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Didn't get the Internet domain name you really wanted? Now you have a chance at a happy ending, or to be more specific, seven happy endings.

For the first time in 10 years, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has approved seven new top-level domains (TDLs) for the Internet. These new TLDs give businesses and individuals another shot at creating the perfect domain name. Suppose a company wants to register the name "business.com" for instance, but someone else already owns the name. The company may still be able to use the "business " portion of the name by attaching one of the newly created TLDs to the name, such as "business.info", or "business.biz"

Here's a quick rundown of the newly created ICANN top-level domains.

.info - for use by any entity

.biz - for use by businesses

.aero - for use by the air transit industry

.coop - for use by cooperatives that belong to a membership association

.museum - for use by ..what else..museums

.name - for registration by individuals

.pro - for use by accountants, lawyers and physicians

.click - for use by any entity

.vip - for use by any entity

"We are not running out of .com or .org names, but some people think that we need more name choices within the TLDs," say Stuart Lynn, president of ICAAN. "We're responding to demand from some segments of the community."

So far, only the .info and .biz TLDs are available through the 81 active ICANN-accredited registrars that record domain names. (Another 68 registrars are accredited but not functioning.) The remaining TLDs are awaiting final signature approval from ICAAN.

In response to questions about why ICAAN has moved rather cautiously in creating the new TLDs, Stuart says, "It's because we're in it for long-term stability and the public good. There's some uncertainty about how the new TLDs will impact the Internet. We're taking prudent steps to reduce the probability of creating instabilities on the WEB".

The new TLDs will be used in addition to the following already in use.

.com - originally for use by commercial companies, but now unrestricted

.edu - originally for use by U.S. educational institutions, now used by four-year universities only. Planning is underway, however, that may allow for the inclusion of community colleges as well

.gov - for exclusive use by government agencies

.mil - used by U.S. military agencies

.net - originally for use by Internet service providers (ISPs) now for unrestricted use

.org - once reserved for use by not-for-profit organizations, now unrestricted

.int - used by international treaty organizations

Visit ICAAN website for more information. Other extensions are now available, such as .shop, .law, .agent, .inc, .family, .arts, .med, .MP3, .club, .travel, .tech, .school, all of which are self explanitory.


Latest News & Development of Domain extensions:

We recently (2014) saw the launch of the first .uk web domains, with Stephen Fry leading the charge marking another milestone in what has been hailed as the biggest change to the internet since the advent of the World Wide Web. But why do we need new domain names, and what will they mean for the future of the internet?  From a practical point of view, new domain names create more space on the web. Before this whole process began, there were only 22 so-called generic top-level domains (gTLDs), including well-known ones such as .com, .net and .org. To read the full report, go to our NEWS DESK link.

Read also the report from ICANN regarding the new gTLDs available, click here.


Note: This material kindly supplied by Utah Business Magazine

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