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  • Search Engine Optimization Book - This is a SEO blog which provides daily search engine / search engine marketing news. SEO Book keeps up with the latest trends in search engine algorithm changes and is a leading SEO blog. It offers marketing tips, search analysis, and more. Click here.


  • Web Traffic Marketing - Millions of people waiting to hear from you and your business. Sound too good to be true? Well it's not. WebTrafficMarketing.com offers instant daily access to one of the largest legitimate bulk email databases available to online marketers today, and all of our recipients have double-opted in to receive marketing messages at one of our many partner sites. We've never had a single person accuse us of SPAM (because it's not!). We've done all the work for you. Just log into our easy-to-use web-based application, enter your offer and hit send. Your message instantly goes out to nearly 3 million people through our bulk email server. Read more.



  • Creative Website Design - Over 80% of customers find businesses online today. Your website is a customer’s first impression so make sure it’s a wonderful experience. We will create an eye-catching design and fluid user experience that helps you create a great customer experience and generate sales. Our team of designers and strategists are always exploring new web technologies and can bring you the right approach for your business. Need a web design for your small business or startup?



  • How to Grow Your Business With Email marketing – The Delamere Group is proud to sponsor this online guide on how to get started with email marketing. You will learn how to cultivate good relationships with your customers, and acquire more contacts to expand and grow your business.  To read this online guide (PDF), click here.



  • Secure & Encrypted Mail - CTemplar mail was created to provide an anonymous and end-to-end encrypted mail to anyone who needs their communications shielded from prying eyes. We at CTemplar recognize the value in cryptography and cryptocurrency, hence the name “CTemplar” or “Crypto Templar.” We provide an anonymous and end-to-end encrypted email. No one except you and the person you send the email to can read the contents of your emails, including us. We are among the most secure email services in the world. The worlds most SECURE Email Available now!



  • Smart Store Manager - This powerful software helps you take care of your online business in less time by managing all your sites in one powerful dashboard, allowing you to completely focus on growing your business. Smart Store Manager



  • Shipping Software - Shippo is the best shipping software for growing e-commerce brands that need to save time and money, fulfill and ship at scale, and delight your customers. E-commerce businesses struggle to operate efficiently with opaque and outdated shipping processes, which are at odds with consumer expectations of speed and ease. We build technology that shakes shipping of its complexities and connects businesses to the best delivery options. Shippo: The Best Multi-carrier Shipping Software for E-commerce! Visit GoShippo.com.



  • Hosting by UK2.NET – Our service is one of the preeminent web hosting companies in the United Kingdom. As such, we offer cutting-edge web hosting services to individuals and small-to-midsize business owners. Based in the heart of start-up territory in Shoreditch, London, UK2.net is Britain’s local web hosting company. But we’re also part of the UK2 Group, which has hosting brands in America, so we’ve got international clout, too. UK2.net - Hosting, Domain & Email Services

Massive 1/3 off Web Hosting at UK2.net



  • Verizon High Speed Internet (FIOS) - This service is the best value in broadband from the nation’s most reliable network. There are speed packages available to match any lifestyle from up to1Mbps, 3Mbps, and 7.1Mbps (available in certain locations). According to a PC Magazine.com Reader’s Survey in July, 2008, Verizon High Speed Internet beat the average cable provider in reliability and cost/fees. From the blazing speed and crystal clarity of the 100% fiber optic Fios® network to the proven reliability of our standard services, Verizon provides TV, Internet and phone products that will exceed your expectations today– and keep you connected down the road. Verizon.com Deals

Verizon Fios



  • Backlink Analysis Tool - Linkultra is a backlink analysis tool for getting detailed understanding of any sites backlinks. It has a whole array of features to give you a understanding of your backlink profile, plus your clients or even your competitors.  Dnderstanding your backlink structure and what is working is key to your success. Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. When a webpage links to any other page, it's called a backlink. Linkultra - Starter – Monthly Subscription



  • How to Check Your Keyword Ranking - CuteRank is a smart rank checker tool for webmasters, Internet marketers, SEO professionals, to "check" and "track" their keyword ranking performance on multiple search engines including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, and AOL. Read more.



  • WordPress Hosting Service - We’re a new breed of Technology Company and we are at the intersection of software innovation and service. Our platform provides brands the solutions they need to create remarkable sites and apps on WordPress that drive their business forward even faster than imagined. How Site Speed Affects Your Business

WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting



  • How to Build an Online Business - SiteSell Inc., a privately held Canadian-based company with a world-wide reputation on the Net, has achieved rapid growth due to its dedicated focus on helping small business owners and solo entrepreneurs build successful online businesses. Recognizing how small business owners have traditionally been underserved and nickel-and-dimed in their quest for a Web presence, SiteSell seized the opportunity to create affordable, easy to use business solutions that would level the playing field. SiteSell's flagship product, is a comprehensive, integrated, business-building system. In addition to best-of-the-Web functionality for keyword brainstorming/research and viral traffic building, SBI value-bundles over 85 site building, hosting, and marketing tools. SBI! - The only all-in-1 step-by-step system of process-and-software that delivers thriving web businesses.

All the tools you need to succeed



  • Proxy Network Services - Luminati is the largest proxy network with over 25 million residential IPs. Luminati has connected 10s of millions of devices through a P2P network. We incentivize users to connect to this network in return for about 30 seconds of their idle device per day - less than a video add would have required. We are building the world’s largest virtual cloud services provider, to provide computing, storage and routing services to businesses. In 2014 we started our virtual routing services. Thousands of corporations are now using Luminati’s residential proxy network: huge online retailers – for collecting comparative pricing information, top websites – for testing their web sites from any city in the world, the largest ad networks – for ensuring the ads they deliver are safe and compliant, cyber security firms – for ensuring that sites are not malicious. Reliable residential proxy network for businesses. Largest & Fastest in the World. Try Luminati to never get blocked or misled. 7 day free trial!



  • Welcome to Best Way Websites – Our service includes no-nonsense website development and marketing programs for small business owners. Whether you are preparing to develop your first website or wanting to improve an existing one, Best Way Websites has programs that will help you win on the world wide web. We specialize in creating attractive, functional and affordable website design, development and internet marketing solutions for small business owners - just like you. Read more

Best Way Websites



  • Copyright Laws for Online Entrepreneurs - This course is for anyone who has ever posted content that they created on the internet, whether it’s a educational course, a book, a video, a game or even a powerpoint presentation. This course covers the basics of the US Copyright Act and provides an introduction into international copyright law under the Berne Convention. Students will learn the history of copyright law, the basic tenets of copyright law, as well as the rights they have as a copyright owner.  By the end of this course, the students will know how to register their copyright in the United States, which form they need to use and what to include in their copyright registration. Additionally, students will understand the benefits of registration versus the benefits of notice and be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not they want to register their copyright best for them.  This course will go over the law related to online copyright protection and, at the end of the course; students will understand how the law applies to them.  Additionally, they will understand the importance of the takedown letter, where they need to send the takedown notice, how and write a takedown letter that complies with the relevant law. Students will also understand the potential legal pitfalls and liability related to issuing a take down notice.  Students learn how to write a cease and desist letter, when and where to send the cease and desist letter, as well as the difference between a cease and desist and a takedown notice. Copyright Law for Online Entrepreneurs




  • Design Service for Company & Corporate Logos - If you are looking for high quality, affordable logo design, you have come to the right place. At LogoWorks we provide the highest level of service with a quick turnaround, and our work speaks for itself. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you may have – we are a real company with real people. And our 50+ logo designers are the best in the world. Need graphic design and wouldn't mind some excellent customer service on top of it? We can help with that! Click here to start your design project today!



  • Expertory is Ecommerce for Online Video - We are the world’s only all-in-one Ecommerce platform for live and pre-recorded video. Expertory makes it easy for people to sell Monthly Subscriptions & Pay-Per-View Rentals to their own online videos and Bookings to Live Online Video Consultations and Classes. Expertory is a comprehensive ecommerce solution that allows you to sell subscriptions and pay-per-view rentals of your online videos as well as conduct live consultations and classes via in-browser video calls. Expertory enables you to accept bookings for your live video sessions, manage your prerecorded videos, accept credit card payments and add team members — all with a few clicks of the mouse. Expertory is Ecommerce for Video - Start your FREE trial now!


  • Website Builder - Wix/Sitey is an innovative website builder with over 4 million registered users, Wix/Sitey is a market leader and a powerful brand. Innovative features, a simple drag and drop editor, search engine visibility, professional editing tools, and a 24/7 email support team makes Wix an ideal tool for users ranging from newbies to professional webmasters and designers. Read more

  • Taking Control of Your Passwords - Read this book to understand the problems and apply a real-world strategy that includes choosing a password manager, auditing your existing passwords, and dealing with situations where automated tools can’t help. Buy Take Control of Your Passwords



  • Website Security & Support - Thousands of businesses worldwide trust Incapsula with their websites and web applications. Whether you're an e-commerce business, SaaS provider or SMB, we have the tools you need to maximize your website's security, speed and availability. Incapsula's cloud-based solution includes enterprise-grade Website Security (featuring a PCI-certified Web Application Firewall), DDoS Protection, Load Balancing & Failover - all fully integrated on top of our global CDN (Content Delivery Network). Block DDos Attacks with Free 7 day trial from Incapsula


  • Internet Security - Learn how to protect your Computers, Smartphones & Tablets, so that you can surf safely and keep your devices clean. Our guide will show you the, Tell Tale Signs - the signs that indicate your device may be infected. Email Attachments - when you should or shouldn't click a link. What is Phishing? Plus much more. Internet Security - Protecting Laptops, Smartphones Tablets


  • Easy & Affordable Way to Create a Website - Weebly gives millions of people a surprisingly easy and affordable way to create a site that is as unique as they are. With a Weebly site, people can start their own business, communicate with their clients, showcase their achievements, and be an authority on personal and professional interests. Weebly gives everyone the freedom to start a site, blog or online store that works brilliantly across computers, phones and tablets. Weebly has everything you need to plan, build, publish and grow a site that meets your goals. Weebly - The Easiest Way To Create A Website

The Easiest Way to Create a Website. Weebly.com 



  • Shopping Cart & Online Store by Sophirea - Saphirea provides all-in-one shopping cart services for online store owners. Customers choose us because we provide free high end themes, abundant ecommerce features including discount coupon generators, shipping calculators, in-built web editors and much more. We also provide great customer service to our customers, thus most of our customers stay on using our service. Our ecommerce platform allows you to open an online store and start selling immediately. Customize your online store easily through our online editor. Read more.


  • Ad Tracking & Link Tracking Software - LinkTrackr is a web-based ad tracking and conversion tracking tool, developed for affiliates by affiliates With LinkTrackr, you get the same powerful link tracking and link cloaking software most professional marketers use, but at a fraction of the cost. LinkTrackr is a web-based Internet marketing tool designed to give you an upper hand and help you dominate your niche market with little time or effort. Click here.

    • Web Design from the Ground Up - Web Design is one of the fastest growing, and best paid fields in the world today. In this highly informative web design course, veteran web designer and developer Steven Taylor takes you through the entire process of building a complete website from scratch. Starting with nothing but a blank page on Note Pad, Steve shows you step-by-step how to build a beautiful, fully functional website, while teaching you everything you need to know about HTML and CSS, the basic building blocks of the web. But that's not all you will learn in this exciting online web design training: introduction to Photoshop and JavaScript are also covered, along with a complete tutorial on integrating PayPal's popular eCommerce solution into your site. Whether you are starting a career in web design or just want to build your own website, "Web Design from the Ground Up" will give you the essential tools and information you need to create beautiful, intuitive sites using the latest web standards. Web Design from the Ground Upc


    • How to Start an Online Business - This step-by-step approach will show you how to start an online business, working from home, and part time. All you need is a computer with internet access. What you will learn on this course. The course is designed to teach you: How to start an online business from scratch. How to make money online with no out-of-pocket expenses. Learn about profitable niche markets and how to find the most lucrative niches. How to become an affiliate and the steps in promoting a product. What kind of preparation is needed to start making money with Affiliate Marketing. How to create topic appropriate content for the product you are promoting. Discover what auto responders are and how they help your affiliate sites run smoother. How to grab your ClickBank affiliate link and use it on your free webpage. Learn how to grab your Amazon affiliate link so that you may use it on your website. Find out how to set up, post on, and edit your Weebly website. Learn what you need to do in order for you website to look clean and professional Find out how to setup Weebly for your Amazon product. Learn how to create a free report to give away in order to get email addresses onto your list. Learn how you can create a free report for Amazon products. Learn how to upload your PDF file for use in your auto-response email. Learn set up your auto-responder and integrate your free report with your autoresponder. Find out how to make your affiliate website bring in traffic. Find out how to increase traffic for your affiliate site through different free traffic generating methods. Learn how to get your websites indexed quickly. Boost Your Income From Home-How To Start An Online Business



      • Intellectual Property (IP) Law (Patent, Trademark and Copyright) - What you think you know about intellectual property law is probably wrong. In fact, most attorneys do not have correct information when it comes to patents, trademarks, copyrights, business secrets, and other areas of Intellectual Property Law ("IP"). If you have valuable technology, a product idea, or own any business, it is vital that you know the basics of IP so that you can know your rights and protect them, and avoid making very costly - but common - errors. We will cover the essential basics of: Patents Trademarks Copyrights Trade Secrets In addition, we will provide examples of common (and very costly) mistakes and misunderstandings surrounding IP Law. Must-Know IP Law (Patent, Trademark and Copyright)c



      • Domain Extractor Basic - This powerful software provides you with the fastest, easiest, and most common-sense approach to gathering lists of domain names. Just browse to any site on the Internet and obtain a list of all of the domain names on that site with a single click! Then, with another click, export those domain names to a text file. Buy Domain Extractor Basic


      • Royalty Free Images - Imagegate Stock is your source for royalty free stock and rights managed images, and illustrations. Imagegate is your fast, easy-to-use marketplace for quality stock images. We offer over thousands of photographs and illustrations from talented photographers and artists around the globe, available for almost any purpose. Click here.



      • Aplus Hosting & Internet Services - Our mission is to provide a versatile and dependable one-stop online hosting and marketing shop for the small business entrepreneur, and eliminate the need for you to deal with a host of different online vendors. We don't outsource any of our services to overseas companies. We offer high quality web hosting, dedicated servers, web design, domain name registration, and online marketing, shared hosting, dedicated server, managed hosting, web design, marketing, domain registration, and marketing to help lead your business to online success. Affordable Web Hosting


        • Network Solutions - Our Company helps small business owners achieve their online goals by putting the right services, tools, and resources at their fingertips. From web hosting, design and ecommerce solutions to online marketing, website security and email, you'll find that we take our customers' online success seriously. We've been a leader in Internet services since its inception and we use our experience to help businesses excel in the ever-evolving online environment. Get your business online with Network Solutions®. Start Now!

        Free Domain Name with Hosting from Network Solutions®! 


        • Products For Online Resale – We have listed for resale e-books, videos, software plus other valuable and popular items online shoppers are looking for.  You simply have to list any of these top quality items on a simple web site and you receive a valuable income on a regular basis. Click here.



        • Free Exchange of Information - The Usenet is the largest discussion board for free exchange of information and ideas. Currently there are 2500 terabyte of contents in over 60.000 newsgroups. UseNeXT offers rapid and secure access to the Usenet. It also provides a worldwide discussion forum comprising more than 60,000 newsgroups. The newsgroups contain over 2,500 terabytes of data relating to every conceivable topic. UseNeXT guarantees the fastest possible download speeds with no waiting times and offers 100% security of access to the Usenet. Free 14-day trial!



        • Trade Magazines. Free subscriptions are now available to professionals - No hidden or trial offers, and no purchase necessary. Publications are absolutely free to professionals who qualify. The Delamere Group has arranged an ongoing contract for our clients and site visitors (See News Release) to receive these free subscriptions to qualified individuals and companies. Browse through our extensive list of trade publications by industry, title, or geographic eligibility to find the titles that best match your skills and interests. Simply complete the application form and submit it. Many are available for international delivery. For more details on the over 300 magazines currently offered on a free subscription basis click here


        • Display Your Website is Secure & Safe - All VeriSign-branded SSL Certificates come with additional features to offer more than security for online businesses. Our premium SSL Certificates, the VeriSign® Trust Seal, VeriSign Seal-in-Search™ technology, and daily Web site malware scanning work together to help assure customers that a site is safe from search to browse to buy. Boost your site traffic and conversions with powerful trust features. Free with every SSL Certificate. Protect your site and customers with VeriSign SSL Certificates. Explore our SSL solutions now.

        • Tired of waiting for huge files to download? - Download speeds are very often far from their theoretical maximums. This can be due to general congestion of the Internet but often it is because servers will try and share bandwidth between clients. By using more effective network connections, "Speed Download" is able to overcome this limitation. All downloads are resumable and a queue system that supports schedules and scripting allows for much more efficient use of online time. We are currently offering this "Shareware" called "Speed Download Ver.1.94" and you can try this software for 14 days FREE. click here


        • How to Handle Spam - Spam Arrest's patent-protected and affordable system efficiently stops spam while offering extensive user flexibility. Utilizing the challenge-response system, the only system which blocks 100% of automated junk email, Spam Arrest can be configured to work with your current email program, or you can manage all your email online through your Spam Arrest account. Read more.



        • Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) - In order to protect the independance and privacy of the Internet, control of this powerful and influential instrument, the World Wide Web must be kept out of the hands of the government and monopolistic corporations. Delamere-Pennine Associates subscribes and supports the EFF which was established to defend our rights to think, speak, share ideas, thoughts, and of course our privacy, using the new technology. If you wish to learn more and subscribe to their Newsletter click here. Complaints about problems, which you personally experience using the Internet can be submitted to "Chilling Effects" which is a joint project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (FFF) and Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, and University of San Francisco law school clinics. Plus you can, if you observe legal abuse on the Internet, in terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) visit their website to help combat legal abuse on the Internet. This clearinghouse will host a database of cease and desist notices and legal analysis of the issues they raise or receive. Or you may contact our firm direct with your problems.


        • Tools to Manage Your Online Business - Our suite of e-tools are composed of nine distinct PHP web based solutions that allow any business or organization to more effectively manage customers, sell products online and dynamically provide valuable information via the web. Our solutions automate these tasks which in turn save you money. These tools include e-mail mailing list manager, press release manager, customer support manager, plus more. Click here.


        • Don't forget to sign up for our latest Newsletter, which contains the current news and information about The Internet. subscribe. For a review of back issues go to Archives.


        • Jobs in South Africa & Kenya - As a service to these two regions, our firm is introducing an "Employment-Classified Page" on our website. All submissions for inclusion in this Page will be totally without charge and will be in 2 sections, "Employers, post your vacancies" and "Job Seekers, post your details". Companies and businesses wishing to use this category "Employers, post your vacancies" may post their vacancies direct to the Classified Page, or if you need assistance you are to contact our firm and submit your free entry to our office for editing and placing on the Classified Page on your behalf. Individuals who are looking for employment, first check the Classified List of vacancies submitted by employers, if nothing suitable is located, then submit your 'free ad' for inclusion in the Category "Job Seekers, post your details" and employers who visit this Classified Page regularly will view and check your details and contact you direct. Go to our Employment Classified Section



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