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Definition: "Marketing is the process of conceiving, pricing, promoting, and distributing of, ideas, goods or services, to create exchanges that benefit consumers and organizations. To accomplish skillful marketing we mix the blend of these four responsibilities." Read more.- Submitted by our Marketing Editor. Read also this expanded definition submitted by one of our clients. Click here.





  • When we think of marketing our business, it involves much more than just placing advertising in newspapers, magazines, the Internet, radio or TV, we also have to fine-tune our marketing to the objectives of our business. To read an excellent article called "Set Your Marketing Objectives" read more


  • Understanding Marketing Science - Founded in 1961, the Marketing Science Institute is "a learning organization dedicated to bridging the gap between marketing science theory and business practice." The Institute's work includes academic research on a range of marketing subjects and topics of importance to business. On the homepage, visitors can learn about the Institute via six sections that include News, Research, Events, and Publications. The Publications area is a good place to start, as it includes working papers, conference summaries, and information about recent research projects. Not all of the materials are available for free, but many of them feature basic summaries. Moving on, the Research area contains information about upcoming research projects, along with information on research competitions. The site is rounded out by the News area, which contains updates about the Institute's research associates and upcoming conferences and lectures.  Read more. (From the Scout Report)

  • Market Research Data – The Delamere Group is now promoting, Research and Markets, Inc. who are the world's leading source for international market research and market data. Research and Markets list over 700,000 of major research publications from the worlds leading publishers, consultants and analysts providing our clients with the latest data on international and regional markets, key industries, the top companies, new products and the latest trends. Special Report: Opportunities in Emerging Markets-Developing Asia



  • When it comes to marketing and promoting your business using the various channels of communications and media currently available, you basically have two choices.
    • Use your own staff and existing personnel and undertake your marketing campaign "in-house" and employ the various resources and facilities listed on our Marketing pages, which have all been tried and tested and are confidently recommended by our firm.
    • Or you can use the services of a reputable and successful marketing firm such as Delamere Marketing & Communications. The choice is yours, but in today's competitive world you cannot ignore the need for a positive and aggressive marketing policy if you want your business to succeed and grow.


  • All business owners need to be aware of the best tools to accomplish the goal of marketing their online or offline business therefore we have listed the various tools available that will help you accomplish that goal. For a comprehensive list of the recommended products and services, by Delamere Marketing, click here.

  • Great Tool to Increase Sales Conversions - Cash in on the e-commerce boom by helping retailers learn about the value of onsite promotions to instantly increase sales conversions, email subscribers and social fans. Justuno provides powerful website tools to over 15,000 online retailers and is a great tool to help increase their website conversions. Read about our cients 67% Sales increase with Justuno - Case Study


  • Free Course on Market Research - You have a great product or service, but who are your customers and how can you reach them? This course will give you an overview of how to identify your customer and how to market to them. To read more, click here.

  • Trade Show Displays & Exhibits - Epic Displays offers a complete line of portable, modular and custom trade show displays and exhibits. More than just a mantra or company slogan, the Epic Displays team focuses on simply one goal: to make trade shows easier for our clients. Click here


  • Delamere Marketing & Communications Services - Due to increasing demand for market research, preparation of press releases for small to medium size businesses, Delamere-Pennine Associates, Marketing Division, offers a high quality press release distribution service now available for an affordable price. We also provide multimedia solutions distributing audio, video and photos submitted with the news releases. Please visit the Delamere Marketing and Communications website for a closer look at our services, clients, and resources offered.

  • Simple, Effective & Inexpensive Marketing - Instead of relying solely on traditional marketing efforts like TV commercials and print ads, think about complementing your marketing campaigns with simple and less expensive promotional techniques. Read more.

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  • Editor's Note: This section also includes the area of "Customer Experience Management" (CEM) This also relates to User Experience (UX) and this field of expertise is provided by our firm as we have the dedicated services of one of the leading companies in the world that provides this UX service for a reasonable fee. Please contact us for more details. Or visit our web page and blog on UXbyDesign.


  • Understanding the Power & Value of Market Research - Having this knowledge in your business venture or your established company, is one of the most powerful tools you can possess. Read more.


  • FreshDesk Cloud-based Customer Support - Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that was founded with the mission of enabling companies of all sizes to provide great customer service. Our goal is simple: make it easy for brands to talk to their customers and make it easy for users to get in touch with businesses. Our customers are typically small and medium enterprises that are looking for a cloud based customer support software. Today we have more than 300 employees globally and Freshdesk helps over 50,000 businesses and organizations around the world offer better, more personal support to their customers. Super-user friendly helpdesk system that's FREE forever!




  • Obtaining Customer Feedback - Online review management for a small or medium sized business can be a real pain. Not any more!  Simply share your unique ReviewMiner™ link with customers and the rest is taken care of. The simple setup wizard allows you to create a feedback survey in minutes. No code or tech knowledge needed. Video walkthroughs show you how. Manage the review flow easily; once the feedback is collected your best customers can share their reviews online with two clicks. Great customer feedback now transforms into great online reviews, which means better rankings, and more customers! Review Miner Starter



  • How to Collect Emails Using Our Spider - A very smart email spider which scans the web for email addresses and saves them in a file. The query of search engines is also possible and email Spider can scan the entire Internet. But you can configure it, so that it searches only websites of a desired target group. You just have to indicate the start URL and the software can do its job on its own. Email Spider Gold


  • A Guide to B2B Customer Satisfaction (What Client Want) – Based on over a decade's worth of experience in agency and client-side roles and more than 100 interviews with people from both sides, What Clients Want is the definitive guide on how to keep clients happy. Whether you want to win new clients or make the most of your existing clients, What Clients Want will help you do more with less. You'll discover the secrets behind how clients behave; the triggers that make them more likely to spend more and an insight in to what clients actually want (and what they don't). In this simple course you'll benefit from the tricks and tips we have used for countless brands including two of the biggest companies in the world and many of the smallest. With short, punchy videos of 2-5 minutes, you'll get insightful tips quickly in a way that fits around your day. Every video contains 100% actionable tips with something for everyone from the newest freelancer or agency employee to the experienced agency manager who has years of experience. What Clients Want: A Guide to B2B Customer Satisfaction


  • Importance of Digital Marketing Research - Continuous Marketing Research should be the focus of any company. No matter how Big or how Small you are, knowing what your customer thinks, how the market evolves, what your competitors are doing should be your constant priority. In a world of Multi-Device Multi-Tasking use, do we know how your customers deal with all of this?  What Analytics are telling us about how your customer is using your website? Are they concerned about Privacy? What Social Media do they use most and how? Do you understand the Psychology of your customers? Digital Marketing Research 2015



  • Bharat Book Bureau – This research service is an accurate market research reports aggregator providing informative details about different industries, companies' profiles and country reports. The company has a list of over 400 publishers from around the globe catering the latest on industries, leading companies and innovative product launches both national and international. The publishers include Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), FT.com, Euromoney, Datamonitor, BBC Research, Globaldata, Canadean and many more. We provide detailed informative material and samples of reports are available to our website visitors. Custom Research


  • Customer Experience Management Learning this skill brings tangible business results through optimizing customer interactions in order to maximize the customer lifetime value. It’s used for example by Apple, Amazon and Google (we advice some of them also). Competitive advantage no longer comes from superior products or services only, it comes from personalized experiences: Customers want to get what they want, where they want and when they want. Many businesses are struggling with this change in business environment, because of old industrial-age mind-sets. First step to start managing customer experiences is to understand your customer in a profound way. For this purpose we created Customer Experience Blueprint. This course allows you to create a systematic and profound analysis of your customers, their expectations and subconscious needs to receive increased revenues, decreased costs and improved customer service. This customer experience management course contains powerful tools, techniques and teachings to deepen your knowledge with customer emotions and other relevant aspects. Customer Experience Management Blueprintc



  • Great Marketing Tool to Identify Site Visitor's Location - This is great marketing tool and is a geo IP solution to help you to identify visitor's geographical location, i.e. country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code and etc using a proprietary IP address lookup database and technology. This is a service that helps businesses better understand their customers, markets and help them gain a competitive edge. Read more.


  • Web Analytics - Our service Compete.com is a new breed of web analytics company. Powered by the largest pool of online consumer behavior data in the industry, and is the only online competitive intelligence service that combines site and search analytics in one site to help you quickly master online marketing We have a diverse sample of 2,000,000+ U.S. Internet users that have given us permission to analyze the web pages they visit and ask them questions via surveys. We're betting that the insights we create from consumers' online behavior - whether they're watching, searching, shopping or socializing - is valuable for companies who are looking to radically improve their marketing. We think that web analytics means analyzing what consumers do across the entire web, not just what they do within a particular site, and that marketers can use this rich information across the entire company, not just for online media planning or site design decisions. How are your competitors driving search traffic?

  • Technology & Market Changes in Telecoms, Software & IT Services - Ovum provides clients with independent and objective analysis that enables them to make better business and technology decisions. With access to Ovum’s research and support from best-in-class analyst and consulting teams, companies can turn analysis and insight into action. Our aim is to make our clients’ planning more effective, and to help them identify and assess relevant business opportunities. We don’t just advise our clients: we collaborate with them to help them exploit these opportunities and to turn them into business results. At the heart of our approach is our mission to help, to be approachable, responsive and focused on your business issues and to provide pragmatic and actionable advice and recommendations. Read more.

  • Software to Research Your Niche Markets - Imagine knowing exactly which of your knowledge, skills and ideas would find the largest demand and bring you lots of money... No more guesswork, no more learning from your own mistakes, no more waste of time and money. Nice picture, isn't it? It is now possible with our NicheFinder software. This unique marketing tool will give you a lot of valuable information about the demand for specific products or services in your field and other exciting information and business ideas. For more information click here


  • Using White Papers & Reports to Increase Sales - Sales becomes simple and straightforward when you've first built trust. A superior content marketing strategy accomplishes this feat. I've spent years in the trenches using special reports and white papers to attracting leads who quickly become six-figure clients. In this course, I conversationally share this winning formula. Start learning now to shortcut your path to producing powerful B2B content marketing with white papers. You'll discover: The six elements to a winning white paper that not only leave your readers itching for more, but also move them one step further in your the sales funnel. Our course will cover: The two emotional appeals that must be conveyed on your offer page to entice visitors to become leads. Sample action-inducing bullet points that create an overwhelming uneasiness, which can only be relieved by your White Paper content. Which fields are absolutely critical (and which can be ignored) on your lead capture forms?  Plus much more. Smart B2B Content Marketing: The Winning White Paper Formula




  • Award-Winning Customer Service - This book provides fast, proven advice for busy managers and business owners with little time to search for solutions. Filled with 101 effective tips in all, plus additional tools, encouraging quotes, and unique when this happens, try this sections, it contains powerful advice on crucial customer service management topics, including: planning and goal setting; coaching and development; leadership; effective communication and feedback; preparing for change; continual learning; motivational and problem-solving meetings; conflict resolution; and follow-up and staying on top of the game. The ability to deliver top-of-the-line customer service is a key factor in keeping profits high and customers coming back - and there is always a need for great customer service books. Visit the Delamere International Bookshop.


  • Market Research Reports Downloadable or Hard Copy - Marketsensus is a leading supplier of market research, providing customers with quick, secure, 24-hour access to downloadable reports. You now have access to the breadth of market research covering all market-sectors from consumer products to manufacturing. Marketsensus - online market research


  • Research the best selling products on the Web - Worldwide Brands, Inc. has created the Market Research Wizard, a computer program that gives you a complete analysis of your competition. Just type a couple of words describing the product you want to sell, and less than a minute later, gives you an actual analysis (from 0% to 100%) of that product's chances of success when selling online. Request the free trial. For more details click here


  • Earn Money by Sharing Your Opinions - We are currently promoting the consumer organization "American Consumer Opinions," which is a worldwide network of people who help shape the future through participating in online surveys. You will get paid for sharing your opinions, win money in a monthly draw, and receive cash for completing simple surveys. Plus you can join from any country if you have access to the Internet and an e-mail address. click here



  • Online Public Relations & Developing Your Online Presence - In an increasingly competitive and global business environment, the ongoing demand continues for individuals trained in public relations, communications, and media relations. Public relations executives create and present positive images to the public about the clients, businesses or products they represent. In order to do this, they seek favorable media coverage. With this course you will learn the basics of online Public Relations and Branding so that you can also run your own online campaigns like a PR professional. Course content includes details on brand development, media planning and PR, SEO and Social Media intersections. In the world of internet PUBLIC RELATIONS plays a huge role! PR means Social Media, SEO and Content Marketing. Online Public Relations: Develop Your Online Presence.

  • Engaging & Understanding Your Customers - Qhub enables you to build your business through increased satisfaction by really engaging and understanding your customers with a fully featured, beautifully designed Q & A system.  This powerful marketing tool enables you to control the feedback from prospective customers and helps to inform them of your services in a clear and precise manner. Qhub.com - The Q&A System that builds Support Communities

Q&A Site 



  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consists of the processes a company uses to track and organize its contacts with its current and prospective customers. CRM software is often used to support these processes; information about customers and customer interactions can be entered, stored and accessed by employees in different company departments. Typical CRM goals are to improve services provided to customers, and to use customer contact information for targeted marketing. Read more.


  • All business owners and entrepreneurs need to be aware of the best tools to accomplish the goal of marketing their online or offline business therefore we have listed the various tools available that will help you accomplish that goal. For a comprehensive list of the recommended products and services related to customer relations management, click here.

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How advertising helps your business

You advertise primarily to sell a product, a service or an idea. Your advertisement need not win awards for having the best copy, layout, or use of color, and they are not published just to amuse or instruct. Advertisements must sell. However, this rule is somewhat vague. The following will outline the specific ways in which advertisements will help you sell.

  • Advertisements may support your sales staff. You run advertisements to prepare customers for your sales staff, so that they are not in the dark about your product or service when the customer is introduced to it. This may reduce time on the part of your sales staff and it will definitely help to keep your business name and products or services in the customers' focus.
  • Advertisements may reach people that sales staff cannot reach. Often sales staff cannot access top executives and professionals, but the chances are that these people may see your advertisement.
  • Advertisements improve dealer relationships. If you are in manufacturing you may run your advertisements in trade journals or on websites related to that specific trade, informing dealers how profitable it is to carry your line, plus you can always inform consumers from which dealers they can purchase your products or service.
  • Advertisements may counteract prejudice or prevent substitution. If a competitor sells something that closely resembles your product or service, your advertisement may stress the superiority of your line. Or if your product or service has somehow developed a poor reputation, you may counteract it by advertising that you are now offering service or money back guarantees, or even refunds on defective products or service.
  • Advertising increases your sales. You may advertise to increase the frequency of replacement or upgrade of your product, increase the variety of the product or service or even increase the standard quantity per purchase.
  • Advertisements may also describe new products and new services. Offer a new product, or cut the price on existing ones and advertising this information will be one of the fastest ways of making this known.

  • Read this interesting and informative article about "Advertising". Read more

  • Advertisements have a significant influence on the people of the world. The Adverts 250 Project allows individuals to have a glimpse into the world of eighteenth-century advertising. Visit this fascinating site. (From the Scout Report)

Our page on Advertising as related to your business includes tried and tested methods of using the advertising media to increase sales in your online or offline business and we recommend that you examine each suggested service we have listed. click here

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  • The World's Online Market Place & Auction - Whether you are a serious collector or flea market browser, E-Bay has that hard to find item you are looking for. Browse the vast selection of unique, rare, and fun items. Enjoy the thrill of bidding and winning an online auction or simply check out the 'fixed price' listings. Visit E-Bay.com



  • Software to Manage Your E-Bay Marketing - Take control of your eBay business! inkFrog gives you the freedom to manage your eBay business like a pro. List to eBay faster than ever before. Use our exclusive tools like our one of a kind sync. Create beautiful eBay templates, manage your orders, messages and more. eBay Listing Software will help you sell more.


  • Military Surplus Stock - Government Liquidation is the exclusive partner of U.S. Department of Defense for the sale of Military Surplus. We are the world's largest market place for authentic Military Surplus, once the property of the U.S. armed forces.  Government Liquidation offers surplus items in over 650 categories including: aircraft parts, military vehicles, boats, military apparel, medical & dental equipment, computer equipment, electronics, machinery and much more. Over 10,000 items are added weekly to our inventory located at over 250 warehouses nationwide. Authentic U.S. Military Surplus Available Online!

Your direct source for US Government Surplus!

  • Government Auctions - The Delamere Group have launched this service that is a membership-based web site for bargain hunters that helps its users find and participate in government auctions of seized and surplus property and in foreclosure sales. GovernmentAuctions.org® is a membership web site that exists to help its users find, locate and attend government auctions and foreclosures of every type so that they can achieve every success buying things they would ordinarily pay retail prices for, but that, through government auctions and bank foreclosures, they can buy at a significant discount. GovernmentAuctions.org - Activate your Free Trial Account to see what you could be bidding on! Click Here!

Government Auctions


  • Join Auctions of Hotel Packages - Hotelroomauction.co.uk originates from the Dutch website Hotelkamerveiling.nl, the market leader for online auctions of hotel packages. Since 2007, over 5 million guests have stayed in over 1000 hotels worldwide through their platform. The website already gained 736,914 unique members where they can join auctions of hotel packages. What's unique about this concept is that the consumers decide what they pay for a hotel room. Hotelroomauction




  • New hard copy book "How to Sell Anything on eBay…and Make a Fortune" - With more than 50 million users in 27 countries, eBay allows even the busiest people to make money selling anything and everything. Written by one of the most listened-to experts on online auctioneering, How to Sell Anything on eBay . . . and Make a Fortune! is the consummate guide to becoming a successful online entrepreneur. How to Sell Anything on eBay... And Make a Fortune (How to Sell Anything on Ebay & Make a Fortune)


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  • We have researched various resources, which supply the necessary business tools, services, or products related to the field of marketing. These resources will be helpful to accomplish your objective when handling the successful marketing and promotion of your online or offline business. click here

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  • At the request of our clients and site visitors we have now placed our online shopping facilities on a separate page and our staff regularly researches the latest deals and special offers across a wide range of products and update this page on weekly basis. To browse the various online stores, supermarkets and clearance warehouses, shopping clubs, flea markets, and more, all of which have been vetted and recommended by our company, click here

  • General Information: Our online shopping service is divided into three sections for your convenience.
    • Your favorite stores located in your country
    • Online stores and suppliers that offer international delivery (please check with each individual supplier for conditions applicable to international delivery)
    • Imported goods to the USA, listed by source of country, but also available for importing to other countries, subject to local regulations and customs
    • Visit our online shopping page


  • Don't forget to visit our new web site Professional Beauty Products for all your requirements for skin care, make-up, fragrances, hair care products, and available health therapies in your area. click here



  • Goods & Products From China - Made-in-China.com is a leading comprehensive third-party B2B e-commerce platform in China developed and operated by Focus Technology Co., Ltd. It is dedicated to serving the global trade field and providing high-quality Chinese products and suppliers information for global buyers. Our team spends hours each day scouting out the most profitable and the best quality products to make sure you have the best selection. It’s simple to set up and a great way to turn your web site into a fun and profitable enterprise. Made In China Homepage



  • Home Décor @ Room-33 (Delamere Design) - Even though we are a fairly young company our palette of exquisite products speaks for itself. Our staff has accumulated many years of experience in the Design industry and we share our knowledge and taste with you. Although we are located in Southern California, our staff finds the best products to offer you from all over the world. Visit our site.


  • Shopping for antiques, collectibles and replicas - Whether it's decorating, collecting or simply enjoying the charm of yesteryear or by gone treasures, Vintage Shopper features only the highest quality antiques, collectibles and replicas. These are some of the best prices we have found on the Internet. Unique Gifts, Vintage Collectibles and Home Decor!


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