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How to select good employees
, and how to successsfully manage these employees with regard to salaries, benefits, and labour laws

Staffing is finding the right person for the job. After organization, it is the next logical step in managing a business.

Big companies realize that their success depends very largely on how they select and manage the people who work for them. This explains why sound companies do not only have a Personnel Department, but also assigns a senior executive to head it. The importance of recruitment, selection, and training of new employees, and the development of loyalty and morale calls for direction from management at the highest level.

What holds for big business holds for you too. In managing the people who work for you, you should aim at three things.

  • First, you should attempt to match every worker as suitable as possible to his job.

  • Second, you should create an environment in which he can do his job fast and well.

  • Third, you should design conditions that encourage loyalty and good morale, that is, you should make him want to work fast and well, and that he or she will be rewarded accordingly.

Competent and loyal staff members are important assets to your business, there are various reasons for this.

  • First, content and well-treated staff, reflect enthusiasm in their dealings with the public, which contributes to the goodwill of your company.

  • Second, while the machines and materials you use are available to all your competitors at approximately equal prices, your firm's personnel are unique. In this lies potential for great development.

  • Third, whereas the large firm can achieve efficiency by means of expensive machines, the small business relies rather exclusively on its personnel.

  • Fourth, close personal contact and teamwork between you and your employees can help to make possible the rendering of personalized individual service. This, as indicated already, is a great competitive advantage. (See our Business Tip No.24)

The methods discussed in this section, as well as in the later ones on "motivation" have become standard practice in the best of the international and local businesses, both small and large.

You may think that you do not have to imitate the large firms, and what is good enough for other small businessmen is good enough for you. If you have a very strong personality, or if you have to contend with very little competition, you may manage fairly well without a modern approach to employee relations. But you will, at best, get mediocre results compared to what you could achieve.

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