected with up to fifteen computers and an unlimited number of mobile devices. Enjoy features like seamless high-definition video streaming, no backup limitations and unlimited external drives, while ground-breaking technology with artificial intelligence and face-recognition makes searching through your data easier and faster than you could ever imagine. Read more.


  • Convert PDF Documents to Word - Convert PDF to Word Software is a desktop software for windows users. It allows you easily and quickly to convert all your PDF files into Microsoft Word document (.Doc) or Rtf (.rtf), while maintaining the same quality of the original PDF file, with text and all images. The converted word file will be easily edited via any version of Microsoft Word. Convert PDF to Word Desktop Software



  • Video Converter - 4Videosoft Video Converter Platinum can convert between any video formats including MPG, MPEG, MPEG2, MP4, SWF, FLV, VOB, MOD, M4V, AVI, etc, along with HD videos, like HD TS, HD MPG, HD MPEG, HD MP4, HD AVI, etc and extract audio from these videos. 4Videosoft Video Converter Platinum





  • Retail Answer POS - This software has been developed by people who have been in retail business for over 10 years. We have worked across multiple businesses in different categories from retail food stores to restaurants and cafes. We have developed this software after using different point of sale (POS) systems from various software development companies. We found that most of them were either cumbersome with features that were not required by a small business yet were very expensive to purchase, some also had ongoing fees. Moreover the POS systems were not particularly user friendly or easy to use. In some cases lots of staff training time was required in using the POS. Our software Retail Answer POS lite is one of the easiest to use and understand POS software in the market. Retail Answer POS lite




  • Antivirus Security Solutions - G DATA Software AG, with its head office in Germany, is an innovative and quickly expanding software house focusing on antivirus security solutions – made in Germany. G DATA Software provides security solutions for end customers and customized network solutions for small, medium and large businesses. Internet Security



  • Convert PDF to Word Plus - This a is very effective PDF to Word converter software for converting PDF files to quite a number of file formats. Using Convert PDF to Word Plus gives you a convenient opportunity to convert PDF to Word, convert PDF to JPEG, convert PDF to Text, convert PDF to HTML, convert PDF files in batch and convert selected page range. Unlike other PDF to word converter software, Convert PDF to Word Plus allows super-fast conversion and retains the original design and layout of your document after conversion. Convert PDF to Word Plus [Business]



  • Mobile Tracking Software - SpyFone is an American company dedicated to creating the best phone tracking platforms. Our SpyFone come outfitted with the most advanced mobile tracking software available today. Our users include parents and employers who can monitor all phone activity over our simplified online platform. SpyFone




  • Online Support & Collaboration in Real-time Across the Globe - Our service focuses on cloud-based technologies to enable online support and collaboration in real-time across the globe. Remote support, remote access, and online collaboration are the core of our business. The TeamViewer software enables users to remotely connect to any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Our technology helps thousands of IT professionals help their clients resolve IT issues quickly and efficiently. User-friendly and agile, Team Viewer allows users from every background to remotely control their personal or professional devices, to ensure that data is always securely accessible to its owners. Get the premiere remote access and remote support software on the market. Buy Now


  • Software at Great Prices - Individual Software's commitment to innovation, excellence, and value is demonstrated in over 100 software products and services. Affordable, high-quality software titles provide education and training, develop computer skills, facilitate career development, and help people and businesses achieve success. Individual Software has won numerous awards for its desktop software and web-based solutions from industry associations, publications, resellers, and distributors. Individual Software Products




  • Data Recovery Software - Our company is focused on data recovery software and other utilities which help protect and manage your important data. Prosoft Engineering completed development of the most advanced and one of the most popular data recovery software suites developed to date, Data Rescue. Now available for both Mac and PC. Data Rescue 5 Professional






  • Paragon Software Group - We have been providing cost effective solutions for hard drive management, storage management and backup & recovery scenarios since its inception. Known internationally for its innovative Paragon NTFS for Mac, Paragon Partition Manager and Paragon Backup & Recovery we provide proven, full featured solutions for storage lifecycle management. Recently, we released our brand-new Hard Disk Manager for Mac, the first all-round solution to completely protect, maintain and manage your Mac! It's absolutely unique on the market! Paragon Software also enables midrange enterprises to effectively and efficiently manage, deploy and protect server and desktop storage resources. The market leader! Proven reliability for all kinds of partitioning tasks: Paragon Partition Manager 15 Home



  • Military-grade Protection Online - With more than ten years of experience, NordVPN is a leading VPN provider. NordVPN gives you military-grade protection online, and you can access all your favorite sites without restriction. We never log your activity when using our servers, which are operated under the jurisdiction of Panama, where there are no mandatory data retention laws. So you can always trust your privacy to us. Get NordVPN here!




  • Security Solutions by ESET - Our business began life as a pioneer of antivirus protection, creating award-winning threat detection software. Today, our security solutions allow businesses and consumers in more than 200 countries and territories to make the most of the digital world. Shop Now Save 20% on ESET Internet Security.

Save 25% with ESET



  • Document Management System - eFileCabinet is a document management system that safely and securely manages your files and documents online, on your desktop or on your mobile device-without the use of paper. Its simple on-premise or online options facilitate storing, searching and sharing of information. Robust security technology easily enables compliance with requirements from leading security governing bodies. Read more.




  • McAfee Anti Virus - McAfeeStore.com, now part of Intel Security, is the world’s largest, dedicated, security technology company. One of the pioneers of antivirus protection, with 27 years of industry leadership and protecting over 125,000,000 customers worldwide! McAfeeStore.com is now pioneering complete cross-device security with our new 2016 products;- AntiVirus, AntiVirus Plus, Internet Security, Total Protection and LiveSafe. With more devices in more places, can consumers be sure you they always secure? McAfee is available on whatever they use, wherever they use it. Read more.




  • Website Security & Support - Thousands of businesses worldwide trust Incapsula with their websites and web applications. Whether you're an e-commerce business, SaaS provider or SMB, we have the tools you need to maximize your website's security, speed and availability. Incapsula's cloud-based solution includes enterprise-grade Website Security (featuring a PCI-certified Web Application Firewall), DDoS Protection, Load Balancing & Failover - all fully integrated on top of our global CDN (Content Delivery Network). Block DDos Attacks with Free 7 day trial from Incapsula



  • Software for Video & Audio Technologies - CyberLink develops a range of award-winning digital media creation, playback, and enjoyment applications for PC users worldwide. Our products are leaders in the categories, such as PowerDVD,  PowerDirector and Media Suite. CyberLink is the world’s leading multimedia software company and pioneer in video and audio technologies on PCs and portable devices including tablets and smartphones. Save $105 Direct Suite 3 - Complete Creative Suite for Video & Photo Editing

Media Suite 12-US-Product Page



  • FreshDesk Cloud-based Customer Support - Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that was founded with the mission of enabling companies of all sizes to provide great customer service. Our goal is simple: make it easy for brands to talk to their customers and make it easy for users to get in touch with businesses. Our customers are typically small and medium enterprises that are looking for a cloud based customer support software. Today we have more than 300 employees globally and Freshdesk helps over 50,000 businesses and organizations around the world offer better, more personal support to their customers. Super-user friendly helpdesk system that's FREE forever!



  • How to Create eBook Covers - In this course you will learn how to create your own beautiful eBook covers using (Gimp) a free software program, so this course is ideal for writers, designers and anyone who wants to learn how to create stunning eBook covers. The course is structured in a way that is easy to follow and assumes that you are completely new to Gimp. You will receive videos, PDF files and (Bonus) 2 templates with 2 videos that will show you how to create two 3D eBook covers using Gimp. Once you download Gimp, you will be able to follow along at your own pace as we create 4 eBook covers together. You will discover that you don't need expensive software or designers to create stunning eBook covers, you can do it yourself. All you need is the right tools and some inspiration. Also included are two bonus videos for students who already have PowerPoint installed on their PC's. We will also briefly show you an inexpensive software program that we have been using for years to create logos, web graphics and eBook covers. In addition to the above we have also included a link to a website we use to find images that are free to use in commercial projects. How to create your own eBook covers




  • Watermarks on Your PDF Documents - With Smart PDF Watermarks you can puts a watermark in the background of your PDF documents. You can use an image or text. Good examples of useful watermarks are your company logo or say, the word "Copyright" in the background of a PDF. Click here.


  • Welcome to IT Security Fundamentals: CompTIA Security+ 2015 - With the skills you gain here, you’re equipped to pursue a number of security certifications from CompTIA, EC-Council, and CEH. The Security+ Certification by CompTIA is an international and vendor-neutral certification that has been endorsed and recognized by industry computing manufacturers and organizations. This course provides foundational knowledge of the principles, techniques, and tools needed to successfully prepare for the SY0-401 exam. With the skills you gain here, you’re equipped to pursue a number of security certifications from CompTIA, EC-Council, and CEH. As a CompTIA certified Security+ IT security is paramount to organizations as cloud computing and mobile devices have changed the way we do business. With the massive amounts of data transmitted and stored on networks throughout the world, it’s essential to have effective security practices in place. Gain the right skills to secure a network and deter hackers and you’re ready for the job. This also qualifies as Continuing Education Units (CEUs). If you're up for renewal, you can earn CEUs through this series and additional courses. Please see the CompTIA Network+ Continuing Education Options for a complete rundown of those courses. With this course you will be able to claim 41 CEUs. The sections listed in this course can be taken in any order, as a review of a particular concept or exam domain. However, if you are just becoming familiar with the monitoring the system and how hackers gain access, it is recommended that you view the courses sequentially. IT Security Fundamentals: CompTIA Security+ 2015



  • Antivirus Software - Avast Anti-virus software provides complete virus protection for your computer. Antivirus engine is complemented by anti-spyware, firewall and antispam modules to protect you against phishing schemes, identity theft and internet-distributed web viruses. The avast! multi-award winning technology is now available on the Windows Home Server platform. Get avast! WHS Edition today! Avast Antivirus Solutions 2015



  • Secure Firewall Tool - GlassWire firewall software made by SecureMix LLC helps protect your computer, privacy, and data by monitoring your network activity.  Block unknown network connections with GlassWire's built in firewall tool.  GlassWire also helps you monitor and protect remote servers.  Are you always worried about going over your ISP bandwidth limit?  GlassWire can warn you before you hit your limit and also show you what applications are hogging all your bandwidth.  GlassWire is a powerful network security tool. Get GlassWire.com Today



  • Max Secure Anti Virus PlusThis security software is an Antivirus and Antispyware Security product for your PC. This powerful tool removes viruses and spyware without taxing your computer's memory and also prevents malicious applications from invading your PC. Our company has found this to be the best protection against zero-day threat and attacks on the market. Read more about the FREE trial.


  • Software for Music & Photos - MAGIX offers private and professional users a technologically demanding and at the same time user-friendly range of products for designing, editing, presenting and archiving digital photos, graphics, websites, videos, and music. This multimedia software is the leader on the market based on our clients feedback. MAGIX Latest software from the market leader

  • Virtualization & Automation Software - Parallels is a worldwide leader in virtualization and automation software that optimizes computing for consumers, businesses, and service providers across all major hardware, operating system, and virtualization platforms. Founded in 1999, Parallels is a fast-growing company with 900 employees in North America, Europe, and Asia. Its most popular software, Parallels Desktop for Mac, enables users to run Windows, Linux, and more on a single Intel-powered Mac without rebooting. Read more.


  • How to Create eBooks, eGuides & Manuals - eBook Maestro is a versatile universal software that compiles any types of digital information products (such as eBooks, Presentations, Magazines, Albums, Galleries, Guides, Offline Sites, Reports, Documentations, Training Courses, Educational Materials, Tests, Quizzes, Software Wizards, etc.) eBooks compiled with eBook Maestro software support all character sets and can contain and open any files: HTML Pages, Graphic Files, Flash Files, Java Scripts, VB Scripts, Style Sheets, Sound Files, Video Files, etc. Read more.

  • SmartSoft CD Ripper - This tool is powerful yet easy-to-use software that allows you to extract audio tracks directly from your music CDs to computer files, such as MP3, etc. Just insert your CD and click 'Rip' - it's that easy. Click here.

  • Laplink Remote Software - Connectivity, communication, virus-scanning and remote control all in one product. Laplink Gold 12 is the new standard for secure remote access, virus-free file transfer & synchronization. Laplink Gold 12 lets you connect to other Laplink-enabled computers over any connection type. You can have remote access to files & folders, synchronize data between computers, run applications, support co-workers or friends, print files on distant printers, operate, maintain & even reboot computers. Laplink Everywhere is a complete and secure remote access solution that works seamlessly through firewalls and routers. Click here.

  • First Draft Writing Tool - Eliminate writer's block with First Draft, a contextual, content generation tool with over 5,000 sentence prompts and over 15,000 common phrases. First Draft is appropriate for online freelance writers, content providers, bloggers, and everyone else who struggles with a sudden loss of words. The software generates comprehensible articles of any size in mere seconds with keyword support, template editing, an automated spelling and grammar corrector, a word requirements - pricing - and earnings meter, and more. First Draft automates a lot of the writing process so that you can quickly write and publish an unlimited number of blog posts, sales letters, and more. It saves and prints content as text files, email messages, web pages (with standard HTML editing capabilities), or Word document files. It additionally corrects some of the most common spelling, grammar, and typing errors at the click of a button. Check out this great tool, First Draft


  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - ABBYY is an international software company that provides optical character recognition, document capture and language software for both PC and mobile devices. Recognized as a leader in OCR, PDF and data capture, ABBYY has won over 250 major awards. ABBYY’s software is used and trusted by more than 30 million people – enriching lives and empowering businesses nationwide. ABBYY PDF Transformer +


  • Use WinZip for Your Compressed & Encrypted Files - With more than a billion downloads, WinZip is the world’s leading provider of zip utilities and one of the most popular and trusted applications in the history of the Web. WinZip Computing, a Corel company, draws on its core strength as the #1 zip software provider to deliver the power of compression and encryption to where it’s needed most – email, mobile, social media and online. WinZip's offerings include apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, the ZipSend and ZipShare online services, and WinZip System Utilities Suite. Buy WinZip Pro Combo. Two great products, one low price.


  • PC Health BoostThis powerful software is one of the hottest PC Repair software products available, providing software solutions that cater to your everyday computing needs. Our proprietary software deploys a sophisticated algorithm that automates the tedious and complex process of cleaning up invalid and redundant entries inside your PC’s registry database.  PC HealthBoost scans your computer in under 2 minutes and provides a detailed report displaying any present issues. Once the software is upgraded to the paid version, the repairs usually take less than 10 minutes. We have seen PCs increase in speed up to 216% by optimizing the operating system and running our software. Clean Up Your PC in 2 Minutes - PC HealthBoost




  • Defender Pro Antivirus & Internet Security - This powerful utility blocks viruses, spyware, ransomware and all major threats to your computer security. Allows you to surf and search safely on all your PC's and Laptops. Top rated antivirus and malware protection for your home or small business. Trusted by millions, Defender Pro Antivirus and Internet Security for all your PC protection needs. Anti-Virus protection and no computer slowdown with Defender Pro!

  • Convert PDF to Word or Excel – The Delamere Group are now promoting the developer and publisher of powerful PDF creation and extraction software products, including Able2Extract and the Sonic PDF Creator. Our flagship PDF converter allows you to Convert PDF to Excel. Convert PDF to Word. Convert PDF to HTML, Text and more. Try before you buy. We want you to know what you are getting. As such, evaluation versions of our products are available to be tried free of charge before purchase. Check out the free trial


  • Taking Control of Your Passwords - Read this book to understand the problems and apply a real-world strategy that includes choosing a password manager, auditing your existing passwords, and dealing with situations where automated tools can’t help. Buy Take Control of Your Passwords


  • FoneCopy, for Android/iOS Users - FoneCopy is an outstanding tool that provides you 1-click solution for data transfer from phone to phone. This is the best cell phone data transfer software to transfer data from one phone to another in one click. Read more.

FoneCopy - 1-Click Phone Transfer, 100% Safe and Risk-free



  • Software at Great Prices - Individual Software's commitment to innovation, excellence, and value is demonstrated in over 100 software products and services. Affordable, high-quality software titles provide education and training, develop computer skills, facilitate career development, and help people and businesses achieve success. Individual Software has won numerous awards for its desktop software and web-based solutions from industry associations, publications, resellers, and distributors. Individual Software Products


  • How to Fix Hard Disk Drives - HDD Regenerator is a unique program for regeneration of physically damaged hard disk drives. It does not hide bad sectors, it really restores them! Easy to use, no complex settings. You do not need to change a lot of complicated and unnecessary settings. We have already set up the product for you for best performance and results. The product ignores file system, scans disk at physical level. It can be used with FAT, NTFS or any other file system, and also with unformatted or unpartitioned disks. Buy HDD Regenerator



  • Hard Drive Powerwash - This software is a Windows Utility that enables it's users to remove file clutter from their Windows systems quickly and easily. Hard Drive Powerwash FREE probably is one of the best freeware tools available to remove unnecessary files from your system. Hard Drive Powerwash PREMIUM additionally includes Registry cleaning options, wizards for File Erasing, Drive Analyzing, Dulicate Detecting, File Seeking and much more and breaks all limits there have ever been to programs of this kind. Buy Hard Drive Powerwash


  • Solutions for Graphics Design, Print & File Delivery -  Located in Toronto, Canada, Zevrix Solutions provides automation and productivity solutions for Adobe Creative Suite software, graphic file diagnostics, file delivery and Microsoft Office on Mac OS. Zevrix is dedicated to help professionals increase their profits through:  automating everyday tasks, producing error-free documents, saving disk space, cutting production costs, achieving more with smaller work force. Buy ArtOptimizer

  • PDF Checkpoint Software - Automate PDF workflow with powerful batch processing: preflight, export as images, convert colors, split and reduce sizes. With this powerful tool, quickly preflight multiple PDF files using powerful preflight profiles and get detailed info on document fonts, color spaces, images, metadata and other attributes. Buy PDF Checkpoint

  • Recover Microsoft Excel Worksheets - A corruption implies data losses. Many other document recovery programs recover corrupted documents from a single file. The result of such recovery is a document with probable data losses. In contrast to other recovery software, OfficeExcel Regenerator regenerates Microsoft Office documents not from a single file, but from the entire disk and without any losses of data plus recovering deleted and overwritten documents. If a Microsoft Office document was deleted, the program will scan the entire disk to find contents of the deleted document. If the contents of the document were overwritten, it will be regenerated from file fragments found on the disk. The product supports all versions of FAT and NTFS and regenerates Microsoft Office documents even from lost, deleted partitions and reformatted disks. Buy Excel Regenerator

  • Taking Control of the “Cloud” - What, exactly, is a "cloud" service and how can you make smart decisions about which ones to use and how to set them up? Join award-winning author Joe Kissell as he pins down nebulous cloud concepts, helps you evaluate claims about cloud services, and points out how you can enhance your privacy and security in the cloud. This ebook is 116 pages. Version 1.0. Buy Take Control of the Cloud


  • Professionally Created Page Turning Catalogs - Many professional software products exist for designing magazines, building catalogs, writing documents and books, and presenting reports. FlippingBook Publisher makes your professionally created content look perfect on any desktop computer or mobile device. All you need is a document in printable format. Once you publish it with FlippingBook, phrases like "can't open", "bad zooming", and "too much time to download" become a thing of the past. You’ll become used to hearing "awesome magazine", "convenient catalog", and "brilliant presentation" instead. Moreover, your content makes a bigger impression if it has a beautiful skin or contains video or sound. Many useful tools will also help you to create convenient navigation inside the publication and add web links to external resources. Buy Flippingbook Publisher Professional Now!


  • Recover Microsoft Office Documents - A corruption implies data losses. Many other document recovery programs recover corrupted documents from a single file. The result of such recovery is a document with probable data losses. In contrast to other recovery software, Office Regenerator regenerates Microsoft Office documents not from a single file, but from the entire disk and without any losses of data plus recovering deleted and overwritten documents. If a Microsoft Office document was deleted, the program will scan the entire disk to find contents of the deleted document. If the contents of the document were overwritten, it will be regenerated from file fragments found on the disk. The product supports all versions of FAT and NTFS and regenerates Microsoft Office documents even from lost, deleted partitions and reformatted disks. Buy Office Regenerator (3 in 1)

Buy Office Regenerator (3 in 1) 


  • Do-it-yourself Mobile App-creation Platform - ComoTM is the world's leading do-it-yourself mobile app-creation platform, powering over one million small business apps around the world, with over 4,500 new apps created every day. Como's unique platform enables anyone to quickly and easily create custom mobile apps and sites for all major mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, and HTML5), with minimal cost and no coding necessary. Put your business on a mobile app. No Coding, no fuss. Try it now !


  • Getting Started with Dreamweaver - Dreamweaver 8 is a great Web design tool for pros, but newcomers may be overwhelmed by its interface or want to know more about how to work creatively and intelligently in the program. Help is at hand in Take Control of Getting Started with Dreamweaver, which offers a detailed tutorial for making your first site in Dreamweaver. Author Arnie Keller, who teaches Web design at the University of Victoria, shows you how to style type the smart way with CSS, create a sophisticated page layout using layers, and design a template-based site with an interactive navigation bar. This ebook also breaks new ground by linking to video screenshots that show you exactly what to do. Buy Take Control of Getting Started with Dreamweaver


  • Workshare Software - Workshare is a leading provider of secure enterprise file sharing and collaboration applications that make it easier for individuals and team members to work together securely. More than 2 million professionals in 70 countries put their trust in our award-winning desktop, mobile, tablet, and online applications. Workshare’s customers come from sectors as varied as legal, accounting, financial services, education, manufacturing, retail, real estate and construction, consulting, energy, government, life sciences, media, and technology. Workshare Compare – Fast and accurate document comparison for Word PowerPoint and PDF


  • How to Remove a Virus – This course is a step by step guide on how to remove a virus and clean your system using free tools. The number of PC's becoming infected with viruses are increasing year to year. A virus infection can cause you to lose access to your PC, lose files, and can cost hundreds of dollars to fix. This course will show you step by step how to remove a Virus Infection using free tools and proven techniques. Virus Removal Step By Stepc


  • Scripts Templates - Fastdotnet.com offer convenience and more flexibility Scripts Templates other than any design firm. You do not need to be confused by the process how to change and modify your template design. What distinguishes fastdotnet from others is that we consider all unique Templates and that requires a different approach because many webmasters would like to have different objectives. Custom design touches and completely in accordance with the wishes of the client that they can edit and modify the template anytime in real time. Click here.



  • Templates for Office Suite - OfficeReady comes in two feature-rich versions: Platinum & Professional. Both come packed with Microsoft Word templates, Excel templates, PowerPoint templates, document editing tools, and much more. Click here.




  • Using the Power of Photoshop - Master the basics of Adobe Photoshop in under two hours with easy to follow instantly accessible online Video Tutorials. Our goal here at LearnPhotoshopNow.com is to show you how to edit your digital photos, just like the pro’s do! With a little knowledge and practice you will be amazed just what you can do with your digital photos! Read more.

  • eMail Software – This software company is focused on developing a complete and quality desktop email client as an alternative to other email clients. eM Client makes the e-communication much easier and more effective. It’s not only for email software, but users can also manage their contacts, calendars and even Google Hangouts and Facebook chat. Best email client for Windowsemail


  • Software for Inventory & Orders for Your Business – This is cloud based software which can handle inventory and order management for your business, among other things. Dealing with inventory operations is complicated. Megaventory provides an intuitive user interface to help you easily track the flow of goods from your suppliers to your clients. Try before you buy: the first 15 days are free! After the 15-day free trial, you may choose to opt-in and choose one of our plans or just stop using megaventory (no questions asked). All plans are inclusive of all megaventory features (technical support included). Click here.



  • Antivirus Software from Vipre - With over 200,000 new web threats created every day, you can't afford not to use antivirus software. Choose award-winning VIPRE to keep your data safe from these malicious threats without slowing down your PC. Search and Browse the Web Safely from Online Threats


  • Utilities Software for Your Computer – Our company now offers SpeedUpMyPC, RegistryCleanerKit, Powersuite and DriverScanner, all very popular software utilities, at the best prices available. Run a free scan to diagnose computer performance.

    • Learning Adobe Encore - This Adobe Encore CS6 Tutorial training course teaches you how to create a top quality DVD and Blue-ray discs using this popular software from Adobe. This tutorial is designed for the beginner, and no prior experience is assumed; you will start your learning right from the very beginning. Starting with the basics, the course explains exactly what Encore CS6 is, and what it can do for you. You will explore the workflow of Encore, how to import assets, make menus, and export your finished product. Each step in the workflow is covered in-depth. You will learn how to create and work with timelines, build and edit slideshows, make playlists, add and edit menus as well as creating custom menus and specialized menus. This software tutorial also covers topics such as setting up menu navigation, linking your assets to the menus, and finally, testing and exporting your project to DVD, Blue-ray disc or even a Flash project to play in a web browser. By the completion of this Adobe Encore CS6 tutorial video training course, you will be able to complete your video projects by creating high-quality DVD and Blue-ray discs using Adobe Encore CS6. Working files are included to allow you to learn using the same project files that the author uses in this tutorial. A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this Adobe Encore CS6 Tutorial course. Read more.


    • How To Use Microsoft PowerPoint For Dynamic Presentations - Do you want to deliver presentations that really make an impact on people? Do you know how to use Microsoft PowerPoint but you’d like to learn from an expert how to really make eye-catching slides? If so, this is the course for you. In this course you will learn how to create and deliver eye-catching presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. By combining essential presentation skills with the effective use of technology, this course will give you all you need in order to present with confidence. Instead of learning how to use Microsoft PowerPoint feature by feature, you will see how Microsoft PowerPoint can effectively be used in a real life business scenario. Learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013c


      • Cisco IP Routing (CCNP Route) – Mastering this course is the cornerstone of the CCNP certification. Advanced routing is a critical skill for today's network administrators that work with LANs/WANs of any medium-to-large organization. In this course, we cover well known technologies such as EIGRP, BGP, OSPF, IPv6 and route redistribution. Our goal is that you are not only able to pass the certification exam but that you gain a thorough understanding of these key technologies and protocols. We are working right now to bring you videos of IPv6 for this exam as soon as possible. CCNP Routec




      • Learning Autodesk Maya 2016 – The perfect resource for 3D animation professionals and students. Learning how to use Autodesk's industry-leading Maya 3D animation and effects software just got a little easier, thanks to Learning Autodesk Maya 2016: A Video Introduction DVD. Competitively priced and professionally produced, it features eight hours of expert, step-by-step instruction from award-winning visual effects supervisor and author, Dariush Derahkshani. Immerse yourself in the dozens of high-definition video lessons and examples (1280x720, with optional full-screen mode) and practice as you go with downloadable files. This unique video training software provides custom bookmarking, an intuitive interface for easy navigation, and professional examples. You can progress at your own pace, from any place - lessons are viewable on everything from laptops and PCs to smartphones and iPad and Android tablets. And, as an added bonus you get access to a streaming version of the videos that you can view from any computer with internet access. Learning Autodesk Maya 2016


      • Learning Adobe Premiere Pro - If you have ever wanted to dive into a powerful video editing tool to create your Hollywood masterpiece, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is THE tool to learn. Let us take you through all you need to learn to get up and running fast with this premiere pro cs6 tutorial. You will cover from file importing to setting up your first project, also from basic editing to adding effects and keying. From exporting to various formats to multi-camera edits. We will show you all the tricks and tips in this Premiere Pro CS6 tutorial. Read more.


      • Learning Adobe “After Effects CC” (Part of the Creative Cloud Suite) - Add 3D objects and scenes from CINEMA 4D and use the footage directly inside “After Effects CC” without intermediate multipass rendering. Make changes easily with automatic updates between applications, opening up your creative possibilities while reducing your work. After Effects® CC. provides many powerful new features, like a Live 3D Pipeline that brings CINEMA 4D scenes in as layers without intermediate rendering. Share work directly from within the application, sync your settings across machines, and get access to new features the moment they're released. You will bring your entire creative world, together in one place. In this Adobe After Effects CC training course from Infinite Skills you will learn how to get the most out your post-production effects and compositing with this powerful software from Adobe. Designed for the beginner you will learn how to use After Effects CC from the ground up, no previous experience is necessary. The course then immediately gets you working hands-on with projects; importing video, importing assets, creating and arranging your layers and working with text. You will learn how to work with shapes, and techniques for using the paint tools. The course introduces you to masks, matts and stencils, and distorting and animation using Puppet Tools. As you continue through the After Effects CC training you will learn how to apply effects and transitions, track motion, stabilize video, and work within 3D space. An amazing new feature to After Effects CC is the ability to bring in Cinema 4D scenes as layers using the Live 3D Pipeline. Click here.



      • Learning Corel Painter X3 - Master the core features of Corel's powerful and popular natural media emulator. Learning Corel Painter X3 – This is a practical course that will teach you how to be creative with Painter. Painter X3 is Corel's latest update to their powerful and popular natural media emulator which is used by professional creative artists in a wide variety of genres and styles. This VTC course, taught by longtime illustrator and fine artist Jason Maranto, is designed to quickly familiarize you with the core features of this powerful application. Focusing on all the main tools and functions with an in-depth yet easy-to-follow style, this course is packed with professional workflow tips and tricks that it will help you to master Painter in no time. Learning Corel Painter X3 - Be Creative With Painterc




      • WindowMizer for Mac - RGB World develops Software, iPhone Apps and Web Scripts. WindowMizer is a Mac application that will roll-up your windows like a windowshade. When you double-click the title bar of a window, WindowMizer minimizes the window to the Dock and leaves a placeholder title bar on the screen. When you want to get back to what you were doing, simply double-click the placeholder title bar and the window will restore from the Dock. No need to navigate to the Dock to find the window you just minimized... it's exactly where you left it. Read more.


      • Use DiskView & SplitView in Your IT Department - Vyooh is an innovative software technology company that develops industry-leading software products for virtualization, server based computing and IT infrastructure management. Split View enables a true multi-monitor experience with VMware VDI, Citrix (RDP and ICA), Terminal Services, Remote Desktop, HP RGS, Sun Ray ALP as well as other virtualization, remote desktop and thin client technologies. Additionally, SplitView provides several productivity boosting enhancements such as the ability to move windows efficiently between multiple monitors.  DiskView the only disk space management and visualization solution that provides information when and where you need it - right within Windows Explorer. With it's comprehensive reports on disk usage and health, DiskView is becoming a necessity for managing enterprise computer systems. DiskView allows IT professionals to quickly identify opportunities for gains in efficiency and elimination of ineffective resource utilization by the clarity and flexibility found in its graphical representations. For trial version of Disk View, click here For trial version of Split View, click here.

      • NSC Software Solutions – We are a software company that focuses on highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective custom software development. With a rich and varied experience in providing custom software development and project management capabilities and stringent quality standards ensure us to develop solutions that give your business an edge over your competitors. Read more


      • Sharable Software - At some time or another, we all need to share files, images, documents, and more. You can access all of these files easily with Sharable. This application uses existing Wi-Fi networks to transfer files in a way that's a bit less involved than using an Internet-based service or a cable. The site includes detailed information on how to use the application with any number of devices. This version is compatible with all operating systems, and is a free download. Read more.

      • Desktop iCalendar Lite - Desktop iCalendar Lite is a free desktop calendar for Windows. It allows you to manage your events, to-do list on desktop allowing visitors to sync it up with Google Calendar. This free version allows users to create a customizable skin, a detailed to-do list, and also set an array of reminders.  Click here.

        • Improving Quality of Photos - The true magic of Imagic Photo Enhancer is it's ability to add lighting effects to your photos. While other photo effects software can leave your images looking 'flat', Imagic Photo retains and revives the depth and contour that gets lost when attempting to make adjustments in other programs. Read more.

        • Harmonic Balancing - Har-Bal Harmonic Balancer is the software that introduces the new process of Harmonic Balancing as the replacement for traditional processes of mastering recorded music. Sometimes, today's songs can be mastered incorrectly and producing extremely irritable tones to the listener. With Har-Bal you can create a harmonically balanced sound of unparalleled quality one hundred percent of the time. With this software you will be able to create original and re-mastered recordings that rival the best mastering studios the world has to offer. Please make sure you have your spam filter turned off when ordering the program. Buy Har-Bal Harmonic Balancer 3.0


        • NCH Software – Our Company is a leader in business audio technology. Since 1993 our software development team has released more than 80 easy-to-use software applications for Windows, Mac and mobile devices. Each software program is designed to fulfill a specific need, and many programs are considered leaders in their markets and have been awarded for excellence.  Our software categories include applications for audio, video, business, dictation and other software utilities. By offering such a wide breadth of software applications at affordable prices, NCH Software is where users turn for reliable software applications for any need. NCH Software continues to develop new programs while maintaining focus on developing easy-to-use, simple software solutions. Click here.

        • Smith Micro Software – Our Company develops and publishes award-winning graphics, animation and productivity solutions for Macintosh and Windows and provides software and services that simplify, secure, and enhance the mobile experience. The Company's portfolio of wireless solutions includes a wide range of client and server applications that manage voice, data, video, and connectivity over mobile broadband networks. Our primary customers are the world's leading mobile network operators, mobile device manufacturers, and enterprise businesses. Shop at Smith Micro!


          • Digital 3D Content & Software - DAZ 3D brings 3D art directly to the masses by delivering the highest quality digital 3D content and software at the most affordable prices. With over one Million downloads of DAZ Studio, it is one of the most popular Free 3D tools ever made. Free 3D Models & Software

          • Tracking Source of eMails - eMailTrackerPro identifies the true source of emails, to help track suspects and verify the sender of a message. eMailTrackerPro analyzes the header information of received email, and provides the IP Address of the machine that sent the email and its geographical region location. Buy eMailTrackerPro 2013 Advanced Edition Business Use

          • AVG Technology - AVG is a leading international developer of internet threat protection solutions for consumers, SMBs and small enterprises Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam, Firewall and new web protection. Identifies and stops threats before they become a problem. AVG products are running on over 80 million computers worldwide, find out why. Also the Delamere Group uses this software with confidence AVG Antivirus and antispyware protection from the world's most trusted security company. Use the Internet with confidence.


          • Tools for Windows - Our company provides Tools for Windows and with customers and partners in over 140 countries, counts today amongst the leading manufacturers of systems tools for the Windows operating system. As a Microsoft Gold Partner (the highest partner level) we are in constant touch with Microsoft and stand at the very forefront of new Windows technology. O&O Defrag - Defragment your Windows PC and speed up your computer by up to 100% with the Editors' Choice! Get your free trial now!


          • Image Shrinker Software - Have you ever received an email that contained just one photograph, but took 20 minutes or more to download? This program was designed to stop YOU being the cause of this sort of problem! Image Shrinker takes image files that can be HUGE and converts them to tiny easy to handle files which are suitable for emailing and printing on inkjet printers. Buy Image Shrinker - Site Licence



          • Software for Business & Private Use - Our company carries 8,000 software titles from over 100 different manufacturers, such as Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, SAP Business Objects, Corel, FileMaker, Intuit, McAfee, Kaspersky, Nero, Quark, Roxio, Sony,Trend Micro, VMware and much more. We are based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and we continue to provide discount software, software licensing and software-related services online and offline, coupled with superior customer care. Save up to 60% on Brand Name Software



          • Software For Business & Education - Avanquest Software is a global software developer offering titles such as WebEasy Professional, SystemSuite, Fix-it Utilities, Hallmark Card Studio and PowerDesk. We have over 70 software titles in a variety of consumer software categories: PC Security and Diagnostics, Anti Virus/Anti Spyware, Small Business Productivity, Mobility, Web Authoring/Design, Education, Reference, Digital Media and more! Visit Avanquest Software


          • Send, Receive & Track Large Files - YouSendIt (HighTail) Business Plus is for business professionals and corporations, who need a convenient, secure, and branded solution to send, receive and track files. Business Plus account holders enjoy all the key benefits of the Hightail service, plus access to a fully branded Dropbox, a smart FTP replacement feature, where you can receive files from customers, clients and colleagues. Your Dropbox is a special upload page that displays your branding and logo prominently. Customers also receive files you send them from branded emails and download pages. Hightail Official Site - 14 Day Free Trial!c


          • Computer Security Tools - Acronis provides easy-to-use disaster recovery, backup and restore, partitioning, boot management, privacy, data migration and other storage management products for enterprises, corporations and individual consumers. Upgrade Your Older Acronis Products Today and Save 40%!

          Acronis: Compute with Confidence



          • Computer Status & Health/Condition Advisor - Our new version 2.0 now includes DEVICE DRIVER updates and driver management, Premium REGISTRY CLEANER, FILE EXTENSION software database, remove SPYWARE/MALWARE processes running in memory, ERASE HISTORY & protect identity, BOOST PC SPEED and much more. Click here.


          • Software at Rock Bottom Prices - Vio Software specializes in discount, brand-name computer software sold at up to 60% off retail pricing. We sell retail, oem and discounted versions of software titles from Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Corel, Intuit, McAfee, Symantec and many more. Visit Vio Software




          • The most advanced suite of utility tools - The Utility Library is a COM-based ActiveX DLL designed to offer extensive functionality to all projects conveniently wrapped into one neat reusable component. With dozens of modules and so many useful functions the Utility Library is guaranteed to save you many man-hours of development and a fortune in development costs. By using a pre-tested, pre-built component that can be reused time and time again in your products, you will dramatically shorten the development cycle and tremendously increase the productivity and reliability of your projects. The Utility Library is the result of methodical design, continual refinement, improvement and testing. The latest release of this product features Industry/Military Standard Encryption, Compression, Screen capturing, File Handling, String Handling, FTP, Registry, UUCoding, Error Handling, Language Translation and much much more....Buy Utility Library


          • Improve Your English - This powerful software includes online English proofreading, reads any document / email / website text in a human voice, grammar & spelling learning center, plus much more. Try our free download. Click here!


          • Computer Security Solutions - Avira, a company with around 100 million customers and 300 employees is a worldwide leading supplier of self-developed security solutions for professional and private use. With more than 20 years of experience, the company is one of the pioneers in this field. In addition to programs specifically for use on single workstations, Avira primarily offers professional solutions for cross-system protection of networks on various levels. These include products for workstations, file, mail and web servers. Avira Antivirus protection - Made in Germany.


          • Total Screen Recorder - This useful tool is video-recording software that is easy-to-use, fast, and powerful. Record full screen or any area of the desktop screen and you can record audio and mouse cursor's movement Capture movies from TV card, DVD, RM, VCD, MPEG or record web cams from AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger Can also be used to create slide show training documents. Click here.


          CA Internet Security Suite 2010


          • How to Handle Spam - Spam Arrest's patent-protected and affordable system efficiently stops spam while offering extensive user flexibility. Utilizing the challenge-response system, the only system which blocks 100% of automated junk email, Spam Arrest can be configured to work with your current email program, or you can manage all your email online through your Spam Arrest account. Read more.


          • Sending Large Files Over the Web - WinRAR is a 32-bit Windows version of the RAR Archiver, the powerful archiver and archive manager. RAR files can usually compress content up to 30 percent more effectively than ZIP files. WinRAR's most important functions include: Extremely powerful document and multimedia file compression, Processing of other archive formats, Long filename support , Programmable self-extracting archives (SFX) , Authenticity verification, Embedded file comments , Archive encryption, plus more. WinRAR is also ideal if you are sending data through the web. Its 128 bit password encryption and its authenticated signature technology will give you the peace of mind you have been looking for. The RAR format was developed more than 10 years ago; it is a trusted brand and available in over 45 languages! Download the latest version of WinRAR Click Here

          Download the latest version of WinRAR


          • Best Way to Block Spam - SPAMfighter Pro is a spam filter for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail that automatically filters spam. SPAMfighter is Europe's leading spam filter developer, providing spam protection across the globe for millions of home and business users on PC's and Servers. FREE spam filter - click here!


          • Network Engineers Toolkit - 3dSNMP is revolutionizing network management in three unique ways. First, our next generation network management tools are being developed using state of the art graphical technologies for extreme ease of use. Next, we support IP version 6 (IPv6), while fully maintaining traditional IP version 4 (IPv4) functionality. Finally, our stunningly advanced and easy to use products contain enterprise business features while being priced low enough to be affordable for the average network manager's budgetary requirements. 14-Day Free Trial is available! Buy 3dSNMP's Network Engineer's Toolkit Standard


          • IMSI/Design Products - This is a global leader in retail CAD (Computer Aided Design). IMSI/Design products include the award-winning TurboCAD®, TurboFLOORPLAN™, TurboSketch™, and DesignCAD™ families of precision design applications. These are affordable, easy-to-use graphics and design software products, including top-selling TurboCAD. Visit IMSI/Design for a wide selection of award-winning precision design, graphics and utilities software at great prices! Click Here


          • Camtasia Studio by SoftwareCasa - Camtasia Studio is the complete professional solution for recording, editing and sharing high-quality screen video on the Web! With the smartest screen recording tools on the planet, Camtasia Studio makes everything from training videos to PowerPoint presentations to lectures look better, reach more people, and pack more punch. Are you looking for the best-priced software, delivered directly to you with the latest technology over the Internet, with secure transactions? Then you have come to the right place! We have thousands of Software products available instantly through ESD (Electronic Software Delivery). When you shop at SoftwareCasa you download what you have purchased the same day. No waiting for delivery, and no delivery costs. Electronically delivered software also means lower prices, because you don't have to pay for the box! We also have a wide selection of free software and demo software available. Visit Multimedia


          • Tele-Prompt Software - So if you are serious about delivering really professional style presentations, with this teleprompter software, you can say good bye to all those old fashioned "cue cards" and turn your laptop or personal computer into a truly professional style teleprompter or autocue! Tele-Prompt will run on any Windows based computer capable of running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 installed, or both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Vista. Apple Macintosh users can run the software by installing Parallels Desktop 4 for Mac. This allows the Windows XP operating system to be run on modern Intel chip based computers without re-booting. This system works well; indeed Tele-Prompt has been developed on a Mac in this way! With Tele-Prompt you will be "word perfect" every time! Click here.


          • Photoshop Scripts - These 300 DPI High Resolution Images have been perfected over the course of several months in order to bring you an extremely realistic look. These actions can be used for a lot more than just eBooks! Due to the high resolution of these actions, you can use these for flyers, brochures, magazine covers, business cards, logos, full page spreads, post cards, or anything else you want. Read more.



          • CyberScrub, the Internet Cleaning Utility - The importance of deleting sensitive data from your computer cannot be overemphasized, and our firm uses the utility CyberScrub This powerful software will destroy emails beyond recovery, erase 'previously deleted' files and folders (which will still remain on your hard drive, even after using Windows "delete" command), plus it will remove all evidence of any online activity which you have used each day, which you do not want to be scrutinized. CyberScrub security products are purchased and deployed by the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Department of the Interior and Defense, the United Nations and Fortune 100 companies. Request a free trial to prove its tremendous advantage in your business or employment activities. CyberScrub - Protecting your world, securing your data, ensuring your privacy. Click Here


          • Powerful & Intelligent Internet Monitoring and Surveillance Software - Orvell Monitoring is one of the world's best selling product for recording every detail of PC and Internet activity in your home, office or school. Orvell Monitoring contains five recording tools that are combined into one powerful application that features: Web Site recording, Keystroke recording (keylogger), VCR-like snapshot recording for visual surveillance, Application recording and Fileactivity recording. All five tools record simultaneously, secretly saving the data to a hidden location on the PC. Many Flexible Recording Options allows to setup everything like record by user name (when you do not want to record your own activities), a scheduler (for recording to specifed times), Keyword Detection Features with Instant Email Notification Upon Detection of Keyword/Phrase, many Security features include: Stealth Mode, Hotkey Access and Password Protection, Extensive Online Help and much more! To request a trial download, click here.


          • Remote Computers & Anyplace Control - This software Anyplace Control is a remote control program that can display a screen of another computer (via internet or network) on the screen of yours. The program allows you to use mouse and keyboard to control that PC remotely. It means that you can work on a remote computer like if you are sitting in front of it, right from you current location. The program allows you to work with different remote computers simultaneously, from anywhere in the world. The program is so fast and comfortable that you can even forget that you are working on a remote PC! For a trial download, click here.



          • Hard disk space manager for Windows - TreeSize Professional is a powerful and flexible harddisk space manager for Windows 95/98/NT. Find out which folders are the largest on your drives and recover Megabytes on it. Treesize Professional shows you the size, allocated and wasted space, the number of files, 3D bar charts and pie charts, the last access date and much more information for several folders or drives you choose. It also searches for old, big and temporary files on your hard disks. The application has an intuitive Explorer-like user interface and it is fast and multithreaded. You can print detailed reports or export the collected Data to Excel or a text file. TreeSize Pro can be started from the context menu of every folder or drive. and multithreaded. You can print detailed reports or export the collected Data to Excel or an ASCII file. TreeSize Pro is in the context menu of every folder or drive. Try our trial download to see the power of this utility.


          • Ace Utilities - This software Ace Utilities is a collection of tools to optimize your system performance and to remove unneeded files and Internet tracks - It allows you to find and remove invalid registry entries, delete your application and internet history (plug-in support for 100+ external programs), manage your cookies and more. With a startup manager you can also see what programs start automatically with windows and optionally disable selected items. Furthermore, Ace Utilities includes options to find true duplicate files, fix or remove broken shortcuts and to uninstall software. Other features include secure file deletion, disk space analysis, tweaking of hidden settings, an Empty Folder finder and more. For more details, click here.


          • Copying files and folders from one location to another - Second Copy 2000 copies files and folders from one location to another on the same drive, another drive, or across the network. You can setup "profiles" that describe the source location the destination location and the frequency at which you want to copy the files. Second Copy monitors the source files for changes and additions and then automatically copies the new or changed files to their designated destination. The program uses familiar Windows 95 Explorer interface. An easy to use setup profile Wizard makes the configuration job a snap. Advanced options include PKZIP compatible compression password protection directory synchronization and background thread priority control. You can also include or exclude specific file or sets of files from the copy. Once you configure the profiles with your important file locations the program sits as an icon in Windows system tray and unobtrusively copies files in the background. This software is ideal for those of us who forget to do periodic backups. Can be used to synchronize files between the desktop and laptop or between two remote sites. For a trial download, click here.


          • How to Monitor Undesirable Content From the Internet Getting onto Your Computer - Our firm is proud to be able to promote a product that consists of security software, which audits, monitors, cleans up, and protects your computer from being contaminated with objectionable and undesirable material and content. You are welcome to try for FREE the "Content Audit" which safely scans your computer files for unwanted (usually pornographic) material. We highly recommend this service for home and office. Is there porn on your computer? Are you sure? Click Here to find out.

          Does your ISP block Porn?


          • Antivirus and Internet content security - Our partner Trend Micro, Inc. is a global leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services. Founded in 1988 by Steve Chang, the company led the migration of virus protection from the desktop to the network server and the Internet gateway - gaining a reputation for vision and technological innovation along the way. Today, Trend Micro focuses on providing customers with comprehensive security strategies to manage the impacts of known and unknown threats to information, through such initiatives as Trend Micro Enterprise Protection Strategy. All-in-one antivirus security, personal firewall, and PDA protection. Trend Micro PC-cillin 2003 -- $10 off! Click here

          Buy Trend Micro PC-cillin for $10 off


          • Security & privacy protection for Internet Explorer users - McAfee Secure IE protects your computer at the main point of external contact - your web browser - and tightly restricts what websites can and cannot do to you. McAfee Secure IE closes an important potential security hole by specifically addressing malicious behavior from websites. For more details click here



          • Access Your Computer From Anywhere - New technology lets users access their main computer from any web browser. This software is easy to set up and allows you, if you are working from home or on the road, immediate safe and secure access to your email, files, programs and network resources at your office or base. There are various levels or plans to use, for example, Single User (1-2 PCs) Premier Plan (5+ PCs) and the Corporate Plan.Access Your PC from Anywhere - Free Download PC Magazine calls GoToMyPC "Revolutionary."



          • Data Recovery & Computer Forensic Software - You can save time and money with the Media Tools Professional, do-it-yourself approach, designed to recover:

            * Mechanically failing drives
            * Corrupt or missing file systems
            * Accidental format or file deletion
            * Viruses and worms
            * Deleted files
            * Partition or boot problems
            * FDISK or formatted drives
            * Software crashes

            For more details of this great software, click here



          • Online Course in "How to Setup & Secure Your Home Computer" - Having a secure computer at home is just as important today as is securing computers at work. This course will teach you how to and what steps to make sure your computer is safe. Whether you use your computer for business or pleasure, it is so important that you have a computer that is safe and secure. It is no longer the norm to turn on your computer and use it for games and what not. Now, with the ever-present danger of viruses and hackers, making sure the computer is secure is vital. Securing your computer is not hard if you know what steps to take and follow them properly. This course will show you what steps need to be made and how to handle each issue that has to be addressed. For the full details of this course "How to Setup & Secure Your Home Computer" (MTC 407) Go to our Online Courses page, click here, and select the Category of the Catalog "PC Security" click here

          • To keep up to date with computer viruses read the "Virus Bulletin" - This web site contains lots of helpful information about computer viruses. The "Virus profile" section is very useful, in particular. Visit this website.


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