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  • Logon Watcher for Networks - All NT network administrators need to know who is logged in to all the workstations around the entire domain. Netwatch utility, which comes in the NT resource kit, can only show users connected to server, but not the local ones. - LogonWatcher can show any type of user logged on workstation - local or remote. And it will not only show them in single-lined list as Netwatch do - you can also group your network to as much as 10 groups of computers to watch. This grouping can be done by the way you prefer - by Departments, Classrooms, Floors or even Alphabetically ... Up to 50 computers in one group - 500 computers in network.If you have some computers that you need to monitor better or have an annoying person - fill the list of Alarms and you will be informed when somebody logged on a watched computer(s) or watched person(s) logged anywere in the network. Buy LogonWatcher



  • Image & Technical Illustration Management - This powerful software ACDSee delivers the leading platforms for image management and technical illustration, giving consumers and professionals everything they need to manage, create, edit, share, and publish content for print, presentation and the Web faster, easier, and more efficiently. With the explosion of digital cameras, there has been an even greater explosion of digital photos! Yet many people, novices and professionals alike, use the equivalent of a digital shoebox to organize their images, leaving them to gather virtual dust. Get these people on the fast track to high-powered organization and the ultimate in creativity with ACDSee 10 Photo Manager, ACDSee Pro 2 Photo Manager, ACDSee Photo Editor, and FotoSlate 4 Photo Print Studio. ACDSee Photo Manager 12 is here!

ACD Systems- The makers of ACDSee Photo Manager 12



  • Database Administration Tool - Datazenit is a web-based database administration tool for MySQL and PostgreSQL. It features smart data grid, query builder, schema editor, live charts and raw query editor with auto-complete. The goal is to build modern and intelligent databases with a tool that would increase productivity. Various chart styles can be used to create effective visualizations, like scatter, line, area, bar and pie chart. Best of all – they can be shared or embedded. Datazenit (Personal License)


  • Create Your Own Customized Report Forms - AD FastReporter is a great way to make generating, storing, scheduling and sharing AD (active directory) reports easier and faster. It’s straightforward to use so you don't need to be a scripting or LDAP expert. With our free version, you can use a range of built-in forms to generate reports, while our Pro version provides additional tools to help you create your own customized report forms. AD FastReporter Pro


  • Format & Create Your Own Book Online - Solentro is the best and easiest way for anyone to make their own book or photo book. Solentro was founded by the Schildfat brothers and the launch took place in early 2008. Today Solentro is a global company. The web application is completely web based and free to use. Solentro is currently available in ten different languages with customers in more than 30 countries. Solentro Novel & Poems

  • Protection Software - Our Blur software is the only all-in-one solution to protect your passwords, payments and privacy. Blur is built on an extremely secure Password Manager foundation, with a wide variety of unique online privacy features that have never been combined into a single product in the past. In addition to the secure password manager, Blur is also a Tracker Blocker. Similar to the popular “ad blockers”, Blur’s tracker blocking actively blocks marketer’s attempts to track your browsing activities, and it even blocks their attempts at re-targeting you on different websites that you visit in the future. DeleteMe: Remove your personal info from public databases

Remove your personal information from Google and other search engines with DeleteMe



  • Travel Agency Software - Travel CEO is a complete travel agency software which manages your travel business online and it is 100% cloud based. You can manage your business anywhere from the world. It has more than 10 amazing modules such as Travel CRM, Travel accounts software, Travel invoice, Contacts management, and much more. Travel CEO - Travel Agency Software & Travel CRM


  • Book Like A Boss - Our powerful software is a free appointment scheduling software with Payment & Calendar scheduling app integrations. Easily schedule meetings and sell your services with our All-In-One Solution. Thousands of entrepreneurs and freelancers in over 50 countries use Book Like A Boss as the solution for their service based business – from consultants to cake-bakers, masseurs to marketers, dog-walkers to data scientists. Easy And Fast To Set Up - Sign Up Now!



  • Tenorshare Software - We are an international software company found in 2007. We focus on the iOS, Android, Windows and Mac platforms and core technology study. We provide users with solutions for device content management, data recovery, password recovery, system repair and other practical mobile phone and computer essentials. Today, Tenorshare's products and services are trusted by more than 10 million users worldwide. Unlock iPhone PasswordEasy and Quick!



  • Software to Manage Your Inventory - This powerful software is able to manage your stock, purchases and sales orders using one powerful interface. Create Purchase Orders and email them to your vendors with one click. You can allocate the inventory to desired warehouses at the time of recording purchase. ProfitBooks SERVICE



  • Probit Software - We are a software development company based in Netanya, Israel. We strive hard to bring easy-to-use, must-have computer software straight to everyone’s desktop and to provide the best possible support for each one of our products. We have developed software that will help anyone diagnose and fix problems and help maintain your system’s stability. With Probit Software behind you, it isn’t as daunting as you think to figure out what’s wrong and easily fix your computer. Read more.



  • Obtaining Customer Feedback - Online review management for a small or medium sized business can be a real pain. Not any more!  Simply share your unique ReviewMiner™ link with customers and the rest is taken care of. The simple setup wizard allows you to create a feedback survey in minutes. No code or tech knowledge needed. Video walkthroughs show you how. Manage the review flow easily; once the feedback is collected your best customers can share their reviews online with two clicks. Great customer feedback now transforms into great online reviews, which means better rankings, and more customers! Review Miner Starter



  • Making & Editing Video Productions - Muvee Technologies is recognized internationally as the pioneer and leader in automatic video production. Using this software and creating professional-looking video production is just a matter of seconds. Very soon, you'll be a movie director! What makes Muvee special? Making cool video productions with Muvee is a matter of 1-2-3.You choose your favorite videos and digital photos. You pick your favourite music track You select your favorite Muvee editing style You're done! Muvee Reveal Encore



  • 5d Charts Add-In (for Microsoft Office Excel) - This powerful add-in provides unmatched flexibility and highly customizable visualization for complex multi-dimensional data. Create stunning real 3D bubble charts and scatterplots directly in Excel! Try it for free! 5dchart Add-In - License

  • Virtualization & Automation Software - Parallels is a worldwide leader in virtualization and automation software that optimizes computing for consumers, businesses, and service providers across all major hardware, operating system, and virtualization platforms. Founded in 1999, Parallels is a fast-growing company with 900 employees in North America, Europe, and Asia. Its most popular software, Parallels Desktop for Mac, enables users to run Windows, Linux, and more on a single Intel-powered Mac without rebooting. Read more.

  • SAP Business Workflow (Part of the SAP Business Suite) – This excellent course enables the design and execution of business processes within SAP application systems: Workflow processes are delivered as content in the SAP Business Suite. Additionally, customers can not only enhance those workflows provided by SAP, but they can also create their own workflows. SAP Business Workflow is at the heart of the SAP system. Through integration with Organisational Management and standard SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence for reporting and analysis, this enables you to manage business processes which fit into your Organisation, the application, and which can be used for auditing and business process compliance. SAP Business Workflow

  • Additional SAP training modules currently available - SAP – ABAP  (Advanced Business Application Programming) and SAP – HANA (In-Memory Appliance Database). For all available courses (over 30 courses currently available) for SAP, click here, and type SAP in the search box.


  • How to Capture User Activity - Ardamax Keylogger is a small, easy-to-use keylogger that captures user activity and saves it to a logfile. The logfile can be viewed as a text or web page. Use this tool to find out what is happening on your computer while you're away. Ardamax Keylogger
  • Business Management Software Tools - The Neat Company provides small business, sole proprietors and individual consultants with a suite of expense and spending management software tools designed to reduce the amount of paperwork, receipts and financial documents they must track and maintain manually. Read more
Manage Your Business Expense and Spending with Neat


  • Network Management Utilities - Our products range from web solutions to network management utilities and beyond.  The Intranet system designed by a school for schools...and now for businesses too!  Check out our various specialized software products. Shares Manager
  • Point of Sale Software - Our company loves creating software products to help small and medium sized businesses to grow and solve their business challenges. Our Point of Sale (POS) Inventory is sync with every sales & purchase order. I also record sales against customer accounts, quickly view your Accounts Receivable and Print Product Barcode directly from Point of Sale for faster checkout.  Plus many other important features. Starter Subscription


  • How to Collect Emails Using Our Spider - A very smart email spider which scans the web for email addresses and saves them in a file. The query of search engines is also possible and email Spider can scan the entire Internet. But you can configure it, so that it searches only websites of a desired target group. You just have to indicate the start URL and the software can do its job on its own. Email Spider Gold



  • Convert PDF to Word Plus - This a is very effective PDF to Word converter software for converting PDF files to quite a number of file formats. Using Convert PDF to Word Plus gives you a convenient opportunity to convert PDF to Word, convert PDF to JPEG, convert PDF to Text, convert PDF to HTML, convert PDF files in batch and convert selected page range. Unlike other PDF to word converter software, Convert PDF to Word Plus allows super-fast conversion and retains the original design and layout of your document after conversion. Convert PDF to Word Plus [Business]


  • Retail Answer POS - This software has been developed by people who have been in retail business for over 10 years. We have worked across multiple businesses in different categories from retail food stores to restaurants and cafes. We have developed this software after using different point of sale (POS) systems from various software development companies. We found that most of them were either cumbersome with features that were not required by a small business yet were very expensive to purchase, some also had ongoing fees. Moreover the POS systems were not particularly user friendly or easy to use. In some cases lots of staff training time was required in using the POS. Our software Retail Answer POS lite is one of the easiest to use and understand POS software in the market. Retail Answer POS lite



  • PDF to Image Converter - This powerful software lets you convert PDFs into a wide variety of image formats, like BMPs, GIFs, PNGs, TIFFs, JPEGs and JPGs. Converting PDFs with PDF to Image Converter also lets you view your converted PDFs on a computer that does not have a PDF reader installed, and also lets you escape having to use inconvenient online PDF conversion services. OverPDF PDF to Image Converter


  • Online Accounting Software For Small Business - Send Invoices, capture expenses and know your numbers with our Automatically Generated Reports. Businesses from all industries can start working today. Online Books can fit with any business industry! Just create your invoices, the software will do the rest!  Automatically generated reports: Stock List, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Turnover, Profit and Loss. My Company Invoicing Software



  • Automating Business Processes Into Business Applications - Mykosmos is a ready to run just out of the box software. Also is a business suite for automating business processes into usual Business Applications. The application runs in 3 tier mode, right out of the box. Using this tool the developer can construct software agents that have a role as process coordinators, planners and experts. The agents are written with AutoScript, the scripting tool of mykosmos. Here the agent can assign activities to users and wait to finish. Mykosmos BPM Express



  • Managing Restaurants & Food Suppliers - This is powerful customer based billing software which enables restaurants and food based places to manage their restaurants from anywhere and also run campaigns to attract more customers. It’s GST enabled billing software which analyses your tax amount and files them on a single click. DigiDine Lite


  • Advanced ETL (extract, transform, load) Processor - This powerful software extracts data from any database, transforms, validates it and loads into another database completely automatically. At any time, you can press the "Preview" button and see what the results of an ETL flow would look like. A unique technology called "What You See Is What You Load" saves a lot of time during testing and design of validation and transformation processes. It shows you how the data will be transformed and loaded into the data warehouse or database without actually loading it. Advanced ETL Processor can help you extract data from an Excel file, validate date formats, sort data, deduplicate it and load it into the database, run stored procedure or SQL script, once loading is completed. Unlike Oracle SQL loader, BCP, DTS or SSIS, Advanced ETL Processor can also add new and update old records based on the key defined by user. Advanced ETL Processor works directly with Excel, MS Access, DBF and Text files, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Interbase/Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL or any ODBC compliant database. Advanced ETL Processor Standard - single licence

  • Sage Business Solutions - This leading company, Sage Small Business Solutions is a provider of time-saving software solutions for small and midsized businesses. Reclaim the business day with Sage small business solutions. A world-leading supplier of accounting and business management software for start-up, small, and midsized businesses, Sage helps over 6 million customers run their organizations more effectively by gaining greater insight into their business activities and automating their business processes. Read more.



  • PDF to MS-Word Conversion Tool - Investintech.com Inc. is a Canadian company, incorporated in the year 2000, and is the developer and publisher of powerful PDF creation and extraction software products, including Able2Extract and the Sonic PDF Creator. As a company, we are focused on providing our business and consumer customers with products that are easy to use and that deliver powerful results. All of our products are built by our software development team headquartered in Toronto, Canada. We stand behind our products 100%. We are accountable, conscientious and we pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service in the business. Visit Investintech.com Inc.

Convert PDF  



  • Easy Project - This is a project management tool for anyone who wants to deliver projects on time, scope and budget. It includes features like WBS, Gantt Chart, Resource Management, Agile board and more. Easy Project always comes with professional implementation documentation, training and support. Visit Easy Project.


  • Multimedia Software – This company is an outstanding software developer of multimedia technologies that provides comprehensive solutions for user with advanced software products in order to offer user an extraordinary experience. The software ranges from 2D/3D Blu-ray, DVD, video, PDF and ePub that supports Apple devices, smart phones, tablets and cameras. During these years, Aiseesoft has established one technological package in Blu-ray/DVD Converter, Video Converter, Apple Device Transfer, DVD Creator, Blu-ray/video Player and PDF Converter. Get ACDSee Pro 9 
ACDSee Photo Manager 19



  • How to Turn Prospects into Customers - Infusionsoft is software for small businesses that combines CRM, email marketing, and ecommerce all into one powerful system. But the real magic is in our automatic follow-up engine, because it finally makes it easy for entrepreneurs to effectively follow up with their prospects and customers. When this happen, more prospects become customers….and sales explode. That's why we are the only software company that guarantees to double your sales. Finally...Infusionsoft gives entrepreneurs the all-in-one system they need to grow their business fast.

  • Software for Inventory & Orders for Your Business – This is cloud based software which can handle inventory and order management for your business, among other things. Dealing with inventory operations is complicated. Megaventory provides an intuitive user interface to help you easily track the flow of goods from your suppliers to your clients. Try before you buy: the first 15 days are free! After the 15-day free trial, you may choose to opt-in and choose one of our plans or just stop using megaventory (no questions asked). All plans are inclusive of all megaventory features (technical support included). Click here.

  • How to Present Sales Quotes to Potential Clients - Quote Roller was created to solve a critical business issue – delivering beautiful purpose-driven sales quotes to potential clients. It is no longer 1995 where quotes are text documents faxed to a potential client. The world has evolved, and it is time that proposals are elegant, dynamically driven, and efficiently produced. Create polished, professional proposals in minutes with Quote Roller



  • Learn SPA (Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing) - In SAP, Quality Management (QM) is fully integrated with complementary components including Materials Management (MM), Plant Maintenance (PM), and Production Planning (PP). Quality management (QM) is important to the warehouse, inspecting incoming material as it arrives at the facility and for manufacturing operations, where the quality of in-process items are checked during manufacturing process and finished goods are inspected before they reach the warehouse. Quality Management (QM) is an integral part of the logistics function. The quality planning function allows your quality department to plan inspections for goods receipts from vendors and production, work in process and stock transfers. The quality notification can be used to request action to be taken by the quality department. This may be to review an internal problem, an issue with items from a vendor or a customer complaint. The quality inspection is the physical inspection using specifications defined in quality planning. SAP - SAP Audit

  • Automated Proofreader & Grammar Checker - Grammarly is an automated proofreader and your personal grammar coach. Using this powerful business tool, you can check your writing for grammar, punctuation, style and much more. Grammarly is trusted by 300,000+ students, and has been endorsed by hundreds of universities including Princeton University, University of South Florida, University of Virginia and many others. Instant Spelling And Grammar Checkerc

Free Check for Plagiarism



  • Microsoft Excel Templates, Ultimate Marketing Calculator Excel Templates - Plan the Success of your Business with the Ultimate Marketing Calculator Create marketing plans that are essential to your business’s success with 74 expertly-designed Microsoft Excel templates covering forecasting and budgeting, direct advertising, marketing, pricing, competitive analysis and much more. The Ultimate Marketing Calculator allows you to develop a clear understanding of your customers, internal strengths and competitive environment – your initial computations will evolve into a vision of how your business will compete in the future. Read more.

  • Using PowerPoint for Advertising & Marketing -  We now have available templates, clip art, video backgrounds, animations using PowerPoint, All you need to create stunning PowerPoint presentations. Download PowerPoint templates, animated clipart, presentation graphics, and HD video backgrounds. Experience the future of PowerPoint with our New Animated Templates for PowerPoint. PresenterMedia

Download Unlimited PowerPoint templates

  • Project Management & Document Management Software - This excellent software by Same-Page eStudio, provides software for project management, document management, online calendars and contact management that improves workflow and enhances communication between workgroups and clients and allows you to centrally manage schedules, documents and projects. eStudio is web-based groupware software; perfect for businesses, agencies, and organizations with multiple offices or for companies that have staff that works from home. Read more.



  • Invoice Generator - This business tool provides a simple and effective way to create, manage and track invoices for your customers. The system allows for the storage of customer details, product descriptions and service costs along with exchange rate functionality that enables invoices to be created for international clients. With a few simple steps you can begin creating professional invoices including your company logo using Invoice Generator. Buy Invoice Generator (General Release)


  • Microsoft Excel Tutorial - The Delamere Group now sells an interactive Microsoft Excel tutorial that's used for Excel training at Google, Pepperdine, and more. It's written entirely inside an Excel document, has 150+ exercises, and 41+ topics. It's a first-in-class training tool that's been well received and used by many companies and individuals. Excel Everest

Excel Training Tutorial


  • Send, Receive & Track Large Files - YouSendIt (HighTail) Business Plus is for business professionals and corporations, who need a convenient, secure, and branded solution to send, receive and track files. Business Plus account holders enjoy all the key benefits of the Hightail service, plus access to a fully branded Dropbox, a smart FTP replacement feature, where you can receive files from customers, clients and colleagues. Your Dropbox is a special upload page that displays your branding and logo prominently. Customers also receive files you send them from branded emails and download pages. Hightail Official Site - 14 Day Free Trial!c




  • Powerful Software to Create Marketing Directories - The Delamere Group now uses and recommends this tool in their online and marketing businesses, because eDirectory is the leading search technology software with more features than any other platform. eDirectory can easily be integrated into your current design or system, and provides all the tools you need to take your directory business to the next level, all while maximizing ad revenue throughout the site. Additionally, eDirectory has a team of developers to help customize your site, regardless of budget or scale. Read more.


  • Online Meetings & Webinars - Expand your reach with dynamic webinars. Deliver presentations, manage audience interactions and broadcast live events Collaborate with team members, partners, and clients - no installation required. ClickMeeting Free Trial - No Credit Card Required


  • Stardraw - This company is the multi-award-winning developer of software for the entertainment technology sector. Stardraw Control is the multi award-winning application, designed to create customised programs that can control any device from any manufacturer using any protocol over any communications infrastructure. Read more.


  • The most advanced suite of Development Tools - Add advanced Security and User Management with Remote Access and File Transfer to your applications instantly with User Manager. User Manager is an Enterprise component in an ActiveX DLL offering login validation, user management, authentication, access rights, security auditing features and remote administration. Incorporated as standard is industry level encryption to ensure the highest level of security. Suitable for all high security environments including the Police, Military or Banking installations. Designed to be incorporated into your desktop developments quickly for a complete security and user management solution with Remote Administration and File Transfer. The appeal and functionality of your products will be greatly enhanced using this component and you will save thousands of man-hours of development. Buy User Manager


  • 3D Business Graphics - If you're looking for new ways to make your PowerPoint presentations stand out, Perspector will give you what you want. Perspector lets you add a variety of 3D effects to your slides, from individual shapes to full-blown 3D diagrams. There is a library with images in it that you can use to make an immediate difference to your presentations. If you want to make your bullet lists more interesting, try out one of the 3D lists. Access a comprehensive library of 3D business diagrams that you can tailor for your product or service. Read more.


  • Business Management Software - Business Objects is the world's leading BI software company. Business software such as comprising enterprise resource planning and related applications such as supply chain management, customer relationship management, product life-cycle management, and supplier relationship management. Our software helps organizations gain better insight into their business, improving decision-making and enterprise performance offers a broad portfolio of tools and applications designed to help you optimize business performance by connecting people, information, and businesses across business networks. Click Here



  • Business Communications Software - Access Business Communications software, create business productivity solutions and utilities designed to save the customer time and effort in their work in several different disciplines. Click Here




  • Camtasia Studio by SoftwareCasa - Camtasia Studio is the complete professional solution for recording, editing and sharing high-quality screen video on the Web! With the smartest screen recording tools on the planet, Camtasia Studio makes everything from training videos to PowerPoint presentations to lectures look better, reach more people, and pack more punch. Are you looking for the best-priced software, delivered directly to you with the latest technology over the Internet, with secure transactions? Then you have come to the right place! We have thousands of Software products available instantly through ESD (Electronic Software Delivery). When you shop at SoftwareCasa you download what you have purchased the same day. No waiting for delivery, and no delivery costs. Electronically delivered software also means lower prices, because you don't have to pay for the box! We also have a wide selection of free software and demo software available. Visit Multimedia


  • Improve Your English Writing - WhiteSmoke is unique software, providing the first context-related all-in-one solution for improved English writing. WhiteSmoke was chosen by "Business 2.0" as one of the new promising inventions of 2006. This revolutionary writing tool instantly analyzes complete text and provides context-based recommendations to replace words with synonyms, adds adjectives and adverbs, checks spelling, and verifies proper grammar use. Advanced Writing Solution for Professional Results Limited Time Offer! Get Now!


  • Business & Marketing Plans - Business Plan Pro software will lead you through every step of creating your business plan. The plan may be about the final document for your banker or investor, but for you it is about the process of gathering your ideas and developing and growing your business. Business Plan Pro creates a great looking document for your banker, while helping you to better understand and grow your business. See also our Marketing Plan Pro. This software is one of the best ways to prepare and create a marketing plan that will improve profitability, awareness and long-term stability of your business. The package includes over 70 sample marketing plans and covers all types of businesses and is highly recommended. Both software packages are suitable for all international businesses and most countries of the world. Read more


  • Proposal Kit Professional - This is a contract and proposal solution for virtually any business and includes over 2500 pages of proposal and contract content. An all-inclusive bundle including ALL of our proposal, contract, estimate, sample and project planning content and four of our most popular proposal design skins. This software is useful for most industries and services in the preparation of contracts and business proposals. Read more.


  • Business Startup & Planning Software System - The VPSpro is an award winning step-by-step business startup and planning software system, which guides entrepreneurs confidentially through the research of their project on-line and helps them analyze the feasibility of their business idea or expansion. The software produces a comprehensive set of three-year financial projections and then you go on to auto-generate a full set of notes to the projections. The planners can also complete full business plan narrative by using the VPSpro Narrative Writer. Create a Business Plan! A fast effective way to create a professional business plan www.vpspro.com (Venture Planning System Professional)


  • Marketing Your Business Online - WOWzzy.com is a website that brings together a fully interactive user interface with a sales and marketing tool box that has 24 hr administrator access for only $120 per year with no hidden fees and includes full customer and tech support. We provide our members all of the tools necessary to create a professional web based landing page for their business, with photos and video, e-coupons, newsletter template gallery, e-blast tracking, search engine and business directory submittal, target keywords, targeted marketing cities and a contact manager database so users can send Spam Free marketing pieces directly to their customers. Our Internet marketing and advertising tools can help building your business.


  • Unique Metric Conversion Calculator - This new calculator is designed for incredible ease of use, and it is highly recommended with construction, architects, import/export, mechanics, and travelers - anyone that needs to routinely make metric conversions. It has over 350 conversions, decimal/fraction, and a full-featured handheld calculator and converts length, area, weight, pressure, temperature, volume, and cubic. 1-Step Metric - World's Easiest Metric Conversion Calculator


  • Data Import & Export Wizard - Stop struggling to make your data fit. Use the Nextbits Data Import & Export Wizard to transfer data between text(txt), csv, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, MS SQL, My SQL, and Oracle files in just a few simple steps. Use the easy-to-use wizard to map import and export fields. Finally, you can easily import and export files regardless of the data structure! Just choose which field goes where - now that was easy! Available in both desktop and web-based versions. Read more.


  • Video Creation & Distribution Software - This is an award-winning, high-quality video creation and distribution software for consumers and business alike. Pinnacle Systems (part of the Avid group) the maker of Studio family of software, the #1 selling consumer video editing solution in the United States for 3 years running. The Company supports consumers with camcorders and PC's who are looking to capture, enhance and share their videos. Pinnacle is also the maker of Liquid Edition, a more advanced video editing software solution targeted toward serious hobbyists and professionals. Click Here

  • Network manager and analyzer software - Capsa is a powerful but easy to use network monitor and analyzer designed for packet decoding and network diagnosing. With the abilities of real time monitoring and data analyzing, you can capture and decode network traffic transmitted over local host and local network. In addition to Packet Analysis Module, Capsa also has three advanced analysis modules: Email Analysis Module, Web Analysis Module and Transaction Analysis Module, which enable you to easily analyze and view detailed information of network activities. For more details and a trial download, click here.


  • WebSite-Watcher Business - WebSite-Watcher software allows you to monitor your favorite or selected websites for updates and changes with a minimum of time and online costs. Now you can monitor your competition without having to lift a finger! When changes in a website are detected, WebSite-Watcher saves the last two versions to your hard disk and highlights all changes in the text. This powerful tool is great for market research. Read more.


  • Small Business Accounting Software by QuickBooks - This leading bookkeeping and accounting software can be used from a CD or Online, you simply choose your preferred method for handling your small business accounts, ledgers and payment, plus the software handles much more. You can use Quicken, QuickBooks or TurboTax. Save up to 36% Off Quicken 2007 Products + Free Shipping


  • Learn How to Use QuickBooks - This important skill of keeping financial records for your small business cannot be emphasized strongly enough. We have seen too many disasters because business owners failed to keep accurate financial records. We encourage all of our clients to undertake a short training course of 5 modules using "QuickBooks", and learn how to handle basic accounts receivable, invoicing and cash receipts, creating statements, and assessing financial charges, plus many more important features. Go to our "Online Course" page click here and select category, "Quick Books Fast Track Courses." (Ref.MTC 510-A(SD) For more details click here


  • Software to Manage your Sales & Customers - InstantSalesTracker is a reliable and feature-packed database designed to help your business easily manage customers, suppliers, inventory and accounts. Streamline your business processes with this flexible and powerful database system. Download and try InstantSalesTracker free of charge as long as you want. There's no obligation. The only limitation is the number of records you can save. To unlock your license, simply purchase a "License Activation Key".


  • Business & CRM Software - Manage contacts and activities, track sales and opportunities, write invoices. Send personal letters and emails to contact groups. Analyze the data with stat module to see different reports and graphs about trends, profitable customer groups and activities. Knowing your customer needs and wishes is a key to successful business. Be successful and get TK8 Business CRM! Buy TK8 Business CRM


  • Computer & Computer Devices Icon Set - The Delamere Group is proud to offer this new icon selection site for web site designers or marketing services, which is a collection of high quality icons representing various computer devices and hardware items. It includes computers, computer hardware, external computer devices, mobile computers and devices, hardware symbols. Buy Icons-Land Vista Style Devices Icon Set


  • Tele-Prompt Software - So if you are serious about delivering really professional style presentations, with this teleprompter software, you can say good bye to all those old fashioned "cue cards" and turn your laptop or personal computer into a truly professional style teleprompter or autocue! Tele-Prompt will run on any Windows based computer capable of running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 installed, or both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Vista. Apple Macintosh users can run the software by installing Parallels Desktop 4 for Mac. This allows the Windows XP operating system to be run on modern Intel chip based computers without re-booting. This system works well; indeed Tele-Prompt has been developed on a Mac in this way! With Tele-Prompt you will be "word perfect" every time! Click here.


  • Marketing Templates for Small Business - With over 20 million small businesses in the U.S. alone, our products help small businesses look more professional. Our expertly designed email marketing templates and hundreds of document template designs make us the #1 provider of add-on products for Microsoft Office. Welcome to TemplateZone! Click Here


  • Indian languages Online Word Processor - FTK's LooKeys Online is a revolutionary, user-friendly, cost-efficient, Indian languages Online Word Processor. LooKeys Online service was designed to serve the unique requirements of Indian languages speakers. To utilize data entry, LooKeys Online provides a revolutionary virtual keyboard, displaying 3,000 (!) different letters and combinations of Indian languages. The dynamic virtual keyboard layout reacts to recent choices, and provides the fastest and easiest Indian languages data entry tool. LooKeys Online Word Editor provides the ultimate alternative to common word processors. Click here


  • More Powerful Tools Using Microsoft Excel - This new downloadable manual will show you the secrets revealed in a new ebook that can double, triple or even quadruple your productivity for things you use Microsoft Excel every day. Click Here!


  • Excel Assistant - This software is an Excel Com add-in, it will be shown as menu in Excel Worksheet menu bar. Excel Assistant adds a lot of useful features and functions to Excel and it lets you quickly perform some very complex operations. Read more.


  • Powerful Software for Use with Excel - This software Change-Pro allows you to compare complex excel spread sheets and see differences in values and formulas. Buy Change-Pro for Excel


  • Training Management Software - The most intuitive and easy to use Computerized Training Management Software (Employee Training Tracking Administration Software) on the Market! Deliver the most effective worker education experience possible. Buy Allena - Computerized Training Management System


  • Catalog Maker Software - Whether you are a exporter, show room, sales team, a distributor, or wholesaler, you can enhance the sales lead generation and conversion thereof, through all your sales channels with the Do-It-Yourself Catalog Maker Software Vevo! CatalogMaker. If your business requires to frequently providing the product details (incl. graphics) of your merchandise to your dealer, distributor, customer or prospect; then also this Sales Enhancement Software, can be of immense use to save resources and convert your sales opportunities to revenue. Vevo! CatalogMaker (catalog maker, printed catalog creator, digital catalog and digital marketing Software) is an ideal tool for an enterprise to - manage catalog products contents, build interactive & distributable presentations. Buy Vevo! CatalogMaker


  • Products to help small businesses look more professional - These software tools integrate HTML, photo editing, document creation and more to provide a valued resource to any business that wants to look more professional. With our expertly designed email marketing templates and hundreds of document template designs, we are the #1 provider of add-on products for Microsoft Office. For example, Office Policy Manual, create an employee handbook you can trust, Office Ready Business Plans, fast, reliable professional business plans and you can publish to PDF, plus more. Read more.


  • Video Editing Software - Pinnacle Systems the maker of Studio family of software, the #1 selling consumer video editing solution in the United States for 3 years running*. The Company supplies consumers with camcorders and PC's who are looking to capture, enhance and share their videos. Pinnacle is also the maker of Liquid Edition, a more advanced video editing software solution targeted toward serious hobbyists and professionals. Bundle and save 60% with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection


  • Powerful & Intelligent Internet Monitoring and Surveillance Software - Orvell Monitoring is one of the world's best selling product for recording every detail of PC and Internet activity in your home, office or school. Orvell Monitoring contains five recording tools that are combined into one powerful application that features: Web Site recording, Keystroke recording (keylogger), VCR-like snapshot recording for visual surveillance, Application recording and Fileactivity recording. All five tools record simultaneously, secretly saving the data to a hidden location on the PC. Many Flexible Recording Options allows to setup everything like record by user name (when you do not want to record your own activities), a scheduler (for recording to specifed times), Keyword Detection Features with Instant Email Notification Upon Detection of Keyword/Phrase, many Security features include: Stealth Mode, Hotkey Access and Password Protection, Extensive Online Help and much more! To request a trial download, click here.



  • Hard disk space manager for Windows - TreeSize Professional is a powerful and flexible harddisk space manager for Windows 95/98/NT. Find out which folders are the largest on your drives and recover Megabytes on it. Treesize Professional shows you the size, allocated and wasted space, the number of files, 3D bar charts and pie charts, the last access date and much more information for several folders or drives you choose. It also searches for old, big and temporary files on your hard disks. The application has an intuitive Explorer-like user interface and it is fast and multithreaded. You can print detailed reports or export the collected Data to Excel or a text file. TreeSize Pro can be started from the context menu of every folder or drive. and multithreaded. You can print detailed reports or export the collected Data to Excel or an ASCII file. TreeSize Pro is in the context menu of every folder or drive. Try our trial download to see the power of this utility.


  • Microsoft Excel Business Tools - These business tools provide purpose built Excel templates for financial analysis and business decision making and are proving to be a great tool for the clients of the Delamere Group and their business and investment projects. Request a free trial.


  • Small Business Publisher - This is an easy-to-use software package designed to meet your business printing needs! Small Business Publisher, a feature rich professional quality business printing software to print address labels, letterheads, flyers, postcards, envelopes, CD labels, etc. It comes with many design templates and supports all standard papers. Buy Small Business Publisher

  • Mental Training Software - The Delamere Group now offers state-of-the-art mental training software of the highest quality. By working with recognized leaders in their fields, we insure the finest content for our products. This material is ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners to motivate themselves and their staff. Read more.


  • Convert PDF to Word or Excel - The Delamere Group are now promoting the developer and publisher of powerful PDF creation and extraction software products, including Able2Extract and the Sonic PDF Creator. Our flagship PDF converter allows you to Convert PDF to Excel. Convert PDF to Word. Convert PDF to HTML, Text and more. Try before you buy. We want you to know what you are getting. As such, evaluation versions of our products are available to be tried free of charge before purchase. Click here to request FREE trial.

  • Showbiz Software - This is Media Services' discount retailer of the top production and accounting software in the industry. From prep to post-production, ShowbizSoftware.com has incredible prices on screenwriting, scheduling, budgeting, and all your software needs. Our offices are located on both coasts, Los Angeles and New York. This allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of hot industry developments and payroll savings that will benefit your production. Request our FREE download to see the value of using this software.


  • Financial Modeling Software - The Controller Series comprises a set of financial modeling software tools that leverage the power of Microsoft Excel, allowing you to capitalise on your existing knowledge and investment in spreadsheets. They are designed to help managers make faster and smarter decisions in the critical areas of business intelligence and financial planning. These simple to use tools with their intuitive Excel interface, enable managers to quickly create business plans, budgets, strategic plans, management reports, sales forecasts and credit reports. Read more about The Controller Series.


  • A Powerful Programme "Multilingual Dictionary of Business & Finance" - This dictionary contains an extensive vocabulary, covering a wide range of topics relating to business - from office practice to stock market and accounting terminology in four principle languages - English, German, French, and Russian. For home, school and office. Quick and easy to use .pdf & .lit formats. Authoritative, up-to-date definitions, with extensive cross-referencing and totally modern vocabulary. Powerful browse & search capabilities. From international to personal business and finance. Buy Business & Finance Multilingual Dictionary


  • Software to help you write professional letters - WriteExpress letter-writing software helps you write the perfect letter in seconds. Choose from thousands of professional, pre-written letters. Your qualified visitors will learn letter-writing skills from experts as they reuse our pre-written business, sales, and personal letters for any occasion in over 500 categories. Our most popular program, 3001 Business & Sales Letters has sold over 60,000 copies around the world! These include Office Templates, Novel-Writing, Royalty Free Images, Productivity, Legal, Grammar, Dictionary, Vocabulary, Language, Resume, and eBooks. WriteExpress has been creating award-winning software for the last 8 years.


  • Human resource management software - TK8 Personnel HRM is easy-to-use human resource management software. You can keep all the employee information in one place, organized and available when you need it. TK8 Personnel can also help you on leave and shift scheduling, evaluation management, reporting and more. It is a tool every human resource manager should have! Can keep up to 25 employee records. For more details see TK8 Personnel HRM - up to 25 employees

  • The Project Management Kit - This excellent project management tool comprises the entire suite of templates used to initiate, plan, execute and close projects successfully. More than 50 Word and Excel documents comprising over 300 pages of helpful hints, real-life examples, charts and tables are included. Our Project Management Guide Book is currently free to clients and visitors to our web site. Project Management Templates and Tools Templates for Project Managers including plans, processes, forms and free tools.


  • Software to Research Your Niche Markets - Imagine knowing exactly which of your knowledge, skills and ideas would find the largest demand and bring you lots of money... No more guesswork, no more learning from your own mistakes, no more waste of time and money. Nice picture, isn't it? It is now possible with our NicheFinder software. This unique marketing tool will give you a lot of valuable information about the demand for specific products or services in your field and other exciting information and business ideas. For more information click here



  • Statistical add-on for Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets - This new software StatistiXL is a powerful new data analysis package that runs as an add-in to Windows™ versions of Microsoft's sophisticated Excel™ spreadsheet program. StatistiXL has been entirely designed and written by scientists in order to meet the demanding needs of anyone requiring access to a robust, versatile statistical analysis package that is quick to learn and easy to use. You no longer need to spend hours with manuals just learning how to perform the analyses you need in order to get to the really important bit … the results. With its wealth of features, Excel™ provides an ideal environment for data input, manipulation and calculation. By leveraging this familiar environment, StatistiXL greatly extends this feature set to encompass high-powered statistical analysis without the need to learn how to use an entirely new application from scratch. Data stored in existing Excel™ spreadsheets can instantly be subjected to a wide range of statistical tests, many frequently not seen in other analysis software. For more details and to request a free trial, visit StatistiXL - 1 Year License


  • Learn How to Use QuickBooks - This important skill of keeping financial records for your small business cannot be emphasized strongly enough. We have seen too many disasters because business owners failed to keep accurate financial records. We encourage all of our clients to undertake a short training course of 5 modules using "QuickBooks", and learn how to handle basic accounts receivable, invoicing and cash receipts, creating statements, and assessing financial charges, plus many more important features. Go to our "Online Course" page click here and select category, "Quick Books Fast Track Courses." (Ref.MTC 510-A(SD) For more details click here


  • Data Recovery & Computer Forensic Software - You can save time and money with the Media Tools Professional, do-it-yourself approach, designed to recover:

    * Mechanically failing drives
    * Corrupt or missing file systems
    * Accidental format or file deletion
    * Viruses and worms
    * Deleted files
    * Partition or boot problems
    * FDISK or formatted drives
    * Software crashes

    For more details of this great software, click here


  • "Say the Time" Customized Add-On for Windows© - This software is a very useful and practical add-on for Windows, which announces the time and date at selected intervals using a male or female voice. You can also customize your task bars clock and set multiple reminders, and also synchronize you computers clock with an atomic clock server. This is a great tool to assist you to be more efficient. "Say the Time" is an attractive timepiece for Windows. It lets you: hear the time, set alarms, style your taskbar clock, sync your PC time, and more! Buy Say the Time 6.0


  • Project Management Software - Wrike Corporation is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, and is the leading provider of on-demand project management software for small and midsize companies. Wrike is operated by a strong team of dedicated professionals who deliver passionate support™, application engineering and design, marketing and sales. Wrike does a lot of routine work for you. It reminds your employees about overdue tasks, composes individual schedules for them. Neat Gantt Charts are automatically built from your emails by Wrike's Intelligent Email Engine™. When it comes to planning and managing, Wrike's Flexible Structures™ is the best solution. They enable you to apply several work-breakdown structures to the same project and easily merge different views into a bigger picture. Read more.

  • Writing your own book or manual - Designing your book is one of the most difficult things to do when you self publish. Hiring an interior book designer can be expensive, especially if you are on a budget. Save yourself the time, hassle and money by using our affordable Book Design Wizard to easily create your book in Microsoft Word. The Self-Pub.net Book Design Wizard is a tool to create your book layout using a Microsoft Word template. Click here.


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