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To survive in today's fast-paced world of e-commerce, it is now becoming a reality that a successful business must have use of the Internet, and it is encouraging to note that an increasing number of small businesses have a web presence or plan to build one in the near future.

What factors do you need to consider in order to develop your business in the direction of "doing business on the web"? Or you may simply wish to gain more knowledge of the World Wide Web or just develop and establish a family or community web site.

Delamere-Pennine Associates have researched some of the best sources of information about the Web and Internet Service Providers (ISP). In addition we endeavor to answer questions for our clients, such as, How can I earn a living from the Internet? How do Affiliate Programmes operate and are they realistic? Is it wise to purchase a Domain Name or just select the closest name, which describes my business operation? Plus many other topics related to the Internet will be included in our updates to the Internet Page, which currently recommends sources for your additional research and possible use.

Our suggestions are by no means complete and other marketing tools and features will be added to our pages as information and products are forwarded to us. But we hope that the current services and products will help you on the way to success in your online business.

Commence your investigation by reading an article published by one of our associates, the Utah Business Magazine. Select the title "Archives" on the home page, then "How to do Business on the Web." click here

You will have now come to realize, that of primary concern, is facing the daunting task of creating an effective and accessible website. Remember that trying to build your own website, either using specialized software or electing to employ a web-developer, if your website gives the impression of being a "home-done" job and looks like an 'old mother Riley' lacking professionalism, your prospective clients may judge your business dealings on this 'first impression'.

Remember also that your website must attract repeat visits, must be easily found within the labyrinth of online sites, be attractive, interactive and secure.


Web Site Design and Development

Our experience has shown that launching a website is more successful if undertaken as a team effort. Input must come from individuals who have the required expertise. For example, research into the marketing viability of the product or service, creativity and flair in the design and layout of the website, and finally the technical programming experience or intricate knowledge of website software, to actually produce the website.

Rarely do these skills descend on the shoulders of one individual, and if such a person exists they could demand an annual salary equal to their own weight in gold bullion.

Of course you could go the route of D-I-Y (Do-It-Yourself), but look at some of the results of this choice. Plus you could also undertake a little 'surfing' yourself for good or bad websites, this will assist you in relating what makes an impact upon you and in turn your website visitors.

The relative costs of acquiring the services of a web-developer must be considered and a very good article to read is published in the Utah Business Magazine called "Spinning a Website-The Disparity of Costs in Building a Website" by Vincent Han click here and select "Archives" on the Home Page.

Finally, we suggest that you research the recommended Internet Service Providers (ISP) and other sources of assistance listed on our Internet Page. In addition you may contact our firm with any query related to this subject and we will either answer your query or direct you to the source for an expert answer.


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