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Features of the Month

  • Royalty-Free Photos to Use in Your Business or to Re-sell - Welcome to ResellerPhotoPackages.com, the web’s source for royalty-free photos, media and design elements. Artists, designers and photographers from around the world come here to get photos for illustrations and photos for website content. These photo files are royalty-free, which means you only have to pay once to use the files multiple times. All photos are delivered with master resell right. That means, that you can resell, give away and use them as you like. Click here!

  • Secure & Encrypted Mail - CTemplar mail was created to provide an anonymous and end-to-end encrypted mail to anyone who needs their communications shielded from prying eyes. We at CTemplar recognize the value in cryptography and cryptocurrency, hence the name “CTemplar” or “Crypto Templar.” We provide an anonymous and end-to-end encrypted email. No one except you and the person you send the email to can read the contents of your emails, including us. We are among the most secure email services in the world. The worlds most SECURE Email Available now!



  • Automatic Backup - Livedrive's computer backup product automatically backs up users files for a low monthly fee. It comes with unlimited backup storage and offers a 14 day trial, enabling customers to see how easy our automatic backup solution is. Unlike many competitors, Livedrive only stores files on its own servers, which are monitored 24/7 and have 3 layers of physical protection. Get a free trial of Livedrive Online Backup today



  • Large Collection of Fonts - Monotype offers the world’s largest collection of fonts across all our digital properties. We serve a wide variety of designers, from creative professionals working for brands to freelancers to hobbyists, offering an array of fonts across a large range of categories, like sans serifs, serifs, scripts, display and handwritten designs, to name a few. MyFonts the Largest Selection of Professional Fonts For Any Project Explore Today
FontExplorer X - Makes Everyone an Expert

  • Using Maps in Your Marketing - The words "geography" and "map" are commonly associated, largely because "map visualization is used to analyze and display the geographically related data and present it in the form of different map types." Readers interested in dabbling in data visualization and map making will enjoy this article, "10 Map Types in Visualization: Make Your Data Eye-catching," which covers some basic principles for creating data displays. As the title suggests, 10 different map types are covered, with a description, visualization, and suggested use for each. For example, point maps may be used for "accident tracking," while line maps are great for showing transportation routes. There is also the three-dimensional rectangular map, branded the "upgraded version of the point map." The conclusion of the piece adds remarks on the best platforms and technologies to create these maps. The other suggested software, FineReport, is freely available to download for personal use, and users will find a link to download it at the top of the article. Readers should note that this article was published in FineReport's blog as an example of how their platform can be used. Click here. (From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2020)



  • Website Translation Tool - Bablic is the leading website localization solution, a one-stop platform to easily create a localized experience for every visitor in any language. We are experts at removing language barriers Although the process is fully automated, our customer have full flexibility when it comes to content translation: they can choose and combine machine, manual, or professional translation. The integration is as easy as copy/pasting a small code snippet into the website. No programming or technical skills are required. After that you are in full control of your users’ multilingual experience, and with a click you can publish/unpublish languages to your live website. Easiest Website Translation Tool Ever. Try now for free

Bablic Website Translation – 10% off with code



  • Word Press Themes - WordPress pages for download. I was looking for a highly flexible theme that was eye catching. I found it with One Page Express. What I didn’t expect was the AWESOME tech support. Read more.



  • Word Press Support & Maintenance - We’re a small team of expert developers who are passionate about what we do. We know WordPress inside out and love nothing more than working with clients to improve and build their websites. WPBees - Maintenance & Support for WordPress Websites




  • Use of Vintage Photos - Here at IMS Vintage Photos, we are strongly involved in preserving history and helping archives around the world in digitizing their physical images, photos or prints! IMS was founded as a picture agency on January 21st, 1946, however, we started selling actual original vintage photographs to a global clientele from 2013. We are experts in the digitization process of physical photographs. That is why we partner with newspaper archives all over the world and get access to their historic and original pictures in exchange for assisting them with the overall digitization process. Shop Now Get the very best in gifts from IMS Vintage Photos.



  • Audio & Video Conferencing - MegaMeeting.com, its web based vehicle for connecting virtually anyone on all major operating systems – Windows, macOS, iOS, Android & Linux, was launched in February 2004. Developed by a passionate team of marketing and technology experts in Southern California, MegaMeeting.com is breaking down previous barriers and providing a seamless experience for audio and web conferencing for one and all on the Internet. Read more.



  • Graphic Design Marketplace - Designhill is the world's largest online graphic design marketplace. We endeavor to provide a reliable marketplace where we've been connecting passionate designers with customers who need quality, affordable design services. Design Hill - Book A Free Design Consultation Today!



  • Book Publisher Tools - With POD Graphics Maker you can create patterns from scratch. Start with a basic pattern style, doodled, tangled, geometric or symbols. Play with the sliders and settings, and interactively and playfully shape your designs. Use the magical fluidity slider to create hand-drawn looking patterns, add colors, and to finalize your image, you can even use masks and text to shape the output. In POD Pattern Maker you can create coloring pages by using only black and white images or line art images. By stacking several layers, you can create intricate and fun coloring pages. In POD Graphics Maker you can create coloring pages by using only black and white colors. Read more.

  • Search Engine Optimization - This powerful tool helps your business to grow organic traffic with our complete and easy SEO tools and work flow analysis.  Uncover millions of national and local keywords. Analyze any domain’s back link profile and run technical SEO audits. Take your business visibility to the next level!

Listing Management Tool



  • Donorbox Fundraising Software - This is powerful fundraising software that is super simple to set up and attracts more recurring donors. Start fundraising with a fast, optimized donation payment system in 15 minutes. Pre-filled custom amounts with descriptions so your donors feel great by knowing what they're contributing to. Forms are localized in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, and Swedish. Set your donation forms to any color. Read more.


  • Password Security - Keep all of your passwords for websites, apps, Wi-Fi, everything, all in one place. Visit a website and your username and passwords are entered automatically for you and creates unique, uncrackable passwords that are different for every site. Password Boss Premium Annual Subscription



  • WordPress Translation Plugin - No more switching between the editor, string translation interfaces or badly translated plugins. With this WordPress translation plugin you work with the final page directly from the front-end, with full support for WooCommerce and site builders. Read more.



  • Manage Your Font Files & Collection - Printer's Apprentice is the powerful and easy to use font manager for Windows. Whether you are a graphic artist, a publishing professional or a software enthusiast, Printer's Apprentice will help you manage, organize and print your font collection. Professional software for managing font files on Windows 10, 8 & 7 systems. Features an elegant Explorer-style interface for viewing TTF, OTF & Type 1 fonts. Has extensive catalog and font sample sheet printing. Includes full help file & uninstall. Printer's Apprentice



  • Software for Digital Media Solutions - Apowersoft is a company located in Hong Kong and dedicated to providing digital media solutions to people around the world. Our tools allow users to create innovative digital content via screen capturing, audio video recording/processing and multimedia conversion in their daily life and works. Besides, our software solutions also cover mobile transfer and management, PDF conversion, data clean and recovery, etc. Video Download Capture Personal License


  • Easy GIF Animator - This product is powerful, very easy to use software for creating animated pictures, banners, buttons and GIF videos. You get extensive animation editing features, animation effects, unmatched image quality and optimization for the web. Easy GIF Animator 7 Personal

  • Create a Flip Book of PDF Files - All you have to do is to input your .pdf files location and the PDF Flip Book will do the job for you. The process takes only a few minutes and you can use it on your own website. You can also customize the interface with your own background image or color, company logo and your website URL. Have your FlipBook Ready in Minutes! You can host and manage the PDF FlipBook publications directly on your website. You can use your own background image and brand colors. PDF FlipBook Premium Edition


  • Scripts to Use in Web Design - PHP is one of the most popular and widely used open-source server-side scripting languages. There are about 20m websites using PHP, including top websites like Facebook, WordPress, etc. PHP has detailed documentation, huge community, various ready to use scripts, well supported frameworks and importantly it is much easier to start with PHP than other scripting languages (Python, Ruby, etc). These are some good reasons why many Website developers prefer it to other scripting languages. Small PHP Scripts is filled with lots of useful scripts related to SEO, PPC, Networks, Local Search, Social Media, Finance, Education, Maps, Mobile, etc. Adsense Ads Preview Script



  • Generating Lists of Email Addresses - Our powerful software Generates UNLIMITED email lists for email marketing and adding friends to social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Acute Email IDs Production Engine is undoubtedly the best software for generating huge lists of email addresses for email marketing purpose. Today, around 40,000 internet marketers are using this software every day for their email marketing campaigns. This software can supply unlimited lists of email addresses for online promotion of your website, blog, videos, products, services, affiliate programs and CPA offers. Acute Email IDs Production Engine


  • WordPress Hosting Service - We’re a new breed of Technology Company and we are at the intersection of software innovation and service. Our platform provides brands the solutions they need to create remarkable sites and apps on WordPress that drive their business forward even faster than imagined. How Site Speed Affects Your Business

WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting



  • WordPress Themes for Websites - The best and most popular WordPress themes that transform your WordPress website into a genuine auction or reverse auction website. It comes with plug and play functionality without the need of any other additional plugins and how easy it is to create websites with this software. WordPress Auction Theme



  • The Sales Power of Live Chat - Live Chat allows visitors to get their queries solved and helps them in taking quick buying decision. We understand how important it is to get visitors to your Website! Every visitor is a probable customer. Let our Chat Agents remain online round the clock and increase your sales. Visit DeskMoz


  • Backlink Analysis Tool - Linkultra is a backlink analysis tool for getting detailed understanding of any sites backlinks. It has a whole array of features to give you a understanding of your backlink profile, plus your clients or even your competitors.  Dnderstanding your backlink structure and what is working is key to your success. Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. When a webpage links to any other page, it's called a backlink. Linkultra - Starter – Monthly Subscription



  • Protect & Govern Sensitive Data - Our company SysTools, we innovate applications to simplify technology. Our solutions play crucial role in protecting user data; personal and business related. We value your data and allow you to protect & govern your most sensitive data through our applications. SysTools Software




  • WordPress Plugin for Business & Marketing Sites – One can import products from eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon, Walmart, Envato to a WordPress website. All you need is a product IDs (ASINs) list.  For example, this is a plugin that is used to import products from Amazon into your Wordpress WooCommerce site. The plugin is helpful to create a store with specific Amazon products (dropship) and let you use affiliate URLs. CSV WooImporter. Add-on for WooImporter.



  • Create Professional Looking Signs & Banners - Our service makes it simple for anyone to quickly and easily create professional looking, custom signs, banners, magnets, bumper stickers etc. We specialize in servicing real estate agents, developers, construction companies, insurance agents, retailers, event and conference planners, church and school groups, and individuals looking for special event signage. BuildASign.com also offers a large number of consumer targeted products like customizable bumper stickers, street signs, license plates, decals etc. BuildASign.com

Fall Banners 300x250



  • Create Videos Using Flowplayer - Videos are one of the most important assets to promote products on the Internet or to generate online courses. The most important issue is the setup of the video player on the web page where the video will be displayed and played. Flowplayer offers one of the best solutions on the Internet and has a free version which is great when you start off. With Flowplayer you can create great video players even on light boxes and also you can add subtitles and display content on your page or video at specific times during the video playback, you can trigger event, e.g. play other videos, using this feature. You can also improve the features using the Javascript API offered by Flowplayer. If you want to create video courses with Flowplayer you can also create playlists and generate video thumbnails. In this course we will show you all these features and more and at the end you will be able to create great video pages and video courses on your websites. Create wonderful video effects with Flowplayer




  • FreshDesk Cloud-based Customer Support - Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that was founded with the mission of enabling companies of all sizes to provide great customer service. Our goal is simple: make it easy for brands to talk to their customers and make it easy for users to get in touch with businesses. Our customers are typically small and medium enterprises that are looking for a cloud based customer support software. Today we have more than 300 employees globally and Freshdesk helps over 50,000 businesses and organizations around the world offer better, more personal support to their customers. Super-user friendly helpdesk system that's FREE forever!



  • Quality Link Exchange - Automatic Backlinks is the oldest and largest quality link exchange network online. We only accept quality sites and pages in the system and we are 100% free to use (link exchange network), with the option of purchasing additional backlink credit on a monthly subscription. Automatic Backlinks - The worlds largest quality link exchange network

Automatic Backlinks 



  • Advanced Tools to Market Your Business - eGrove Systems is the ideal provider of solutions for Website development services, Application development & maintenance services, Mobile Application development, Mobile website development, High-end IT consulting, Professional staffing services, Search Engine Optimization services, Infrastructure Services & IT security Solutions. Our aim is to deliver optimal solutions that help our customers achieve their business goals. We've developed innovative products using various open source technologies such as Python, Magento, Prestashop and Native mobile technology. Our products provide optimum support to the users and reduce their development efforts to a great extent. The tough challenges can be simplified by using these products. Other than this we do have developed Mobiles Apps & SEO Tools which help the stores and companies to stand out from the others. ModuleBazaar, Elitesiteoptimizer, Eliteloyaltyapp, Elitemcommerce. Visit eGrove Systems Corporation

Magento Modules from Module Bazaar



  • Document Management System - eFileCabinet is a document management system that safely and securely manages your files and documents online, on your desktop or on your mobile device-without the use of paper. Its simple on-premise or online options facilitate storing, searching and sharing of information. Robust security technology easily enables compliance with requirements from leading security governing bodies. Read more.



  • How to Create eBook Covers - In this course you will learn how to create your own beautiful eBook covers using (Gimp) a free software program, so this course is ideal for writers, designers and anyone who wants to learn how to create stunning eBook covers. The course is structured in a way that is easy to follow and assumes that you are completely new to Gimp. You will receive videos, PDF files and (Bonus) 2 templates with 2 videos that will show you how to create two 3D eBook covers using Gimp. Once you download Gimp, you will be able to follow along at your own pace as we create 4 eBook covers together. You will discover that you don't need expensive software or designers to create stunning eBook covers, you can do it yourself. All you need is the right tools and some inspiration. Also included are two bonus videos for students who already have PowerPoint installed on their PC's. We will also briefly show you an inexpensive software program that we have been using for years to create logos, web graphics and eBook covers. In addition to the above we have also included a link to a website we use to find images that are free to use in commercial projects. How to create your own eBook covers



  • Business Web Tools That Work - We now offer an essential tool for small business owners.  AllProWebTools, the business management software that improves productivity and sales. Access all your business information from any Internet enabled device. Easy, intuitive design - reduce staff training time with great features like CRM, CMS, task manager, shopping cart, and website hosting all included. Access the free, fully functional, demo today. No credit card required. Read more.



  • Scripts Required to Establish & Operate an Online Business - Affiliate Niche Script combines the power of Amazon & eBay’s API in one powerful, flexible, easy to install Affiliate Store Builder. It includes a fully customizable templates, Amazon + eBay + AdSense integration, Advanced SEO settings, and many other useful settings and plug-ins. With this script you can create your own online store. This script is easy to use and easy to integrate to any design. We have a wide selection of other scripts also for targeted web sites, including Press Release Scripts, Classified, Coupons, News, plus many more. Check our catalog


  • Do-it-yourself Mobile App-creation Platform - ComoTM is the world's leading do-it-yourself mobile app-creation platform, powering over one million small business apps around the world, with over 4,500 new apps created every day. Como's unique platform enables anyone to quickly and easily create custom mobile apps and sites for all major mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, and HTML5), with minimal cost and no coding necessary. Put your business on a mobile app. No Coding, no fuss. Try it now !




  • Online Photo Library - Alamy is the world’s largest online photo library. We have over 65 million images, live news shots, vectors and HD videos from 600 top agencies and 36, 000 photographers. The world’s most diverse stock photo library

Alamy Ltd


  • Using Wordpress Web Pages - Imagine you could add new pages to your site, drag-and-drop any part to where you want it, click save and be done. All of this is accomplished without ever touching your admin panel. Add sections, items, graphics, text, media, contact forms, or almost anything you could imagine - all drag-and-drop - right on your page. Read more.




  • Templates for Office Suite - OfficeReady comes in two feature-rich versions: Platinum & Professional. Both come packed with Microsoft Word templates, Excel templates, PowerPoint templates, document editing tools, and much more. Click here.


  • Royalty Free Videos & Photos - Explore the largest collection of royalty-free video on the web, plus millions of photos, illustrations, music, sound effects, AE templates, and 3D models. Every clip submitted is reviewed by our team of expert curators for approval. Find professional, high-resolution formats in every media type. Read more.

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5



  • Video Creator Software - Create professional quality videos for your business quickly and easily at very competitive prices Finish your video in minutes with our "Quick Video Maker" or take full creative control in our powerful (but still easy-to-use) "Full Video Maker". GoAnimate is one of the best tools we've come across for developing animations... It's extremely easy to use, has a myriad of different scenarios and characters for you to chose from, and generates high definition animations that will add life to any training program or marketing campaign. Click here.

  • Scripts & Marketing Tools for Your Online Business – We now offer the latest and most successful Internet Marketing Scripts to operate your online business like a professional. Check out our latest research and currently available scripts. Click here!

  • Using Wordpress Applications for Websites - AppThemes is a privately funded startup that designs and develops professional WordPress applications. Our goal is to build high-quality products that are affordable and easy to setup for businesses of all sizes. Building our applications on WordPress helps take out the learning curve and technical knowledge required of most traditional software. Read more.

  • Professional Logos - A logo is a company's face and there is no denial to its importance. A company's identity is build through its logo because it is the first thing that appears before consumers and they make up their minds regarding quality of services or products offered by a particular company. A company has to be logo conscious because a logo design defines the brand image and identity of the company, so it is perilous to risk the quality of the logo design. Visualization, identification and an emotional feedback from consumers are some significant functions of a company logo that allow a company to stand and stay successful at the international level. Read more.

10% Discount On Each Order!

  • Tracking Tool for Internet Marketing - Success and profit are just unavoidable consequences if you use the right techniques and tools. Affiliate big-wigs spend fortune designing online marketing systems that give them an unfair advantage over everyone else. ClickMeter gives you the same powerful link tracking and link cloaking tool most professional marketers use, but at a fraction of the cost. ClickMeter is a super easy-to-use web-based professional tool. We help Affiliates to monitor, compare, and optimize all their online marketing campaigns in one place, in real time. This allows you to laser-focus in the right direction, optimize monetization, and dominate your niche market. ClickMeter is the Amazing Tracking Tool for Affiliates marketers: Monitor, compare an optimize all your ads in one place. Signup Today for FREE

amazing Tracking Tool for Affiliate Marketers 


  • Google Maps & JavaScript API for Beginners - Embedding Google Maps in Websites and Phonegap Apps. Maps make websites more useful; they can help users find businesses and areas of interest, get directions, or gain insights into new communities. In this course, learn to add interactive maps to your websites with Google Maps JavaScript API v3. Our course will first show you how to set up the tools and get an API key. After an introduction to presenting simple maps with the JavaScript, the course describes how to set a map's initial state, switch between different map types, work with map markers, draw shapes, and work with zoom controls, the My Location button, and much more. Google Maps JavaScript API For Beginnersc




  • Expertory is Ecommerce for Online Video - We are the world’s only all-in-one Ecommerce platform for live and pre-recorded video. Expertory makes it easy for people to sell Monthly Subscriptions & Pay-Per-View Rentals to their own online videos and Bookings to Live Online Video Consultations and Classes. Expertory is a comprehensive ecommerce solution that allows you to sell subscriptions and pay-per-view rentals of your online videos as well as conduct live consultations and classes via in-browser video calls. Expertory enables you to accept bookings for your live video sessions, manage your prerecorded videos, accept credit card payments and add team members — all with a few clicks of the mouse. Expertory is Ecommerce for Video - Start your FREE trial now!



  • SEO MASTER Express – Our software is designed for Windows and Mac users, SEO MASTER Express is a Do-It-Yourself style On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tuning software that analyzes your web page based on the latest search engine algorithms and gives you tuning advices to help your website appear higher in search ranking. SEO MASTER Express checks over 50 elements that are related to On-Page SEO factors and provides detailed recommendations and instructions on how to optimize your pages. Read more


  • Audio Theme for Websites – Our service was born out of the needs of music makers who want an awesome site, but don’t have the time to struggle with complicated setups or money to afford a totally custom solution. Hey, we love music and we love our work, combining the two seemed like a good idea. Unlike other music themes and services, our themes are like a one-stop shop. Instead of visiting a variety of different sources for all the features and support needed for a music site, WordPress is powerful and simple enough to manage everything from one location. It makes life infinitely easier and puts you in control of your own content. AudioTheme – Websites For Music Makers.

AudioTheme - Websites for Music Makers 


  • Create & Customize Your Own Poll - To get started, simply type in a poll question and up to 30 possible answers. You can then customize your poll with your own colors, font, and settings. When you're finished we'll provide you an HTML code to paste into your website. Read more.

  • Logo & Graphic Design Services – Our company DesignCrowd is an online marketplace providing logo, website, print and graphic design services by providing access to freelance graphic designers and design studios around the world.  DesignCrowd gives you access to a 'virtual team' of 138,158 designers from around the world (via a process called crowdsourcing) - helping you to tap into the very best international design talent available, at a low cost. Post a project on DesignCrowd and watch designs pour in from around the world (the average project receives 50+ designs). We pride ourselves on quality (not just quantity) - DesignCrowd uses "Crowdsourcing 2.0" a fairer, sustainable, higher quality crowdsourcing where every designer can get paid and customers can browse our top graphic designers and hand-pick their favourites. Need a Logo Design? Crowdsource Your Designs Online Now! 

  • Software to Create Your Own Logos – We have over 200 awesome templates and loads of Web Graphics that you can customize and modify. Create Logos, Blog Images, Page Headers, Facebook Graphics and more! Click here.


  • Create Professional DVD Movies with ArcSoft - ArcSoft is an industry-leading software developer of multimedia imaging technologies and applications, offering fully integrated solutions to provide a complete user experience that spans across smart phones, feature phones, tablets, PCs and cameras. ArcSoft offers the easiest, most complete way for you to create professional-looking DVD movies from your home videos, photos, and existing slide show presentations. With a step-by-step design, you can quickly arrange your own menu layouts, assemble fully customized photo slide shows, and burn your final project as a DVD or VCD. Try our trial download to see the power of this software and it makes a great marketing tool. Arcsoft



  • Logo Design – Our service is the simplest and most cost effective way to create a professional brand for businesses on any budget. Users can create a customized logo in just minutes, no design experience needed! LogoGarden has completely reinvented the DIY logo process, cutting out the complications that stop you cold and drive you nuts. Result: dazzling looks. Instant launch. And zero cost. Start building your professional brand by creating a free logo in just 8 minutes!



  • Marketing With e-Mails & Newsletters - This excellent method of supplying important information about your products and services by this method which are sent automatically and immediately to enquirers and opt-in subscribers is a vital tool in increasing your sales and business image. You can create "letters" which are then sent automatically in response to enquiries made to your marketing e-mails or website. This will build confidence in your business and ultimately converts "leads" into "customers." Request the FREE trial. Click here



  • Graphic Creative & Design - BestCreativity is a 100% online service that facilitates businesses and companies with access to an ever growing community of upbeat designers willing to compete to satisfy any creative need. The Client starts a contest pre-paying amount and gets creative talents working on it. The best creative professionals on the web will compete to satisfy all your graphic and creative needs. Publish your requests, launch a contest engaging graphic creative and copywriters, and evaluate the custom projects created for you by the best experts in the field, until you find the perfect one to satisfy all your expectations. You decide how much you want to spend; no risks, satisfaction guaranteed. Do You Need a Professional Graphic Design? Get 100+ Custom Proposals in 7 Days!

Logo Design 

  • Auto-Respond Signatures - This great marketing tool is the use of short statements at the end of email messages. It's a small step that can produce big results, so take advantage of this opportunity and place your business ad after your name. You only set it up once, and they go out with every email you send. Find out more.

  • Royalty-Free Stock Footage Files - RevoStock have over 236,617 high quality royalty-free stock footage files in SD and HD, and all instantly downloadable! We carefully review every video file uploaded to ensure you can find high quality stock video at affordable prices! Our MicroFLEX pricing means our stock video starts at only $5 and never goes over $85! Read more.


  • Our Free Translation Service - Quickly translate Microsoft Word documents, Outlook emails and highlighted text, you also obtain an instant online quote from Click2Translate.com, our translation services agency, and we use only high quality translation services from our professionally trained, native speaking translators. Click here.


  • Great Marketing Tool to Identify Site Visitor's Location - This is great marketing tool and is a geo IP solution to help you to identify visitor's geographical location, i.e. country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code and etc using a proprietary IP address lookup database and technology. This is a service that helps businesses better understand their customers, markets and help them gain a competitive edge. Read more.


  • Online Web Traffic Analysis & e-Business Intelligence - We provide statistical data available to you in an increasing number of formats and continues to raise the bar in the web analytics market. Customers can view their data online at our website, download it in a variety of formats, stream it to their own applications via XML. Try our free trial. iWebtrack-FREE Website Monitoring


  • Tools to Manage Your Online Business - Our suite of e-tools are composed of nine distinct PHP web based solutions that allow any business or organization to more effectively manage customers, sell products online and dynamically provide valuable information via the web. Our solutions automate these tasks which in turn save you money. These tools include e-mail mailing list manager, press release manager, customer support manager, plus more. Click here



Refer a Friend - Marketing Tool


  • Super Refer-a-Friend – This service has been recommended by many of our clients.  Read more.



  • The Web Marketing Tool- "Refer-a-Friend" - Using this powerful "tool" on your web site is probably one the most effective ways in building up your online business. You can easily obtain HTML code or script from many FREE sources, but usually the displayed feature on your website is "loaded" with advertisements unrelated to your business and market. This is OK is you wish to only use Free Web Tools. Our firm has researched, tested and personally recommends the following sources of the "Tell-a-Friend" marketing tool. The power of this "tool" is that its free advertising for your web site and business, increases newsletter signups, increase page views and repeat traffic.
  • The "Tell-a-Friend" released by "Referral Blast" offers 3 choices.
    • "Custom Built", which gives you control over the total appearance and behavior of the feature with optional web marketing enhancements.
    • "PRO-Version," which offers excellent features, such as notification every time a visitor to your site uses "Referral Blast" from your site. and
    • "LITE-Version". This is a more limited version of the "PRO" and allows only one "Tell-a-Friend" referral at one time.


Tools Which Will Help You Market Your Site

  • Using Videos in Your Marketing Plans – Our company specializes in providing leading edge video email solutions for business. In addition to great video quality and secure delivery, we offer custom branding, exit links, tracking, mobile delivery and mobile apps with network sharing not typically available through other providers. Our service is backed by outstanding and responsive customer support, graphic and billing specialists. Get Your Covideo Free Trial Now!





  • Opencart Flipbook Plugin - This software is developed to show flipbook at your product pages, support pages or in content pages. Improve the sales and the customer satisfaction with flipbook for opencart! Flipbookeasy - Opencart - Starter



  • How to Create Outro Videos for YouTube - OutroMaker was born out of the need for a quick and automated approach to the process of creating outros. This powerful business tool is ideal for marketing plans and promotion of products and services for sale. Visit outromaker.com

Create outros and annotations for your YouTube videos




  • Using Social Media for Marketing – We are an innovative social media marketing firm. We use Instagram to market businesses and blogs. We DO NOT use fake followers or bots. Our clients notice our marketing results within the first day and they absolutely love it. Visit our site IG WILDFIRE




  • How Do Visitors to Your Website Use What They See - Hotjar is a new and easy way to improve your site UX and conversion rates by using Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings, Funnel and Form Analysis, Polls and Surveys... all in one central interface. Read more.




  • Video Creation Platform - Wideo is an animated video creation platform that allows you to create, edit, and share professional videos online. It’s easy to use and has everything you need to create an incredible marketing, informational, or educational video. Make free animated vidos at wideo.co



  • LifeFlix Video Editor - LifeFlix was founded by video industry veterans who have worked together for almost 20 years. We started in the 90's when the digital video age spawned, cultivated, and launched. All founders use video editors and have been involved in several major professional video companies. The genesis of LifeFlix came from a shared frustration of trying to import our dozens of MiniDV tapes using video editors. We all agreed the experience was was ok for one tape, but not for 20.  We just wanted to import, watch, save, and share our memories. Read more.



  • Live Chat Web Tool - We believe that every business with a website needs tools to communicate with its customers. LiveChat fills in for phone calls, which are expensive and e-mails, which tend to be slow. Unique greetings and powerful reporting are just some of our features that will aid you in your day-to-day business activities. Read more.

Live Chat Software 


  • Email Marketing & List Management - This web tool is the key to effective email marketing. Having good management skills with your subscriber lists will result in your email marketing campaigns being successful along with providing a high return on investment. Total Send provides you with all the features needed to manage your lists: list size according to your plan, custom fields, website integration, subscriber segmentation, automatic subscription and bounce management, and much more. Read more.


  • Download Marketing Tools - VideoBlocks.com is a subscription-based website that provides members with unlimited downloads of stock video, footage, motion backgrounds, production music, sound effects and more. Instead of charging by the download, we allow members to download as much as they want with no limits and you will have unlimited access to the entire Video Blocks archive. 7 Days of Free Downloads: 30,000 Video & Audio Clips

Free Stock Video and Audio Downloads


  • Powerful Software to Create Marketing Directories - The Delamere Group now uses and recommends this tool in their online and marketing businesses, because eDirectory is the leading search technology software with more features than any other platform. eDirectory can easily be integrated into your current design or system, and provides all the tools you need to take your directory business to the next level, all while maximizing ad revenue throughout the site. Additionally, eDirectory has a team of developers to help customize your site, regardless of budget or scale. Read more.


  • Convert PDF Files Into Booklets & Page Flipping Magazines - Flip PDF is your easy way to batch convert ordinary PDF files into stunning booklets with amazing page-flipping animations and sound. No programming tricks needed. Creates realistic Adobe Flash based page-flipping books in minutes Publish your content such as magazines, brochures and catalogues to web sites, email and even CD-ROM, Also imports hyperlinks, bookmarks and text from your original PDF files. Read more.


  • Web Analytics - Our service Compete.com is a new breed of web analytics company. Powered by the largest pool of online consumer behavior data in the industry, and is the only online competitive intelligence service that combines site and search analytics in one site to help you quickly master online marketing We have a diverse sample of 2,000,000+ U.S. Internet users that have given us permission to analyze the web pages they visit and ask them questions via surveys. We're betting that the insights we create from consumers' online behavior - whether they're watching, searching, shopping or socializing - is valuable for companies who are looking to radically improve their marketing. We think that web analytics means analyzing what consumers do across the entire web, not just what they do within a particular site, and that marketers can use this rich information across the entire company, not just for online media planning or site design decisions. How are your competitors driving search traffic?


  • E-Mail Distribution by Bench Mark - This service offers sophisticated list management, hundreds of e-mail templates, ultra-precise reports and dazzling email and video email Now, package all that together for an extremely affordable price. Read more.


  • Marketing Templates for Small Business - With over 20 million small businesses in the U.S. alone, our products help small businesses look more professional. Our expertly designed email marketing templates and hundreds of document template designs make us the #1 provider of add-on products for Microsoft Office. Welcome to TemplateZone! Click Here


  • Royalty Free Photos - Our service offers a comprehensive collection of select royalty-free photos, vectors and illustrations from Getty Images, iStockphoto and Jupiterimages. Our streamlined subscription process offers a high-octane search and 24/7 image access! We have several great subscription offers to chose from. Visit Thinkstock


  • Voice Over Recording Service - We provide the best voice over recording service, with outstanding quality, fast turnaround and client satisfaction. We have a large pool of the best professional voice talent available at your fingertips suitable for Narration, Presentation Software, (CBT) Computer Based Training, Macromedia Flash, Website Audio, Commercials, etc. Amazing Voice owns and operates a dedicated professional recording studio with state-of-the-art equipment and employs professional audio engineers to master and produce the finest quality voice-overs that are technologically possible. Professional Voice Over Recording


  • The Logo Company - This service is a major player in the online market for logo design and corporate identity branding. We have been designing quality custom logo design on the net since 2000. The Logo Company has provided unique logo design to literally thousands of clients in this short space of time. Business Logo Design


  • IMSI/Design Products - This is a global leader in retail CAD (Computer Aided Design). IMSI/Design products include the award-winning TurboCAD®, TurboFLOORPLAN™, TurboSketch™, and DesignCAD™ families of precision design applications. These are affordable, easy-to-use graphics and design software products, including top-selling TurboCAD. Visit IMSI/Design for a wide selection of award-winning precision design, graphics and utilities software at great prices! Click Here


  • A Great Online Marketing Tool - This marketing tool used for advertising your business or services, Oddcast's VHost SitePal™ allows YOU to create speaking animated characters (avatars) for your web site, and add your own audio message via Text-to-Speech or voice recording. Our clients using this marketing tool have high praises for its efficiency and success in promoting their business. Read more.



  • Use a Real Person on Your Website - This is an Internet-based service being promoted by Delamere Marketing that allows your website to have a real person as the face of your company. We believe that real people relate to real people, not to animations. This service uses real people to enrich the interactivity of your site! Simply tell us what you'd like your model to say, and how you'd like them to interact! We will do all the work for you - no programming skills required. You can choose from a variety of real actors who will be personal hosts to your site and do all the talking for you! Read more.

  • Free Professional Shopping Cart - This shopping cart is without doubt the most professional ecommerce solution and manageable in all senses for the Hispanic market. We have developed an excellent and robust software program with a large capacity of customization. It is our recommendation that all entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the Internet's potential to improve their revenues and sell online, to give this shopping cart software a try. This is professional shopping cart software in English and Spanish that is free to clients of the Delamere Group. Click to check for more details.


  • Enhance your web site with Live Chat Help - To compete in today's fast paced world your business has to have the right tools for the job. You need an infrastructure that can keep your mission-critical systems secure, a marketplace where you can build business relationships, and the flexibility to grow as your business expands -- all under one roof. For more details.

  • E-Mail Marketing Manager for the Small Business - Once you have your online business up and running it is essential to keep in touch with your site visitors and customers with constant contact. The web site tool to now use is The E-Mail Manager. This successful tool includes:
    • Build and manage your opt-in email lists.
    • Produce professional looking HTML Newsletters and Promotions
    • Track your results with extensive reporting features. Try this service out and request the "No Obligation Free Trial".

Direct Email Marketing with Constant Contact


  • The Value of Using Auto-Responders in Your Online Marketing - This excellent method of supplying important information about your products and services by means of "auto-responders" which are sent automatically and immediately to enquirers is a vital tool in increasing your sales and business image. You can create "letters" which are then sent automatically in response to enquiries made to your marketing e-mails or website. Your prospective customers receive the requested information without delay and you can also create "auto-responders " to be sent out at regular predetermined intervals, which will build confidence in your business and ultimately converts "leads" into "customers." Request the FREE trial. click here

Tools Which Will Help Using the Web Easier & More Efficient

  • Easy Project - This is a project management tool for anyone who wants to deliver projects on time, scope and budget. It includes features like WBS, Gantt Chart, Resource Management, Agile board and more. Easy Project always comes with professional implementation documentation, training and support. Visit Easy Project.



  • Website Security & Support - Thousands of businesses worldwide trust Incapsula with their websites and web applications. Whether you're an e-commerce business, SaaS provider or SMB, we have the tools you need to maximize your website's security, speed and availability. Incapsula's cloud-based solution includes enterprise-grade Website Security (featuring a PCI-certified Web Application Firewall), DDoS Protection, Load Balancing & Failover - all fully integrated on top of our global CDN (Content Delivery Network). Block DDos Attacks with Free 7 day trial from Incapsula 


  • SEO Software That Works Successfully - Monitor your daily changes, your competitors, measure SEO performance, and improve your search engine rankings. Using this software you get pro-level SEO tracking tools in a refreshingly simple and usable interface. Positionly - SEO Software. Built for People.

Pro-level SEO Tools from $5 


  • Electronic Signature Software - With our free electronic signature software you can sign documents the way you like. We offer three different options to create electronic signatures: draw an e-signature using a mouse or touchpad, type your name, or scan an image of your signature and upload it to the document. Read more.



  • Ad Tracking & Link Tracking Software - LinkTrackr is a web-based ad tracking and conversion tracking tool, developed for affiliates by affiliates With LinkTrackr, you get the same powerful link tracking and link cloaking software most professional marketers use, but at a fraction of the cost. LinkTrackr is a web-based Internet marketing tool designed to give you an upper hand and help you dominate your niche market with little time or effort. Click here.

  • Free Exchange of Information - The Usenet is the largest discussion board for free exchange of information and ideas. Currently there are 2500 terabyte of contents in over 60.000 newsgroups. UseNeXT offers rapid and secure access to the Usenet. It also provides a worldwide discussion forum comprising more than 60,000 newsgroups. The newsgroups contain over 2,500 terabytes of data relating to every conceivable topic. UseNeXT guarantees the fastest possible download speeds with no waiting times and offers 100% security of access to the Usenet. Free 14-day trial!

  • WebEx Online Meetings & Conference Calls - Powerful meetings are incredibly simple. Face-to-face collaboration with HD video and share anything on your screen. Powered by Cisco security and reliability. WebEx services scale to your needs, reach wherever you work and deliver what’s next for your business. Visit Webex

  • Send, Receive & Track Large Files - YouSendIt (HighTail) Business Plus is for business professionals and corporations, who need a convenient, secure, and branded solution to send, receive and track files. Business Plus account holders enjoy all the key benefits of the Hightail service, plus access to a fully branded Dropbox, a smart FTP replacement feature, where you can receive files from customers, clients and colleagues. Your Dropbox is a special upload page that displays your branding and logo prominently. Customers also receive files you send them from branded emails and download pages. Hightail Official Site - 14 Day Free Trial!c




  • Total Screen Recorder - This useful tool is video-recording software that is easy-to-use, fast, and powerful. Record full screen or any area of the desktop screen and you can record audio and mouse cursor's movement Capture movies from TV card, DVD, RM, VCD, MPEG or record web cams from AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger Can also be used to create slide show training documents. Click here.


  • VOIP Phone Service - Phone Power is a new generation telephone company that uses your broadband internet connection. We offer flat-rate calling packages that include all your local and long distance calling saving customers 60-70% on their phone bills. Phone Power includes dozens of calling features for free. Unlimited business phone service


  • Software to Manage Your Online Business - Clear Network make easy to use software to help you get the most out of your websites. Our software is designed to help you reduce the time and effort it takes to manage your website, providing simple tools that you actually need. Clear Content is a Content Management System that offers ultimate flexibility. Clear Ecommerce is a shopping cart based on Clear Content's code base, giving you a full shopping cart on top. Read more.


  • Scripts & Useful Tools for Your Business Website - We have a range of web tools to help manage your online business. These include, Bulletin Board, Shopping Cart, Web Surveys, Website Builder, Visual Caster, Support Desk, Social Network Manager (Ning), plus many more. iScripts - Largest collection of web scripts!


  • Search The Web Efficiently - This software Copernic Agent is essential to any office or business that that demands efficient, high-quality, search results from any important topic. The package accesses over 1,000 search engines, filters out irrelevant information and dead links, previews the documents and then saves the "search" for your records. Only Copernic Agent combines the power of leading search engines with flexible, powerful and innovative tools that go beyond simple Web search engines by letting you Search, Manage, Analyze and Track information on the Internet. This unique combination gives you the power to cover more of the Web, to find and keep only relevant information, to have up-to-date search results and to track Web pages. All this makes Copernic Agent the perfect tool to make your searches faster, more powerful and much easier. Try the basic package for free. Other search software by Copernic:

    • Copernic Tracker - This is a program that monitors Web pages and notifies you when they change. It keeps you up to date with what's new on sites you're interested in and saves you countless browsing hours. Copernic Tracker automatically looks for new content on Web pages, as often as you like. When a change is detected, it can notify you by sending an email, including a copy of the Web page with the changes highlighted, or by displaying a desktop alert.This easy-to-use summarizing software dramatically increases your productivity and efficiency by creating concise summaries of any document or Web page so you spend considerably less time reading without missing any important information.

    • Copernic Summarizer - This easy-to-use summarizing software dramatically increases your productivity and efficiency by creating concise summaries of any document or Web page so you spend considerably less time reading without missing any important information. Using sophisticated statistical and linguistic algorithms, it pinpoints the key concepts and extracts the most relevant sentences, resulting in a summary that is a shorter, condensed version of the original text.


  • ABViewer a Multi-Purpose Viewer & Converter - This powerful software by SoftGold, Inc. is a professional image viewer for industry and home using. ABViewer is a multi-purpose viewer and converter, ideal for using with Total Commander or Far manager. ABViewer supports AutoCAD DWG (2.5 - 2007/2008 versions), DXF and HPGL / HPGL2 Hewlett-Packard formats, TIFF, SVG (restricted functionality), CGM, GIF, BMP, EMF, WMF, DWG, DXF, GL2, HG, HGL, HPG, HP, HP1, HP2, HPGL, HPGL2, PCX, PLO, PLT, PRN, SPL, BW, CEL, CUT, DIB, FAX, ICB, ICO, JPEG, JPG, PAL, PBM, PCD, PDD, PIC, PGM, PNG, PPM, PSD, PSP, RGB, RGBA, RLA, RLE, RPF, SGI, TGA, VDA, VST, WIN formats. ABViewer converts all supported files to BMP, EMF, JPEG, TIFF or GIF formats. It allows the user to drag images, zoom in and zoom out, centering, printing. Advanced printing allows printing one image to many papers as "tiles" to glue a big paper afterwards. Read more.


  • Best Way to Block Spam - SPAMfighter Pro is a spam filter for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail that automatically filters spam. SPAMfighter is Europe's leading spam filter developer, providing spam protection across the globe for millions of home and business users on PC's and Servers. FREE spam filter - click here!


  • CyberScrub, the Internet Cleaning Utility - The importance of deleting sensitive data from your computer cannot be overemphasized, and our firm uses the utility CyberScrub. This powerful software will destroy emails beyond recovery, erase 'previously deleted' files and folders (which will still remain on your hard drive, even after using Windows "delete" command), plus it will remove all evidence of any online activity which you have used each day, which you do not want to be scrutinized. CyberScrub security products are purchased and deployed by the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Department of the Interior and Defense, the United Nations and Fortune 100 companies. Request a free trial to prove its tremendous advantage in your business or employment activities. CyberScrub - Protecting your world, securing your data, ensuring your privacy. Click Here

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