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Business & Employment




  • Canadian Stock Brokers - The financial portfolio of an active trader is very different from that of a long-term investor, and both have a home at Questrade. Questrade was founded in 1999 with a clear mission: help Canadians achieve financial independence by providing them with the best investment products, trading technology, and client services. Read more





  • Trade Magazines. Free subscriptions are now available to professionals - No hidden or trial offers, and no purchase necessary. Publications are absolutely free to professionals who qualify. The Delamere Group has arranged an ongoing contract for our clients and site visitors (See News Release) to receive these free subscriptions to qualified individuals and companies. Browse through our extensive list of trade publications by industry, title, or geographic eligibility to find the titles that best match your skills and interests. Simply complete the application form and submit it. Many are available for international delivery. For more details on the over 300 magazines currently offered on a free subscription basis click here


  • For more information, background and history of Canada click here

  • Legal Documents for Canadian Business & Personal Use - Our Company provides the best collection of Canadian legal documents, legal forms, legal agreements, and legal contracts in plain English on the Internet. We also now offer our services in Canada, India,  Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa. Read more.






  • Business & Marketing Plans - Business Plan Pro software will lead you through every step of creating your business plan. The plan may be about the final document for your banker or investor, but for you it is about the process of gathering your ideas and developing and growing your business. Business Plan Pro creates a great looking document for your banker, while helping you to better understand and grow your business. See also our Marketing Plan Pro. This software is one of the best ways to prepare and create a marketing plan that will improve profitability, awareness and long-term stability of your business. The package includes over 70 sample marketing plans and covers all types of businesses and is highly recommended. Both software packages are suitable for all international businesses and most countries of the world. Read more




  • Life in Vancouver (Spanish Page "Vida en Vancouver") - Finalmente llegó la guía más completa que te da todas las respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes que todos nos hacemos sobre la vida en Vancouver. lea más.


  • Steps and instructions on how to immigrate to Canada - Did you know that since September 18, 2003 it has been easier to immigrate to Canada? On September 18, 2003 The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced that the pass mark for those applying to immigrate to Canada as skilled workers, would change from 75 to 67 points. Since then, it has been easier to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residence under the Skilled Worker scheme. For more detail read this great book, IMMIGRATION CANADA



  • Small Business Online Store - For all your supplies for office furniture, office equipment, computer hardware & software, printing and stationery, mobile phones including telematics. International delivery is arranged by most of our suppliers. Visit the site of Delamere Small Business Online Store


  • When it comes to promoting your business and marketing in Canada using the various channels of communications and media currently available, you basically have two choices.
    • Use your own staff and existing personnel and undertake your marketing campaign "in-house" and employ the various resources and facilities listed on our Marketing pages, which have all been tried and tested and are confidently recommended by our firm. Click here
    • Or you can use the services of a reputable and successful marketing firm such as Delamere-Pennine Associates. The choice is yours, but in today's competitive market you cannot ignore the need for a positive and aggressive marketing policy if you want your business to succeed and grow. Visit the site of Delamere Marketing








  • Canadians & Mexicans who wish to work in the USA - Delamere Immigration Services are now highlighting the TN Visa. This work visa for the USA was created by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) who created a TN classification (TN1 Visa) for eligible Canadian and Mexican professionals to work in the U.S.A. This visa is valid for up to one year at a time with an unlimited number of renewals. Application Kit helps Canadians obtain a visa to work in the U.S.A. 70,000 Canadians apply every year and most are looking for a Do it Yourself Kit like ours. Click here to contact us.







  • For books, e-books, guides, contacts and reliable sources for employment, either as a job seeker or employer/recruiter, we suggest that you visit our Employment Pages


  • Web site designing and development services for international online trading. We offer services to small business and individuals who want a web presence for their small business or private use. Our fees and prices are very reasonable and we offer free advice on the best way to set out your web presence. Contact us at Virtuosity Design


  • Buying Gold & Silver Bullion - The Delamere Group now promotes the easiest and most convenient ways to buy and accumulate pure gold and silver bullion coins, rounds, wafers and bars. Buy Canadian Maple Leafs Official Dealer of Gold/Silver Coin Fast S&H - Easy Pay for Bullion SilverGoldBull.com



  • Strategic Immigration Services, will assist genuine enquiries regarding immigration. We have found the easiest and the most cost effective way is to obtain the excellent eBook called "My Immigration Consultant for Canada". This Guide explains the tricks and dangers when meeting the points evalution and through information, guidance and advice provided will protect and promote your interests, to make sure you are effectively considered as a prospective immigrant to Canada. Our partner is currently offering a 60% discount on the price of this "Guide." Click Here


  • Investing in Gold - The mining sector is one of the fastest moving in the market, offering potential for huge profits in a short space of time. A NEW book by Michael Coulson, Chairman of the Association of Mining Analysts, tells you how the markets work, the pitfalls to avoid, how profits are made, and how you can get exposure to this exciting sector without taking undue risk. We expect this to be one of the fastest selling books of 2004. Reserve your copy now! An Insider's Guide to the Mining Sector: An in-depth study of gold and mining shares




Real Estate


  • If you are a shrewd investor in real estate and property in Canada, we strongly recommend that you visit our web page on Property Investments and the ideas that have been used by our client's that have produced millions for them.
  • Calgary Real Estate - Informational resource on the current Calgary Real Estate Market. Visit this site.


  • Locations & Places in Canada - A useful site to investigate the various places to live or visit in Canada. Visit this site.





  • Buying & Selling Property and Real Estate in Canada- Property, in our experience, has been one of the most lucrative investments available. We have the personal experiences of clients in our files, who have bought property in California, and made 300 percent profit in 2 years. Another of our clients bought an old wooden bungalow on 3rd Beach at Clifton, Cape Town, for R600,000 and sold it 2 years later for R1,5 million. This is why we always encourage our clients to have at least one third of their investment portfolio in real estate, for income or capital growth. Although based in the US market, the principles and ideas work in most other countries too Real Estate Investing in Canada: Creating Wealth with the ACRE System


  • How to Buy Foreclosure Homes in Canada - Usually, a realtor will not give you the full contact information of the listing realtor of a foreclosure (or any home listing, for that matter). Realtor's make their commissions from you by being your "buyer's agent", and will try to control the buying process as much as possible in order to make their commission. Luckily, that's where we come in! We make NO commissions. Instead, we give you full contact info of the property's LISTING realtor. Since this agent is now making BOTH the buyer's and seller's commission, with some smart negotiating, you can often pursue him/her give you a discount on their commission, saving you thousands more on your already bargain-priced home! Read more.




  • Property Forecast for 2015 for Canada - Read this excerpt, taken from "The Economy" section of the Elliott Wave Financial Forecast that explains our current view of the real estate market. The recently published January edition of the Elliott Wave Financial Forecast puts the events of 2014 into context and looks ahead to market action in the coming year. You must join the service, which is free, to receive this report. Click here






  • Don't forget to visit our international site Delamere Travel, click here


  • Budget Air Canada - We have designed Budgetair.ca to be the one stop online travel agency for all of your travel needs. Our philosophy is to embrace the latest online travel technology and to cultivate special relationships with airlines and suppliers offering unique deals on discounted airfares, hotel rooms and car rentals. BudgetAir.ca – The Easy Way to Takeoff!


  • For travel books on Canada (plus all other countries) that cover the geography, people, culture, government, economy, communications, and transportation, military and transnational issues, Visit this site.


  • Locations & Places in Canada - A useful site to investigate the various places to live or visit in Canada. Visit this site.



  • Travelpack Agency - Travelpack is a well-established travel business with offices in the UK, Canada and India and an annual turnover of over £70million. Travelpack has a strong presence and offers some of the most competitive airfares in the UK and Canadian online travel markets. Travelpack is one of the most successful online travel agencies in the UK. Travelpack Lowest Prices







  • Life in Vancouver (Spanish Page "Vida en Vancouver") - Finalmente llegó la guía más completa que te da todas las respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes que todos nos hacemos sobre la vida en Vancouver. lea más.
  • For the latest Immigration Information to enter the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, plus other major countries, for tourism, study or business, and you require a visa, passport or customs regulations, visit Delamere Immigration Services

  • South African Expats in Canada - The Delamere Group have recently launched a new website which specifically relates to the need for information and guidance for South Africans living overseas. Visit the website of South African Expats.com






  • Education Opportunities in Commonwealth Countries -The British Council connects people worldwide with learning opportunities and creative ideas from the UK and builds lasting relationships between the UK and other countries. If you wish to study or teach in any of the Commonwealth countries, contact us,






  • CBC Digital Archives: On This Day - The Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) celebrates and documents all aspects of Canadian life and its online resources are most useful and entertaining. This corner of its Digital Archives site, On This Day, is definitely worth a close look. From here, visitors can scan 366 days of key moments in Canadian history. Each day has a particularly unique event, complete with a short video clip, a Did You Know? bonus feature, credits, and a citation. If so desired, visitors can search all of the features via the "All Clips From This Topic" tab. December is a particularly rich month as it includes investigations into the ban on happy hours in Ontario and the canonization of the first Canadian-born saint. Visit this site.

    From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2013



  • How to Obtain a Legally Recognized Degree Based on Your Life/Work Experience or Prior Study - There are times in life, when because of circumstances you are overlooked for employment or promotion opportunities, yet you have the experience of life or skills, but are just lacking that 'piece of paper.' We have on occasions recommended to our clients, using this entirely legal and accredited way of obtaining an "Instant Degree" from a recognized institute operating a legally recognized tertiary education. Many are now holding senior positions in government and private companies. Read more, especially the FAQ on Instantdegrees.com




  • For books on Canada (plus all other countries) that cover the geography, people, culture, government, economy, communications, and transportation, military and transnational issues, Visit this site.


  • The Delamere Group is a sponsor of "Save the Children" fund, plus "Children International". Sponsor a child today you can make a difference! Click here. Both groups are working around the world to create positive, lasting changes in the lives of disadvantaged children and families. Why not support this worthy cause Help change the world: Sponsor a child and 'help to make a difference'.


  • Canadian Source for Books - Chapters.Indigo.ca is the leading Canadian destination for online shoppers seeking books, videos and DVDs. Committed to providing a convenient and hassle-free e-commerce experience, chapters.indigo.ca offers a secure shopping environment, easy-to-use search tools and industry leading customer service. Updated with new bestselling books, music, DVDs and gift products every day, Chapters.Indigo.ca is Canada's greatest online shopping destination. Shop for Books in Canada!




  • Don't forget to visit our international site Delamere Education, click here


General & Shopping




  • Enjoy shopping for health and beauty products, which include skin care, body care, make-up, hair care, wigs, perfumes, fragrances, nails, bath & body, weight loss programs, and more. Visit our web site at Professional Beauty Products













  • Shopping for antiques, collectibles and replicas - Whether it's decorating, collecting or simply enjoying the charm of yesteryear or by gone treasures, Vintage Shopper features only the highest quality antiques, collectibles and replicas. These are some of the best prices we have found on the Internet. Unique Gifts, Vintage Collectibles and Home Decor!



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