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Definition: "Marketing is the process of conceiving, pricing, promoting, and distributing of, ideas, goods or services, to create exchanges that benefit consumers and organizations. To accomplish skillful marketing we mix the blend of these four responsibilities." ~ Submitted by our Marketing Editor read more





  • Mobile App Tracking - Buying advertising for mobile apps is simple. Tracking how many new users came from each advertising source is difficult. Traditional web analytics technologies rely on cookie based tracking which only operates on web browsers. Mobile App Tracking provides real-time click and conversion data on your mobile apps across all your advertising efforts so you know exactly how many installs came from which Ad Networks and Affiliates. Read more.

  • Great Tool to Increase Sales Conversions - Cash in on the e-commerce boom by helping retailers learn about the value of onsite promotions to instantly increase sales conversions, email subscribers and social fans. Justuno provides powerful website tools to over 15,000 online retailers and is a great tool to help increase their website conversions. Read about our cients 67% Sales increase with Justuno - Case Study




  • Obtaining Customer Feedback - Online review management for a small or medium sized business can be a real pain. Not any more!  Simply share your unique ReviewMiner™ link with customers and the rest is taken care of. The simple setup wizard allows you to create a feedback survey in minutes. No code or tech knowledge needed. Video walkthroughs show you how. Manage the review flow easily; once the feedback is collected your best customers can share their reviews online with two clicks. Great customer feedback now transforms into great online reviews, which means better rankings, and more customers! Review Miner Starter



  • Opencart Flipbook Plugin - This software is developed to show flipbook at your product pages, support pages or in content pages. Improve the sales and the customer satisfaction with flipbook for opencart! Flipbookeasy - Opencart - Starter

  • Website Translation Tool - Bablic is the leading website localization solution, a one-stop platform to easily create a localized experience for every visitor in any language. We are experts at removing language barriers Although the process is fully automated, our customer have full flexibility when it comes to content translation: they can choose and combine machine, manual, or professional translation. The integration is as easy as copy/pasting a small code snippet into the website. No programming or technical skills are required. After that you are in full control of your users’ multilingual experience, and with a click you can publish/unpublish languages to your live website. Easiest Website Translation Tool Ever. Try now for free

Bablic Website Translation – 10% off with code

  • Backlink Analysis Tool - Linkultra is a backlink analysis tool for getting detailed understanding of any sites backlinks. It has a whole array of features to give you a understanding of your backlink profile, plus your clients or even your competitors.  Dnderstanding your backlink structure and what is working is key to your success. Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. When a webpage links to any other page, it's called a backlink. Linkultra - Starter – Monthly Subscription



  • Animation Technologies - Our service is a multimedia software development and animation production company. We specialize in stop-motion animation desktop software and 2D author's animation production. Multimedia presentations - a modern and efficient way to provide information to customers, partners and investors. Click here.



  • Using an Online Feedback Application - Feedback4professionals is the fastest, most user-friendly online feedback application. Simpler and more flexible than time consuming 360 degree feedback applications, it gives you a quick and easy way of requesting the feedback you need from the people who matter. We believe that this should be the standard for requesting personal feedback in a web-enabled world. The speed and ease of use encourages users to request feedback, ensures a high response rate to feedback requests, and encourages users to view and analyze their feedback. Let feedback4professionals put you in control of your professional development. Read more.


  • Collecting Data For Analysis in Your Marketing - Big Data Smart Survey App or Smart Survey App is an innovative and proven cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) application equipped with machine learning engine, Big Data Classification and predictive analytics tools that is exclusively built to: Conduct high-quality online and offline surveys, market research and/or behavioral studies in any industry, run any data-related project to collect unlimited volume of data that is ready for analysis and modeling/visualization, uncover hidden insights/patterns in raw data and predict future outcomes and trends. Big Data SmartSurveyApp



  • Benefits of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - The course is aimed at providing you with the opportunity to enhance your people skills in a way that will truly differentiate you from the competition. We will explore different models of high quality customer service, strategies to improve your skillsets, and tactics that your customer service representatives (CSRs) can easily acquire and implement immediately. Furthermore, you will learn how to handle any complaints you receive in a totally professional manner.  You will be introduced to the benefits of customer relationship management (CRM) and will learn how it can become the vehicle that drives up your standards of service. Brilliant Customer Service: How to Impress your Customers!



  • FreshDesk Cloud-based Customer Support - Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that was founded with the mission of enabling companies of all sizes to provide great customer service. Our goal is simple: make it easy for brands to talk to their customers and make it easy for users to get in touch with businesses. Our customers are typically small and medium enterprises that are looking for a cloud based customer support software. Today we have more than 300 employees globally and Freshdesk helps over 50,000 businesses and organizations around the world offer better, more personal support to their customers. Super-user friendly helpdesk system that's FREE forever!




  • How Do Visitors to Your Website Use What They See - Hotjar is a new and easy way to improve your site UX and conversion rates by using Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings, Funnel and Form Analysis, Polls and Surveys... all in one central interface. Read more.


  • Business Web Tools That Work - We now offer an essential tool for small business owners.  AllProWebTools, the business management software that improves productivity and sales. Access all your business information from any Internet enabled device. Easy, intuitive design - reduce staff training time with great features like CRM, CMS, task manager, shopping cart, and website hosting all included. Access the free, fully functional, demo today. No credit card required. Read more.



  • Client Management - Keeping clients on track, whether you are a designer, developer, freelance wordsmith, or countless other service-based professions - can be tough. Keeping things moving forward smoothly requires so much more than just steady communication or a good contract; this course dives into some tried-and-true tips for how to: Maintain Project Control From Start To Finish: Train Your Clients. Increase Engagement. Receive Timely Feedback. Don't leave your client management to chance - learn how to confidently lead clients and customers where they need to go, all while delivering a stellar work experience for both them and you. Effortless Client Management




  • A Guide to B2B Customer Satisfaction (What Client Want) – Based on over a decade's worth of experience in agency and client-side roles and more than 100 interviews with people from both sides, What Clients Want is the definitive guide on how to keep clients happy. Whether you want to win new clients or make the most of your existing clients, What Clients Want will help you do more with less. You'll discover the secrets behind how clients behave; the triggers that make them more likely to spend more and an insight in to what clients actually want (and what they don't). In this simple course you'll benefit from the tricks and tips we have used for countless brands including two of the biggest companies in the world and many of the smallest. With short, punchy videos of 2-5 minutes, you'll get insightful tips quickly in a way that fits around your day. Every video contains 100% actionable tips with something for everyone from the newest freelancer or agency employee to the experienced agency manager who has years of experience. What Clients Want: A Guide to B2B Customer Satisfaction




  • Mastering Product Positioning - This course offers a thought-provoking approach to communication called positioning. Positioning starts with a value that needs to be communicated, whether about a product, a service, a company, an idea, or even a person. But, positioning is not what you do to a product. Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect. So, how do we influence that, exactly?  It starts with developing a positioning statement that unites and aligns your marketing, sales, product development, and engineering teams. This statement clarifies the value you offer to a specific target market. And to successfully execute support to this statement, you not only need to be a marketing master, you need to be savvy in organizational politics and teamwork.  By the end of this course, you'll learn how to use this unique and powerful tool to: Achieve organizational alignment. Build better products.  Drive faster market success. Beat your competition. Product Management & Marketing: Positioning



  • Importance of Digital Marketing Research - Continuous Marketing Research should be the focus of any company. No matter how Big or how Small you are, knowing what your customer thinks, how the market evolves, what your competitors are doing should be your constant priority. In a world of Multi-Device Multi-Tasking use, do we know how your customers deal with all of this?  What Analytics are telling us about how your customer is using your website? Are they concerned about Privacy? What Social Media do they use most and how? Do you understand the Psychology of your customers? Digital Marketing Research 2015


  • Live Chat Web Tool - We believe that every business with a website needs tools to communicate with its customers. LiveChat fills in for phone calls, which are expensive and e-mails, which tend to be slow. Unique greetings and powerful reporting are just some of our features that will aid you in your day-to-day business activities. Read more.

Live Chat Software 


  • How to Turn Prospects into Customers - Infusionsoft is software for small businesses that combines CRM, email marketing, and ecommerce all into one powerful system. But the real magic is in our automatic follow-up engine, because it finally makes it easy for entrepreneurs to effectively follow up with their prospects and customers. When this happen, more prospects become customers….and sales explode. That's why we are the only software company that guarantees to double your sales. Finally...Infusionsoft gives entrepreneurs the all-in-one system they need to grow their business fast.

    How to Use Customer Relations Management (CRM) Software, InfusionSoft - Time is money. If you are paying for an Infusionsoft software application you will want to get it to produce a return on your investment (ROI) as soon as possible. A common challenge that new customers face is knowing what to do - and when - to quickly get up and running with the software. In this course, we will walk through the exact process for getting started quickly and easily with Infusionsoft. 30,000 thriving small businesses use Infusionsoft to grow sales, save time and stay on top of it all. Discover how the leading sales and marketing software built exclusively for small businesses can help you! Import and organize the contacts that come to your business (both online and offline) with tagging and segmentation. Collect data about your leads' behaviors, score them based on marketing interactions, and prioritize the leads that are hottest and ready to buy. Track engagement and customize follow-up messages based on unique customer profiles. Get Started Quickly (and Easily) With Infusionsoft

  • Engaging & Understanding Your Customers - Qhub enables you to build your business through increased satisfaction by really engaging and understanding your customers with a fully featured, beautifully designed Q & A system.  This powerful marketing tool enables you to control the feedback from prospective customers and helps to inform them of your services in a clear and precise manner. Qhub.com - The Q&A System that builds Support Communities

Q&A Site



  • Online Public Relations & Developing Your Online Presence - In an increasingly competitive and global business environment, the ongoing demand continues for individuals trained in public relations, communications, and media relations. Public relations executives create and present positive images to the public about the clients, businesses or products they represent. In order to do this, they seek favorable media coverage. With this course you will learn the basics of online Public Relations and Branding so that you can also run your own online campaigns like a PR professional. Course content includes details on brand development, media planning and PR, SEO and Social Media intersections. In the world of internet PUBLIC RELATIONS plays a huge role! PR means Social Media, SEO and Content Marketing. Online Public Relations: Develop Your Online Presence.




  • Sales Force & Customers Relations Management (CRM)  - This course will help you improve collaboration, elevate proficiency and facilitate more productive business relationships in your organization. Companies that focus on customer service, or are a service based business, really need to implement and use a good customer relationship management program to be at the top of their game. A customer relationship management program is designed to reduce costs and increase profitability by maintaining customer loyalty, or relationships. Salesforce is one of, if not the, top CRM software program on the market. will show you how to plan and track activities, collaborate with co-workers using Chatter, manage leads, track sales opportunities, run reports and create dashboards, connect Salesforce to your social networks and so much more. SalesForce.com Essentials




  • Design Subconsciously Persuasive Websites & Marketing Plans – This course teaches you how to target the primal, emotional and rational systems of the brain to design more engaging websites and content. (Note: This is an introductory to intermediate course) In this course you'll discover how your customers really make decisions at a subconscious level, and we'll explore how to target the primal, emotional and rational systems of the brain. You'll learn how the primal system works online, and how to engage it using motion, sex (in a subtle way!), food, scarcity and more to get the attention of your prospects. You'll learn about the emotional system, how to create empathy with your audience, and why it is necessary for a deeper level of engagement. You'll discover why storytelling is so psychologically powerful, and you'll learn how to activate the mirror neuron systems in the brain to make your customers feel more. You'll learn how to use body language in combination with calls to action (CTAs) to subconsciously increase sign ups and conversions on your website. We'll cover misconceptions about the rational mind and how it really affects behaviour, and you'll learn how to design product demonstrations, benefit lists and authority cues to increase sales and conversions. Throughout the course we'll look at case studies and examples of each system in the real world (adverts and websites), so that you can apply this knowledge in your own business. Intro: Design subconsciously persuasive websites + marketing



  • Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Business - LinkedIn can be the perfect marketing tool for small businesses and independent professionals - if you know what you're doing. Most people just waste time on LinkedIn - browsing randomly and sending out odd connection requests. You can do so much more, and I'm going to show you what exactly. Learn to attract high quality clients. Get found by recruiters or potential business partners. Boost your personal brand while forming valuable relationships. Click here!


  • Customer Experience Management Learning this skill brings tangible business results through optimizing customer interactions in order to maximize the customer lifetime value. It’s used for example by Apple, Amazon and Google (we advice some of them also). Competitive advantage no longer comes from superior products or services only, it comes from personalized experiences: Customers want to get what they want, where they want and when they want. Many businesses are struggling with this change in business environment, because of old industrial-age mind-sets. First step to start managing customer experiences is to understand your customer in a profound way. For this purpose we created Customer Experience Blueprint. This course allows you to create a systematic and profound analysis of your customers, their expectations and subconscious needs to receive increased revenues, decreased costs and improved customer service. This customer experience management course contains powerful tools, techniques and teachings to deepen your knowledge with customer emotions and other relevant aspects. Customer Experience Management Blueprint

  • Using White Papers & Reports to Increase Sales - Sales becomes simple and straightforward when you've first built trust. A superior content marketing strategy accomplishes this feat. I've spent years in the trenches using special reports and white papers to attracting leads who quickly become six-figure clients. In this course, I conversationally share this winning formula. Start learning now to shortcut your path to producing powerful B2B content marketing with white papers. You'll discover: The six elements to a winning white paper that not only leave your readers itching for more, but also move them one step further in your the sales funnel. Our course will cover: The two emotional appeals that must be conveyed on your offer page to entice visitors to become leads. Sample action-inducing bullet points that create an overwhelming uneasiness, which can only be relieved by your White Paper content. Which fields are absolutely critical (and which can be ignored) on your lead capture forms?  Plus much more. Smart B2B Content Marketing: The Winning White Paper Formulac





  • Marketing Communications: Advertising and Promotions - Learn the Various Aspects of Advertising, Media and other forms of Product Promotions and Marketing Communications.  In this course (Sponsored by Delamere Marketing), you will get acquainted with the various options that companies have in order to market their products. It takes you through the various forms of communication and media that can be used to reach out to the target audience. It throws light on various aspects of advertising, media and other forms of promotions. This course is ideal for all marketing professionals and students, media and advertising professionals and enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and brand managers of companies and students. The participant gets a good knowledge of how to market a product/brand using various tools. The participant also gets a basic understanding of how advertising works and also what are the available options if he/she wants to promote his/her company/brand/product, etc. It also acts as a base for any student aspiring to get into media marketing or advertising. Marketing Communications - Advertising and Promotionsc




  • How to Present Sales Quotes to Potential Clients - Quote Roller was created to solve a critical business issue – delivering beautiful purpose-driven sales quotes to potential clients. It is no longer 1995 where quotes are text documents faxed to a potential client. The world has evolved, and it is time that proposals are elegant, dynamically driven, and efficiently produced. Create polished, professional proposals in minutes with Quote Roller

Quote Roller - Online Proposal Software 


  • Learn Customer Service Fundamentals - There is no such thing as a job today that isn't service-focused, in the sense that everything within a company is being done in support of a customer. This course is an introduction to customer service and its importance in any business, and is an introduction to customer service and its importance in any business. This course covers the following topics: 1. Customer Service Overview. 2. What is Customer Service? 3. Why is it More Important Today? 4. How it Applies to Every Business. 5. Five Service Levels of Companies. Customer Service Fundamentals



    • Developing & Maintaining Customer Relations – Our service, officevp.com is an OfficeVP product and leverages knowledge, experience and expertise to help suggest, develop, empower and deliver industry strategies, standards, commitments, education and initiatives to our customers. This business tools includes e-mail marketing, newsletters, and to enhance your ability to effectively communicate. Click here.

    • Customer Management Software - Our mission is to help businesses grow because we believe that better businesses make better communities, families, employees and customers. SalesNexus was founded by Craig Klein in 2002. Originally built as a web based version of the popular ACT! contact management software, SalesNexus was the first company to offer CRM online hosting of ACT! databases. While SalesNexus is still the only web based CRM software to allow you to transfer your entire ACT! database to the web, we’ve grown far beyond our ACT! beginnings. Today we provide online CRM and email marketing to thousands of sales teams all over the world. Online CRM Software, Email Marketing, and Lead Generation

    The best CRM sales software for business - SalesNexus  

    • Online Sales & Customer Service Solutions - Our partner “Live Person” provides the answers to your difficult questions on, How to Increase Sales?  How to build and improve customer relations and loyalty?  This unique “customer service” enables your operators and staff to interact online with your customers at critical moments during their visit to your website.  This is one of the most effective business and marketing tools we have researched, and will definitely assist you to “grow your business”. Engage and nudge your visitors along with an up-sell incentive. Ensure they leave happy by addressing their concerns and needs on the spot. Engage Customers, Make More Sales! Try LivePerson Risk-Free Today!


    • Business & Market Research Data - OneSource provides the most complete and highest quality business information for Sales, Client Development, Marketing, Finance, Research and more. Get your free trial and see how OneSource will help you achieve your goals. For more than 20 years OneSource has been a recognized leader in business information solutions; delivering unparalleled company, executive, and industry intelligence that make business professionals more effective and productive in completing their critical daily tasks. Our products and services support a company's vital business processes, including serving their customers, finding and leveraging new opportunities, and working with suppliers and partners. Sales Pros: Better Leads
      Free Trial: Prospecting Tool Millions of Contacts and Companies



    • Using Videos in Your Marketing - Video is a fast-growing category of online advertising. Our service creates online videos for local businesses and then gets those videos in front of customers. Stand out amongst your competitors!


    • Display Your Website is Secure & Safe - All VeriSign-branded SSL Certificates come with additional features to offer more than security for online businesses. Our premium SSL Certificates, the VeriSign® Trust Seal, VeriSign Seal-in-Search™ technology, and daily Web site malware scanning work together to help assure customers that a site is safe from search to browse to buy. Boost your site traffic and conversions with powerful trust features. Free with every SSL Certificate. Protect your site and customers with VeriSign SSL Certificates. Explore our SSL solutions now.


    • Create Digital Magazines - 3D Issue Manager is windows based software solution that allows you to convert magazines into a searchable digital magazine in a matter of minutes. A trial version of the software is available to allow users a chance to sample the product prior to purchasing. This is a great marketing tool. Read more.

    3d Issue Digital Publication Software


    • Convert PDF Files Into Booklets & Page Flipping Magazines - Flip PDF is your easy way to batch convert ordinary PDF files into stunning booklets with amazing page-flipping animations and sound. No programming tricks needed. Creates realistic Adobe Flash based page-flipping books in minutes Publish your content such as magazines, brochures and catalogues to web sites, email and even CD-ROM, Also imports hyperlinks, bookmarks and text from your original PDF files. Read more.


    • Software to Research Your Niche Markets - Imagine knowing exactly which of your knowledge, skills and ideas would find the largest demand and bring you lots of money... No more guesswork, no more learning from your own mistakes, no more waste of time and money. Nice picture, isn't it? It is now possible with our NicheFinder software. This unique marketing tool will give you a lot of valuable information about the demand for specific products or services in your field and other exciting information and business ideas. For more information click here


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