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Features of the Month

  • Online Sales & Customer Service Solutions - Our partner “Live Person” provides the answers to your difficult questions on, How to Increase Sales?  How to build and improve customer relations and loyalty?  This unique “customer service” enables your operators and staff to interact online with your customers at critical moments during their visit to your website.  This is one of the most effective business and marketing tools we have researched, and will definitely assist you to “grow your business”. Engage and nudge your visitors along with an up-sell incentive. Ensure they leave happy by addressing their concerns and needs on the spot. Engage Customers, Make More Sales! Try LivePerson Risk-Free Today!

  • Using a Drop Shipping Service that Actually Work for You - At The Studio, we’ve designed a quick and easy way for you to create high-quality custom products. Whether you’re looking to create custom pins, patches, socks, or other one-of-a-kind products, our online product creation tool lets you create your entire order from start to finish. The easiest way to create custom products. We take the headache out of manufacturing custom products so you can focus on growing your brand.



  • Generating Lists of Email Addresses - Our powerful software Generates UNLIMITED email lists for email marketing and adding friends to social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Acute Email IDs Production Engine is undoubtedly the best software for generating huge lists of email addresses for email marketing purpose. Today, around 40,000 internet marketers are using this software every day for their email marketing campaigns. This software can supply unlimited lists of email addresses for online promotion of your website, blog, videos, products, services, affiliate programs and CPA offers. Acute Email IDs Production Engine


  • WordPress Plugin for Business & Marketing Sites – One can import products from eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon, Walmart, Envato to a WordPress website. All you need is a product IDs (ASINs) list.  For example, this is a plugin that is used to import products from Amazon into your Wordpress WooCommerce site. The plugin is helpful to create a store with specific Amazon products (dropship) and let you use affiliate URLs. CSV WooImporter. Add-on for WooImporter.




  • Inventory & Full Automation Solutions for Dropship Business - Our powerful software automatically upload products, sync inventory and route orders with dropship suppliers to virtually any online store, marketplace or ecommerce platform. We offer both Inventory and Full Automation solutions for your ecommerce business. For over 15 years, we have helped our suppliers grow their dealer network, increase product sales and reduce operational costs. Automatically upload products, sync inventory & route orders with dropship suppliers to virtually any online store, marketplace or ecommerce platform. Create a Free Account


  • Inbound Marketing Software by Hubspot - HubSpot's software helps marketers take advantage of the changing nature of how people research and shop for products/services, bringing together a suite of Internet marketing tools for the small or medium sized business, including tools for search engine optimization, business blogging, content publishing, lead tracking and intelligence, marketing analytics, and competitor analysis. HubSpot is web-based, does not require any IT staff, and is designed to be used by a marketing person, not a techie. Now is the time to reshape the way we think about marketing. Stop pushing. Start attracting. Stop interrupting. Start engaging. HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Software gives you all the tools you need to make marketing that people will actually love - earning quality leads and loyal customers in return. Read more.




  • Software to Start & Manage an Affiliate Program – Most online businesses have found that creating an affiliate program to market their products or services is one of the most successful ways to expand and grow an online business.  This software undertakes all the tasks required to operate a successful affiliate program. Read more.


  • Opencart Flipbook Plugin - This software is developed to show flipbook at your product pages, support pages or in content pages. Improve the sales and the customer satisfaction with flipbook for opencart! Flipbookeasy - Opencart - Starter



  • Shopping Cart & Online Store by Sophirea - Saphirea provides all-in-one shopping cart services for online store owners. Customers choose us because we provide free high end themes, abundant ecommerce features including discount coupon generators, shipping calculators, in-built web editors and much more. We also provide great customer service to our customers, thus most of our customers stay on using our service. Our ecommerce platform allows you to open an online store and start selling immediately. Customize your online store easily through our online editor. Read more.


  • Quality Link Exchange - Automatic Backlinks is the oldest and largest quality link exchange network online. We only accept quality sites and pages in the system and we are 100% free to use (link exchange network), with the option of purchasing additional backlink credit on a monthly subscription. Automatic Backlinks - The worlds largest quality link exchange network
Automatic Backlinks



  • How to Turn Prospects into Customers - Infusionsoft is software for small businesses that combines CRM, email marketing, and ecommerce all into one powerful system. But the real magic is in our automatic follow-up engine, because it finally makes it easy for entrepreneurs to effectively follow up with their prospects and customers. When this happen, more prospects become customers….and sales explode. That's why we are the only software company that guarantees to double your sales. Finally...Infusionsoft gives entrepreneurs the all-in-one system they need to grow their business fast.

  • How to Use Customer Relations Management (CRM) Software, InfusionSoft - Time is money. If you are paying for an Infusionsoft software application you will want to get it to produce a return on your investment (ROI) as soon as possible. A common challenge that new customers face is knowing what to do - and when - to quickly get up and running with the software. In this course, we will walk through the exact process for getting started quickly and easily with Infusionsoft. 30,000 thriving small businesses use Infusionsoft to grow sales, save time and stay on top of it all. Discover how the leading sales and marketing software built exclusively for small businesses can help you! Import and organize the contacts that come to your business (both online and offline) with tagging and segmentation. Collect data about your leads' behaviors, score them based on marketing interactions, and prioritize the leads that are hottest and ready to buy. Track engagement and customize follow-up messages based on unique customer profiles. Get Started Quickly (and Easily) With Infusionsoft



  • Collecting Data For Analysis in Your Marketing - Big Data Smart Survey App or Smart Survey App is an innovative and proven cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) application equipped with machine learning engine, Big Data Classification and predictive analytics tools that is exclusively built to: Conduct high-quality online and offline surveys, market research and/or behavioral studies in any industry, run any data-related project to collect unlimited volume of data that is ready for analysis and modeling/visualization, uncover hidden insights/patterns in raw data and predict future outcomes and trends. Big Data SmartSurveyApp


  • How to Collect Emails Using Our Spider - A very smart email spider which scans the web for email addresses and saves them in a file. The query of search engines is also possible and email Spider can scan the entire Internet. But you can configure it, so that it searches only websites of a desired target group. You just have to indicate the start URL and the software can do its job on its own. Email Spider Gold


  • Smart Store Manager - This powerful software helps you take care of your online business in less time by managing all your sites in one powerful dashboard, allowing you to completely focus on growing your business. Smart Store Manager


  • The Sales Power of Live Chat - Live Chat allows visitors to get their queries solved and helps them in taking quick buying decision. We understand how important it is to get visitors to your Website! Every visitor is a probable customer. Let our Chat Agents remain online round the clock and increase your sales. Visit DeskMoz


  • Advanced Tools to Market Your Business - eGrove Systems is the ideal provider of solutions for Website development services, Application development & maintenance services, Mobile Application development, Mobile website development, High-end IT consulting, Professional staffing services, Search Engine Optimization services, Infrastructure Services & IT security Solutions. Our aim is to deliver optimal solutions that help our customers achieve their business goals. We've developed innovative products using various open source technologies such as Python, Magento, Prestashop and Native mobile technology. Our products provide optimum support to the users and reduce their development efforts to a great extent. The tough challenges can be simplified by using these products. Other than this we do have developed Mobiles Apps & SEO Tools which help the stores and companies to stand out from the others. ModuleBazaar, Elitesiteoptimizer, Eliteloyaltyapp, Elitemcommerce. Visit eGrove Systems Corporation
Magento Modules from Module Bazaar

  • How to Grow Your Business With Email marketing – The Delamere Group is proud to sponsor this online guide on how to get started with email marketing. You will learn how to cultivate good relationships with your customers, and acquire more contacts to expand and grow your business.  To read this online guide (PDF), click here.


  • Copyright Laws for Online Entrepreneurs - This course is for anyone who has ever posted content that they created on the internet, whether it’s a educational course, a book, a video, a game or even a powerpoint presentation. This course covers the basics of the US Copyright Act and provides an introduction into international copyright law under the Berne Convention. Students will learn the history of copyright law, the basic tenets of copyright law, as well as the rights they have as a copyright owner.  By the end of this course, the students will know how to register their copyright in the United States, which form they need to use and what to include in their copyright registration. Additionally, students will understand the benefits of registration versus the benefits of notice and be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not they want to register their copyright best for them.  This course will go over the law related to online copyright protection and, at the end of the course; students will understand how the law applies to them.  Additionally, they will understand the importance of the takedown letter, where they need to send the takedown notice, how and write a takedown letter that complies with the relevant law. Students will also understand the potential legal pitfalls and liability related to issuing a take down notice.  Students learn how to write a cease and desist letter, when and where to send the cease and desist letter, as well as the difference between a cease and desist and a takedown notice. Copyright Law for Online Entrepreneurs




  • Ecommerce Marketing Strategy - Do you currently have, or ever wanted to have an ecommerce business? Wouldn't it be neat to know the secret formula that successful ecommerce businesses are utilizing to explode their sales and maximize "Revenue Per Customer"? In "Ecommerce Marketing Strategy: Repeat Sales Email Sequence", you will learn the exact email marketing series that was responsible for one established business to double his sales in less than two years. What We Guarantee You Will Learn In "Ecommerce Marketing Strategy: Repeat Sales Email Sequence" Learn the "Active Customer Campaign", one of the core components of my proven Advanced Business Marketing Blueprint that is responsible for maximizing "Revenue Per Customer" in any ecommerce or offline business. Ecommerce Marketing Strategy: Repeat Sales Email Sequence





  • Get Your First 1000 Subscribers Our course on Email List-Building Formula will teach you how to turn website traffic into desirable email subscribers that you can market your products and services to. After taking this class, you'll know how to: Sign up for a free and easy-to-use email marketing service. Create the perfect lead magnet design and beautiful high-converting opt-in forms. Drive more high-value traffic to your website that will subscribe to your list. Regardless of what your level of experience is with web design and marketing, this in-depth course is designed to provide you with everything you need to get started.  By the end of this course, you'll have a funnel that gets people on your email list. From there, you'll be able to market your products and services to them. Get Your First 1000 Email Subscribers: List-Building Formula






  • How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business - LinkedIn is now the world's greatest professional network and is becoming one of the must-haves in the social media marketing strategy of any business. But first, you have to learn how to use it correctly and efficiently and this course is designed to teach you just that. Here is some of what you'll be learning about: A step-by-step guide to creating and optimising your personal profile on LinkedIn. How to create a company page that is specifically tailored to your needs and targeted towards your potential leads and customers. The most powerful marketing tools LinkedIn has to offer and how to use them most effectively. Top tips for creating posts that build your brand reputation and attract followers. The most effective techniques for attracting followers on LinkedIn. Furthermore, you will be a given access to a wealth of LinkedIn marketing resources, tips and insider tactics. The bottom line is that if you own a business, then you need to be on LinkedIn in order to benefit from one of the fastest moving and growing professional-social media platforms available on the Internet today. But, it takes more than just creating a free LinkedIn account. You also have to understand exactly how to use it properly and efficiently in order to derive maximum benefits for you and your business. Social Media Marketing: LinkedIn Marketing Mastery



  • Building an Internet Business - This course is designed to help you wake up to the gigantic world of Internet Business! By using an Internet Business, we aim to accomplish freedom in three key areas: Income, Time, and Location. When we achieve those three freedoms, we can overhaul our lifestyle to include doing things that we want to be able to do, with whom we want and where we want to do them.  The Internet Business lifestyle allows us to escape the traditional 9-to-5 working pattern that robs us of time, motivation and happiness. Rather, we learn how to build a business around things that we are good at doing and that we love to do, so work feels like play. This course will teach you how to reprioritize your life and become conscious of living your perfect lifestyle. It will teach you about some of the millions of ways you can create an income online and use productive methods to get more done in less time. You will learn how to spot ideas based on quick research, how to build a 12-step sales page that converts traffic to paying buyers, a blog plan to quickly add lots of content to your site, how to build a website in minutes using WordPress, how to spot best selling products on Amazon and Aliexpress, and more! The Lifestyle Overhaul Course: Building Internet Businesses


  • Customizr Pro WordPress - The Customizr Pro WordPress theme allows anyone to create a beautiful, professional and fully responsive website in a few seconds. In the Pro version, you’ll get all the free version features plus some really cool and even revolutionary ones. The theme was designed to be easy to use for everyone. It doesn’t need any prior technical or web design knowledge to get started – thanks to its live options panel. Get Customizr Pro

Get Customizr Pro



  • How to Build an Online Business - SiteSell Inc., a privately held Canadian-based company with a world-wide reputation on the Net, has achieved rapid growth due to its dedicated focus on helping small business owners and solo entrepreneurs build successful online businesses. Recognizing how small business owners have traditionally been underserved and nickel-and-dimed in their quest for a Web presence, SiteSell seized the opportunity to create affordable, easy to use business solutions that would level the playing field. SiteSell's flagship product, is a comprehensive, integrated, business-building system. In addition to best-of-the-Web functionality for keyword brainstorming/research and viral traffic building, SBI value-bundles over 85 site building, hosting, and marketing tools. SBI! - The only all-in-1 step-by-step system of process-and-software that delivers thriving web businesses.

All the tools you need to succeed 


  • Tracking Tool for Internet Marketing - Success and profit are just unavoidable consequences if you use the right techniques and tools. Affiliate big-wigs spend fortune designing online marketing systems that give them an unfair advantage over everyone else. ClickMeter gives you the same powerful link tracking and link cloaking tool most professional marketers use, but at a fraction of the cost. ClickMeter is a super easy-to-use web-based professional tool. We help Affiliates to monitor, compare, and optimize all their online marketing campaigns in one place, in real time. This allows you to laser-focus in the right direction, optimize monetization, and dominate your niche market. ClickMeter is the Amazing Tracking Tool for Affiliates marketers: Monitor, compare an optimize all your ads in one place. Signup Today for FREE

amazing Tracking Tool for Affiliate Marketers 



  • Yahoo Small Business Resources - Our easy-to-use, customizable templates allow you to quickly start an online store that looks professional on mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Expect unmatched customer support from your Yahoo team. Whether it's learning how to set up an online store or looking for ways to grow your ecommerce business, our trained staff is here to help 24/7. Get accurate business listings across top directories with Yahoo Local Works.




  • How to Use YouTube to Increase Search Engine Results - In this course you will learn the methods you can use for business clients to consistently achieve page one in Google plus other leading search engine results using YouTube videos! This course is broken down into simple to follow modules where we take you along into a real client account and teach you step by step how to make, upload, optimize, and rank in Google videos that will capture the attention of your target audience and deliver consistent traffic to your website. This course is perfect for any business owner or individual who wants to know how to leverage YouTube to climb in the search engines with much less time and effort needed to invest that traditional SEO tactics. Use YouTube to Get Your Local Business to The Top of Google


  • Twitter Ads 2018 For Business, Agencies & Entrepreneurs - Take this course now to get lifetime access, ask questions, and see the newest information available about making money on Twitter! If you use Twitter for business, want to use Twitter to make money online, or want to get better results with Twitter ads for your clients, you can count on this course to give you the very best, most original, and most detailed information available anywhere online. As the popularity of Twitter advertising continues to grow (over 90% growth over the last 12 months) you can take this knowledge and start offering Twitter Ads management to clients with confidence tomorrow, giving you additional revenue streams and relevant offers for your business. Twitter Ads 2018 - For Business, Agencies and Entrepreneurs

  • Great Tool to Increase Sales Conversions - Cash in on the e-commerce boom by helping retailers learn about the value of onsite promotions to instantly increase sales conversions, email subscribers and social fans. Justuno provides powerful website tools to over 15,000 online retailers and is a great tool to help increase their website conversions. Read about our cients 67% Sales increase with Justuno - Case Study




  • Creating Your Own Online Business - This is the Absolute Beginners Guide to creating a successful online business, turning your passions, interests, knowledge or skill into a fun, profitable and sustainable business following my step by step training. In this course you'll learn everything you need to know to begin, get in the right mindset, prepare and plan, define your niche/desires and focus, and execute the plan step-by-step following our taking action videos throughout the course. You'll learn how to actually turn what you are passionate about into a viable and fun info product or service that you can engage others with online around the world, using WordPress and other online tools and techniques to create a solid and established online business and presence. We cover the entire process, start to finish and then talk about what's next, how to grow and expand your business, and much more. By the end of this course you should be able to prep, plan, create and setup, and market your online business. Create Your Online Business: The Absolute Beginners Guide



  • Learn the Basics of Affiliate Marketing - In this course you will learn affiliate marketing from the ground up and through to the skill of becoming an expert in affiliate marketing.  You will gain access to exclusive video content, resources, tools, and so many other things to teach you how to make money online with affiliate marketing. You will be able to put in motion the exact methods that so many entrepreneurs do to make money online. No complicated skills to learn and no setting up things that takes months of your time. Not only will you be able to uncover the common tools used in affiliate marketing with this course, you will also be able to learn the secret strategies no one else will ever share with you about affiliate marketing. Whether you're just starting or if you're already an expert affiliate marketer this course will introduce you to many tools that streamline the affiliate marketing process so you can earn six figures or more a year. You will learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing in the shortest amount of time. Affiliate Marketing

  • Increasing Affiliate Sales With Free Google Traffic - Promoting products to earn a commission through affiliate marketing is quite difficult. You may have tried promoting products on click bank only to find that you did not convert any sales. But things can seriously change once you know exactly how to take advantage of a powerful method that will instantly bolster your ability to make money. In this course we are going to demonstrate exactly how simple methods can help you become a top performing affiliate on near autopilot, how you can start earning money online, even if you know nothing about affiliate marketing. We don't care if you have a university degree or you're a high school dropout. It does not even matter if you have failed before or never earned a single dime online. We have specifically made this course in a unique step by step fashion to enhance quick and easy learning.  This Course is designed to easily show you how simple techniques can build you your own affiliate marketing empire. With this system (If implemented exactly how described in the course) you should be able to generate continuous passive income online. Our aim is to enable you realize how easy it is to make money online and become a top affiliate without selling any of your own products. In fact you are going to be using other people's traffic and resources to earn money. Make money using other people's traffic and email list




  • Digital Marketing & Social Media - If you own (or work) in a small to medium sized enterprise or are an entrepreneur, you are probably doing some form of Digital Marketing or Social Media. Have you a strategy around why you are doing what you are doing? Are you just doing it because you feel you have to? This course will give you the basics around building a Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategy that will drive your business on the next level. Digital Marketing & Social Media for Small Business




  • Affiliate Marketing Skills & Techniques - This course on Affiliate Marketing is one like no other. It contains all the information, all the tips, all the tricks and all the insider secrets that will ensure your success, be that as a business owner looking to make use of affiliate marketing to propel his or her business to greater heights, or as someone who wants to enter this lucrative industry as an affiliate marketer. Here are a few of the topics we will be covering and some of the valuable skills you will soon be learning: How and where to find the most profitable products to promote as an affiliate. The top affiliate programs to use for your business. The top affiliate networks to join as an affiliate marketer and insider tips on how to get approved as one of their hand-picked super affiliates. The best places to advertise for attracting quality traffic to your offers and how to get the most value out of that traffic. Many more vital topics are also covered in this course. All-Star Affiliate Marketing for Businesses & Entrepreneurs


  • Direct Pay - Accepting credit cards with DirectPay means you're done with managing accounts receivable and trips to the bank. Just input (or swipe!) your client's credit card information and the money is deposited into your bank account. Set up recurring or automatic transactions for payment plans, monthly dues, membership fees, etc.  It's all about inviting a steady stream of money into your business without all the legwork from you. Our services were designed for serious business-builders; not auction sites. Send your clients invoices with your business name, not Pay Pal or some other third party merchant account. It's all about keeping it professional and letting your clients know you mean business. Read more.


  • Complete Guide to Web Video Creation - From voice techniques over microphone and camera basics to editing. Everything you need to know to be successful. This course aims to teach you everything you need to know to make successful web videos. It covers everything from microphone and camera basics, over voice techniques to editing. If you want to make high quality web videos, this is all you need. The Complete Guide To Web Video Creation



  • Producing a Business Video – This online guide covers all the essential tips and insights to make compelling business videos. Video production is one of the most compelling ways businesses can engage online. But a poorly produced video can do more harm than good for your brand and your message.  Over 20 years of professional video production expertise is condensed into this course. This course will step you through the processes of how to structure your videos, how to save money before you start, what mistakes to avoid, what you need to know when filming and how to make videos that look professional. You will move from being overwhelmed in the video production process to feeling in control and confident as you make great quality videos. Your video will have impact and will resonate with your target audience. Video Tips & Secrets


  • Create Amazing Youtube Outros With Powerpoint 2013 - Are you struggling to get more subscribers onto your channel? Or get them to stay longer getting familiar with your content rather than leaving straight away to competitors? You need to use incentives and CALL-TO-ACTIONS to achieve that. Learn how the big guys do it, how do they set up their videos with a similar branding across all videos, whether it's a Youtube channel, podcast, your marketing video or project for your client.  In this course you will learn you STEP-BY-STEP, starting from a blank Powerpoint file towards creating an amazing, well designed, fully functional Youtube outro or Video which you can use over and over again for you or your clients. Create Amazing Youtube Outros With Powerpoint 2013



  • Business Guide to Online Marketing - If you are like most small business owners, you rely on referrals for a good percentage of your sales. That means you're doing a great job!  However, the businesses that are best positioned to succeed for the long haul are taking the power of word-of-mouth marketing and they're parlaying it with online marketing. The purpose of this course is to educate you about online marketing in very simple terms with the goal of bringing you to a place where you can make a decision about how to invest in internet marketing. So we're here to help you gain the knowledge and move you closer to where you want to be with your business - getting more traffic and increase your sales. The #1 Small Business Guide To Online Marketing




  • Learn Viral Marketing - Discover the absolute EASIEST ways to rapidly spread your content, brand, and products around the web like wildfire. Follow along the steps this course reveals and learn the exact step-by-step formula and tactics that are used to spread your message and sell products to people from around the world. This powerful blueprint can be used to spread your videos, websites, articles, reports, products and virtually anything you want to get out to your audience. Viral Marketing Online


  • Online Public Relations & Developing Your Online Presence - In an increasingly competitive and global business environment, the ongoing demand continues for individuals trained in public relations, communications, and media relations. Public relations executives create and present positive images to the public about the clients, businesses or products they represent. In order to do this, they seek favorable media coverage. With this course you will learn the basics of online Public Relations and Branding so that you can also run your own online campaigns like a PR professional. Course content includes details on brand development, media planning and PR, SEO and Social Media intersections. In the world of internet PUBLIC RELATIONS plays a huge role! PR means Social Media, SEO and Content Marketing. Online Public Relations: Develop Your Online Presence.


  • Expertory is Ecommerce for Online Video - We are the world’s only all-in-one Ecommerce platform for live and pre-recorded video. Expertory makes it easy for people to sell Monthly Subscriptions & Pay-Per-View Rentals to their own online videos and Bookings to Live Online Video Consultations and Classes. Expertory is a comprehensive ecommerce solution that allows you to sell subscriptions and pay-per-view rentals of your online videos as well as conduct live consultations and classes via in-browser video calls. Expertory enables you to accept bookings for your live video sessions, manage your prerecorded videos, accept credit card payments and add team members — all with a few clicks of the mouse. Expertory is Ecommerce for Video - Start your FREE trial now!



  • Royalty Free Videos & Photos - Explore the largest collection of royalty-free video on the web, plus millions of photos, illustrations, music, sound effects, AE templates, and 3D models. Every clip submitted is reviewed by our team of expert curators for approval. Find professional, high-resolution formats in every media type. Read more.

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

  • Power of eMail Marketing - AWeber develops and runs an opt-in email marketing service used by over 120,000+ small businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs around the globe. Our web-based tools help businesses grow by staying in touch with customers and prospects through email.What do you hope to achieve through email marketing? While this may change over time, it’s important to consider the purpose of your emails and set goals that are both measurable and attainable. For those just starting out with email marketing, you may want to focus your goal on growing subscribers. Read more.


  • Using Visual Communications in Your Marketing - Shutterstock is a global marketplace for imagery, powering a new era of visual communications. We have over 20 million stock photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos. Shutterstock is an innovative technology company, operating in more than 150 countries and 10 languages. As a two-sided marketplace, our mission is to connect creative professionals with the best photos, vectors, illustrations and video from thousands of contributors around the world. Click here.



  • Powerful Marketing Solution – Our service is a leader in multi-channel marketing Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution for organizations worldwide. The company’s multi-channel marketing platform is a feature-rich solution used by thousands of customers in over 175 countries, including many of the most recognized brand names around the globe in retail, non-profit and hospitality industries. This service is for businesses to effectively reach customers on their preferred mode of communication. Read more.


  • Using MS.Bing For Targeted Marketing - Forget Google and use Bing Pay-Per-Click Advertising Traffic Course. This course will show you how to get laser targeted traffic on demand for almost any business. Updated with Bing's NEW User Interface! Forget Google; Bing Pay-Per-Click Advertising Traffic Course


  • Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing – Our goal is to minimize the potential hurdles for aspiring affiliates, enabling them to start seeing success from their affiliate businesses sooner. We do this by providing straightforward, step-by-step training, and tools to simplify the technical demands of building an affiliate business. Together these minimize the barriers to entry, and put a profitable affiliate business within reach of anyone, regardless of skill or experience. Our guide offers written and video lessons, tools, tips and support allowing complete beginners to build up a successful affiliate marketing business from scratch. This way you can promote other people's products and make money for yourself. We show you how! Click here!

  • Learn How to Sell on Amazon - This training will teach you step by step, every single detail, of how I easily earn $1000 or more a month, is so easy and so broken down that even my grandma can do it. Anyone can do this, no experience or knowledge required, all you need to do is follow the instructions on the training, put a little effort and wait for the money. Let me tell you how I discovered the $1000 a month formula, I’m a computer network engineer and even with a high salary job I was always looking for the best strategy the best solution, THE BEST PATH to be financially independent and avoid FOREVER, angry bosses, frustrated clients, boring meetings, weird company policies, dealing with problems all the time and working the best hours of my day to build other guy’s dream. After years and years looking, searching, investigating and testing, I finally found the road map to success and the BEST strategies to reach financial independence. Learn How to earn $1000/month selling on Amazon

  • Scripts & Marketing Tools for Your Online Business – We now offer the latest and most successful Internet Marketing Scripts to operate your online business like a professional. Check out our latest research and currently available scripts. Click here!



  • Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Business - LinkedIn can be the perfect marketing tool for small businesses and independent professionals - if you know what you're doing. Most people just waste time on LinkedIn - browsing randomly and sending out odd connection requests. You can do so much more, and I'm going to show you what exactly. Learn to attract high quality clients. Get found by recruiters or potential business partners. Boost your personal brand while forming valuable relationships. Click here!



  • SEO Software That Works Successfully - Monitor your daily changes, your competitors, measure SEO performance, and improve your search engine rankings. Using this software you get pro-level SEO tracking tools in a refreshingly simple and usable interface. Positionly - SEO Software. Built for People.

Pro-level SEO Tools from $5 


  • Internet Marketing Tactics - iMarketer Training is an educational center based in London. We helped many students in the UK to start with their internet marketing campaigns and now we're here to help you. Internet Marketing is a phenomenon of our age. In the current business world, no marketing strategy is complete without internet marketing component. However, at iMarketer Training we advice you to start with complete basics. We have created 6 high quality, easy to chew courses for you, where you learn all the basics and much more. Ninja Marketing Tactics

  • Video Marketing Strategy to Grow your Business (Learn how to Attract, Brand, Convert and Delight your Target Audience) - This concise course will provide you with the video marketing strategy needed to attract your ideal audience, connect with them using powerful brand stories and convert them into delighted customers. In this video training program, you'll learn how to create videos that deliver on your business objectives by indentifying content that your target audience will actually want to watch. Then you learn how to optimize your videos to maximize your views and your Return on Investment. The course includes easy-to-follow video lectures that will get you up and running quickly so that you can get on with what you do best - grow your business. Video Marketing Strategy to Grow your Business


  • Skrill Online Banking Services - The Skrill Global Payment Suite offers everything you need to accept global payments easily and cost effectively. From allowing the individual customisation essential to make the difference to your business, to simplifying customer journeys as standard so that your customers receive a seamless payment experience across desktop, tablet and mobile. Click here.

  • Internet Marketing Using Amazon - This is a basic course about joining Amazon's Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program and learning how to sell on Amazon. The FBA program is great for those who are interested in selling on Amazon but don't want to worry about packaging and shipping to their buyers. You send your products to the Amazon warehouse and they will take care of the rest. There are a lot of expensive courses out there that charge hundreds of dollars to teach you how to sell on Amazon. My goal is to create a course that is more affordable for those who are interested in selling on Amazon without making such a huge investment. Getting Started With Amazon FBA



  • Making Money with Amazon's FBA Program - This is the most comprehensive course on Udemy about Amazon's FBA program. Once you complete this course you will be able to run your own Amazon FBA business on a part-time basis and earn $500+ per month (and many times much more). You will walk through several lectures that will help you set up your business, teach you how to run it, and how to make money through FBA. There are also several homework assignments that will keep you focused as you are starting your new venture! If you are looking to make some extra money or have always wanted to know how to run your own online business; then this is the course for you. Amazon: Hustling Your Way to Making Money with FBA


  • Great Tool for Your Newsletter & e-Mail Lists - With arpReach, we manage the deliverability issue differently from other providers by putting you in complete control of a system that's designed to drive your delivery rate up, not let it slip away. arpReach has a huge number of features, all designed to maximize your website's earning potential. And it covers the basics really well too. So if you need an autoresponder and mailing list solution that will cope as your business grows, then arpReach is the right choice. Click here.



  • Great Way to Start a Shopping Site – We have recommended using Datafeedr as makes it easy to build and embed an affiliate store into your WordPress blog. No programming required. Promote products from thousands of merchants. Your store automatically updates. Datafeedr, launched in April 2008, is a system which enables you to create & embed an affiliate shop into your WordPress blog. Our goal is to make store creation as simple as possible so you can spend more time promoting your site and less time building it. Read more.

  • Learn How to Build an e-Mail Marketing List - Whether you realize it or not your email marketing list is your most valuable asset. Everyone is always looking for that magical push-button software and in my experience and the thousands of dollars I've spent online there is only one...and that is the SEND button for your email marketing list. Inside this training you will find simple steps to guide you through the process of all the exact tools you need to build the framework for capturing lead after lead. Once you build the framework, which doesn't take long at all, all you need to do is send traffic to your squeeze page and start building your list. How To Build An Email Marketing List...FAST!



  • How to Build an Email List of Valid Addresses - List building is probably the fastest and most secure method of creating a stable source of recurring income from your online marketing. Using our business guide you will learn to capture targeted subscribers, build strong relationships and optimize your list for long-term revenue. How I Collected 85,000 Email Addresses: List Building



  • Guide to Public Relations for Small Businesses - Publicity helps your businesses sell more products, services and make more money by: Establishing credibility, building instant trust, getting in front of new audiences, improving search engine optimization and driving relevant revenue generating traffic to your website. Our guide is a step-by-step strategy to getting publicity in major, nationally recognized publications and methods of how to aggressively grow your mailing list and social following. Publicity for your business can result in hundreds of new clients and customers and this guide shows you how you can successfully accomplish this step.  Read more.

  • Learn Audio Editing with Adobe Audition for Voice Actors – This training will help you learn the basics of recording and editing your voice with Audition 6 and how to create fully produced audio tracks. Voice acting is a very competitive industry. Knowing how to edit auditions and send fully produced audio tracks to clients will give you an advantage. The skills taught in this course will help you build a loyal client base as, not only a voice actor, but an audio producer as well. Audio Editing with Adobe Audition for Voice Actorsc



  • Email Marketing - iContact allows businesses, non-profit organizations, and associations to easily create, publish, and track email newsletters, surveys, blogs, autoresponders, and RSS feeds. We believe that email marketing should be really easy and have built and designed iContact from the ground up to give you all the features you need while still making it easy enough for anyone to create permission-based email marketing campaigns with high deliverability. iContact.comcj

Your business and iContact, better together - try iContact for free!



  • How to Build an e-Mail List – Our course provides a step-by-step practical guide to grow your list, get steady traffic and measure your Return On Investment. This comprehensive guide will help you to build an email list and creating emails your subscribers actually WANT to open. Email Marketing 2014: Grow your list & get steady traffic


  • Using E-Mail Marketing - StreamSend is the most comprehensive and cost-effective permission based e-mail marketing suite available, and it is our honor to provide this powerful email marketing suite to marketers, entrepreneurs and online retailers around the world. Read more.


  • Display Your Seal as a Trusted Business - Trust Seals quickly increase the confidence of visitors to your website. Our unique trust-enhancing verification seals and customer feedback collection and reporting system increase e-commerce sales. Display the Trust-Verified seal on an e-commerce website to prove your credibility and legitimacy to visitors, and increase sales. Try our free three-month trial.

  • Submitting Your Site to Search Engines - Established in the year 2002, SIM is one of the very few Indian SEO companies with such a vast industry experience and a full-fledged team of 100+ dedicated SEO experts in different SEO service departments such as website audit, On-page SEO, analytics, content creation, local business SEO, press release marketing, social networking promotions and much more. Click here.

  • Scripts Templates - Fastdotnet.com offer convenience and more flexibility Scripts Templates other than any design firm. You do not need to be confused by the process how to change and modify your template design. What distinguishes fastdotnet from others is that we consider all unique Templates and that requires a different approach because many webmasters would like to have different objectives. Custom design touches and completely in accordance with the wishes of the client that they can edit and modify the template anytime in real time. tClick here.


  • Making Money With Internet Marketing - Ever wonder what those internet people are doing to make money online and create financial freedom? Do you want to create a business that makes money for you as you sit at home in your comfortable clothes and at your own schedule? What makes those internet gurus different from you? This course shows you all of the fundamentals of what it takes to make good money online. If you ever wondered what it is they do, its called internet marketing. As an Internet Marketer you must change the way you think about money, success and the internet. Learn the 3 things that are on the mind of every great Internet Marketer. Learn the 3 keys to being successful at making money online. Learn why some make money online while most doesn't. Learn how to sell products and services without being a pushing salesman. Learn the important elements every Internet Marketers has in their business. Get step by step instruction on how to include these elements into your business. Comprehensive Internet Marketing Home Study Trainingc 


  • Web Traffic Marketing - Millions of people waiting to hear from you and your business. Sound too good to be true? Well it's not. WebTrafficMarketing.com offers instant daily access to one of the largest legitimate bulk email databases available to online marketers today, and all of our recipients have double-opted in to receive marketing messages at one of our many partner sites. We've never had a single person accuse us of SPAM (because it's not!). We've done all the work for you. Just log into our easy-to-use web-based application, enter your offer and hit send. Your message instantly goes out to nearly 3 million people through our bulk email server. Read more.

  • How to Start an Online Business - This step-by-step approach will show you how to start an online business, working from home, and part time. All you need is a computer with internet access. What you will learn on this course. The course is designed to teach you: How to start an online business from scratch. How to make money online with no out-of-pocket expenses. Learn about profitable niche markets and how to find the most lucrative niches. How to become an affiliate and the steps in promoting a product. What kind of preparation is needed to start making money with Affiliate Marketing. How to create topic appropriate content for the product you are promoting. Discover what auto responders are and how they help your affiliate sites run smoother. How to grab your ClickBank affiliate link and use it on your free webpage. Learn how to grab your Amazon affiliate link so that you may use it on your website. Find out how to set up, post on, and edit your Weebly website. Learn what you need to do in order for you website to look clean and professional Find out how to setup Weebly for your Amazon product. Learn how to create a free report to give away in order to get email addresses onto your list. Learn how you can create a free report for Amazon products. Learn how to upload your PDF file for use in your auto-response email. Learn set up your auto-responder and integrate your free report with your autoresponder. Find out how to make your affiliate website bring in traffic. Find out how to increase traffic for your affiliate site through different free traffic generating methods. Learn how to get your websites indexed quickly. Boost Your Income From Home-How To Start An Online Business



  • Engaging & Understanding Your Customers - Qhub enables you to build your business through increased satisfaction by really engaging and understanding your customers with a fully featured, beautifully designed Q & A system.  This powerful marketing tool enables you to control the feedback from prospective customers and helps to inform them of your services in a clear and precise manner. Qhub.com - The Q&A System that builds Support Communities

Q&A Site


  • Web-Based Shipping Software - ShipStation is the leading web-based shipping software that is built to help online retailers organize and process their orders, while fulfilling and shipping them quickly and easily. With automatic order importing from over 40 shopping carts and marketplaces, like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Magento, ChannelAdvisor, and more, and automation features like custom hierarchical rules, product profiles, and more, ShipStation helps online retailers ship out their orders from wherever they sell, however they ship. eCommerce Shipping Fast and Simple. USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Free to Try!

Reduce the time you spend shipping with ShipStation  

  • Using Videos in Your Marketing Plans - With Business Web Videos you can show, tell and sell online. As an alternative to other, expensive videos, we offer a clean white background that allows your message be the star without distracting your audience. It’s clean, simple and costs you far less. Read more.


  • High Quality Leads for Marketing & Sales - Servehits.com provides webmasters and site owners the ability to purchase tiered traffic plans for their website(s). We offer quality U.S. traffic, Alexa traffic services and even social media packages to fit your sites unique needs. Servehits.com has been in the business of delivering professional website traffic to websites since December 2007. Since its creation, we have been after providing nothing but the highest of quality web visitors that can be delivered to a site while still providing an economical service. Read more.


  • Ad Tracking & Link Tracking Software - LinkTrackr is a web-based ad tracking and conversion tracking tool, developed for affiliates by affiliates With LinkTrackr, you get the same powerful link tracking and link cloaking software most professional marketers use, but at a fraction of the cost. LinkTrackr is a web-based Internet marketing tool designed to give you an upper hand and help you dominate your niche market with little time or effort. Click here.

  • How to Turn WordPress into an Online Store – Our software is a full featured WordPress theme that transforms an installation of WordPress, into an easy to use e-commerce store. Utilizing new custom fields and menus, MarketTheme allows you to easily add product information including prices, description, options, image uploading, shipping, and more -- all from an easy to use administration interface. MarketTheme truly is the ultimate solution for creating an environment where you can sell your own physical products, affiliate products, or digital downloads without a lot of setup time or technical knowledge. Click here


  • Shipping Your Goods World Wide - We have partnered up with Parcelbound.com to provide international shipping to customers worldwide. By simply signing up as a Parcelbound customer you will enjoy discounted international shipping rates, package consolidation services, full control over your shipments, easy but advanced account functionality, and much more. Parcelbound is a top rated international package forwarding company. They provide great savings to international customers wanting to ship from the USA to their home country mailing address. Read more.

  • Developing & Maintaining Customer Relations – Our service, officevp.com is an OfficeVP product and leverages knowledge, experience and expertise to help suggest, develop, empower and deliver industry strategies, standards, commitments, education and initiatives to our customers. This business tools includes e-mail marketing, newsletters, and to enhance your ability to effectively communicate. Click here.

  • Marketing With e-Mails & Newsletters - This excellent method of supplying important information about your products and services by this method which are sent automatically and immediately to enquirers and opt-in subscribers is a vital tool in increasing your sales and business image. You can create "letters" which are then sent automatically in response to enquiries made to your marketing e-mails or website. This will build confidence in your business and ultimately converts "leads" into "customers." Request the FREE trial. Click here

  • Video Creator Software - Create professional quality videos for your business quickly and easily at very competitive prices Finish your video in minutes with our "Quick Video Maker" or take full creative control in our powerful (but still easy-to-use) "Full Video Maker". GoAnimate is one of the best tools we've come across for developing animations... It's extremely easy to use, has a myriad of different scenarios and characters for you to chose from, and generates high definition animations that will add life to any training program or marketing campaign. Click here


  • Pinnacle Shopping Cart - Pinnacle Cart is an extremely powerful php shopping cart and web site builder application that allows you to create, manage and effectively market your store online. Get a complete eCommerce solution with customized storefront design. Built from a marketing perspective, Pinnacle Cart is designed to increase traffic, drive sales, and increase the average sale amount.Visit Pinnacle Cart

  • Online Sales & Customer Service Solutions - Our partner "Live Person" provides the answers to your difficult questions on, How to Increase Sales? How to build and improve customer relations and loyalty? This unique "customer service" enables your operators and staff to interact online with your customers at critical moments during their visit to your website. This is one of the most effective business and marketing tools we have researched, and will definitely assist you to "grow your business". Visit Liveperson

  • Shopify (World's Leading Shopping Cart Software) - This excellent service has very powerful built-in analytics that help you keep track of your store's progress over time. Benchmarking your online store's performance helps you make the right choices that will lead to more sales. Detailed statistics include: How your customers found you and what country they are in, Which URLs are referring to your online store, What search terms were used to find your store, Tracks the number of visits, including by page hits and unique visitors. Create Your Online Store Today!

  • Powerful Software to Create Marketing Directories - The Delamere Group now uses and recommends this tool in their online and marketing businesses, because eDirectory is the leading search technology software with more features than any other platform. eDirectory can easily be integrated into your current design or system, and provides all the tools you need to take your directory business to the next level, all while maximizing ad revenue throughout the site. Additionally, eDirectory has a team of developers to help customize your site, regardless of budget or scale. Read more.

  • Auto-Respond Signatures - This great marketing tool is the use of short statements at the end of email messages. It's a small step that can produce big results, so take advantage of this opportunity and place your business ad after your name. You only set it up once, and they go out with every email you send. Find out more.

  • eCommerce Tool for Internet Marketing - Built-In Affiliate Marketing System at your fingertips. If you need help designing a custom store or site design, just visit our design site and we'll help you create a stunning set up. We needed a product that would allow us to create content, products and deliverability, using automation to free up our time to do events and workshops, without losing the personal touch for our customers. More importantly, we needed a solution that would create a great customer experience for our visitors, students, customers and affiliates. We needed something that would allow us to incorporate all the great Web 2.0 tools being used today. Download a Full Blown eCommerce Suite For Free


  • Marketing Video of Your Business - We create a 2 minute marketing video of the business owner's website, include a professional voiceover and soundtrack, then upload the video to Youtube, Metacafe and Dailymotion. This helps to get more exposure, more web traffic and higher search engine ranking for the business. The business owner also gets a copy of the video. Read more.

  • Great Marketing Tool to Identify Site Visitor's Location - This is great marketing tool and is a geo IP solution to help you to identify visitor's geographical location, i.e. country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code and etc using a proprietary IP address lookup database and technology. This is a service that helps businesses better understand their customers, markets and help them gain a competitive edge. Read more.

  • Legal Protection for the Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs - Owners of small to medium size businesses told a recent survey the threat of a lawsuit could shut them down. Don't be road kill for some attorney. Get the information you need to protect yourself and your business legally when you become a member. This is a one-time fee with no monthly payments. Read more.

  • Download Marketing Tools - VideoBlocks.com is a subscription-based website that provides members with unlimited downloads of stock video, footage, motion backgrounds, production music, sound effects and more. Instead of charging by the download, we allow members to download as much as they want with no limits and you will have unlimited access to the entire Video Blocks archive. 7 Days of Free Downloads: 30,000 Video & Audio Clips

Free Stock Video and Audio Downloads

Tools to Help You Succeed


  • Email Marketing & Survey Software - Our Company provides simple but powerful email marketing and survey software. Over 350,000 small businesses choose us, because with GetResponse they get higher response rates and get more results from their campaigns. Business owners and marketers can craft beautiful newsletters and sign-up forms, choosing from hundreds of templates and using an intuitive drag 'n drop interface. Creating, sending and delivering targeted, segmented email campaigns couldn't be simpler. GetResponse Email Marketing. Trusted by 350,000 Customers in 182 Countries. Get Started Today!

  • For our clients in UK & Europe, Click here.

  • Affiliate Management Software - Hurricane affiliate management software has all the tools you need to run a successful affiliate program to grow your business. Perhaps the most frustrating aspect in our experience running our own affiliate program is the difficulty we’ve had in staying in touch with our affiliate team. We wanted to be able to announce sales, new products, new tutorials, etc. but the affiliate software available made it very difficult to communicate. With our software there is a strong focus on making communication easy between you and your affiliate team. Hurricane has simple and easy features built-in to help you take advantage of social media. And, perhaps best of all, we understand that all of this needs to be provided at an affordable cost. Unlimited affiliates, unlimited tracking requests. No transaction fees or commission sharing, just one low price. Read more.


  • Money Transfers for Business, Study or Travel - No matter why you’re transferring money, World First.com can help - so if you’re buying a property abroad, moving to a new country or paying tuition fees, collecting online sales revenue, we've got a solution that can help you get the most for your money. Once your account is set up all you need to do is tell us how much you want to send, who you want to pay and which currency you want to pay in. Then we'll quote you a rate. We just take a smaller margin than the banks do, and we try our best to make sure all your money gets to where it needs to by covering correspondent and receiving charges where we can. Read more.



  • Directory of Ezines That Successfully Market Your Business - Solo advertising is hot and has proven very effective. Our service helps members succeed with Ezine Advertising, Article Marketing, Joint Ventures and more. Click here!


  • Video Marketing – This great marketing tool enables one to record basic screen or webcam videos in seconds and get online in seconds. Add buy buttons and calls to action Explode sales by embedding "buy now" buttons, Opt in forms and CTA's directly in your videos. Create professional looking video pages for your marketing videos in seconds, all drag and drop. Click here!


  • Easy Way to Sell Online - BigCommerce is the all-in-one, #1 rated ecommerce service for selling products online with over 10,000 happy clients and growing daily. Using BigCommerce anyone can quickly and easily create an online store to sell products online, process and ship orders, track inventory and completely customize the look and layout of their store in just a few minutes. Launch your own ecommerce store with BigCommerce. All-in-one, easy to use, SEO, marketing tools and more. Try it free!big

BigCommerce: The easiest way to sell online!

  • eMail Marketing Tool - This is the simplest email marketing tool for small business. Forget complex settings and unnecessary features. Mailer Lite is so easy, that anyone can create and send beautiful email newsletters, manage subscribers and track results. Read more.


  • E-Commerce Automation – Using Nanacast Online Software is the best way to integrate multiple websites, membership sites, and manage affiliates under one centralized e-umbrella. There's practically nothing you can't do with this system. Automation, without scripts, at it's best and provides the most accurate affiliate tracking system in the industry. Read more.

Affiliate Programs


  • The subject of Internet Marketing cannot be fully appreciated and understood without the area of "Affiliate Programs" being reviewed. We have been presented with certain questions from our clients, for example:

    • How does one chose a reliable and successful "Affiliate Marketing Network" and also select suitable merchants that will be lucrative for my business and still keep within the ambits and calibre of my website?

    • How can one become successful in earning a decent living on the Internet, by linking and promoting the goods and services of other businesses while at the same time promoting my own business and services?

    • As a merchant with an established business, is it worth the effort, time and money to operate my own affiliate programme or appoint one of the established Affiliate Networks to handle my program?

    • Is it possible on the World Wide Web, to operate an online business from Russia, India, Kenya or Southern Africa, and at the same time use Merchants in Europe or the USA and earn money in Euros or Dollars? read more

    • To check out the current list of Affiliate Networks recommended by our marketing editor, please visit our web page on Affiliate Programmes. click here

  • For more ideas on small businesses you can operate from home, visit our page click here

  • Don't forget to visit our web page on the best resources for advertising your online business. click here


  • Software to Start & Manage an Affiliate Program – Most online businesses have found that creating an affiliate program to market their products or services is one of the most successful ways to expand and grow an online business.  This software undertakes all the tasks required to operate a successful affiliate program. Read more.


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