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  • Marketing With Digital Signage - With the latest in patented digital signage technology, StrandVision is the best solution for your business marketing needs. Let us help you bring your marketing and employee communication vision to life! When you're ready to see profits from a powerful marketing campaign, we're here to help. With nearly a decade of working with a wide array of business, StrandVision is eager to work with you to improve the visibility of your business. Employee Communications, Digital Signage Software, and many other marketing solutions are at your fingertips. StrandVision allows you to make a huge splash with your next business marketing strategy. Get noticed and start enjoying the profits right away. Read more.

  • Flags, Banners & Streamers - TidmoreFlags.com specializes in flags, but our skilled designers can also make banners, streamers, entrance mats, grave markers, table drapes and other types of decorative items for your home or workplace. We bring you a multitude of flag types, including American flags, city flags, message flags, flags for sports teams, flags for religious institutions, and historical and military flags. If you don't find what you are looking for on this website, we'll make it for you. We also carry accessories such as flag poles and cases to make hanging your flag or flag sets easier. Click here.




  • Advanced Tools to Market Your Business - eGrove Systems is the ideal provider of solutions for Website development services, Application development & maintenance services, Mobile Application development, Mobile website development, High-end IT consulting, Professional staffing services, Search Engine Optimization services, Infrastructure Services & IT security Solutions. Our aim is to deliver optimal solutions that help our customers achieve their business goals. We've developed innovative products using various open source technologies such as Python, Magento, Prestashop and Native mobile technology. Our products provide optimum support to the users and reduce their development efforts to a great extent. The tough challenges can be simplified by using these products. Other than this we do have developed Mobiles Apps & SEO Tools which help the stores and companies to stand out from the others. ModuleBazaar, Elitesiteoptimizer, Eliteloyaltyapp, Elitemcommerce. Visit eGrove Systems Corporation
Magento Modules from Module Bazaar

  • Making & Editing Video Productions - Muvee Technologies is recognized internationally as the pioneer and leader in automatic video production. Using this software and creating professional-looking video production is just a matter of seconds. Very soon, you'll be a movie director! What makes Muvee special? Making cool video productions with Muvee is a matter of 1-2-3.You choose your favorite videos and digital photos. You pick your favourite music track You select your favorite Muvee editing style You're done! Muvee Reveal Encore



  • Audio & Video Conferencing - MegaMeeting.com, its web based vehicle for connecting virtually anyone on all major operating systems – Windows, macOS, iOS, Android & Linux, was launched in February 2004. Developed by a passionate team of marketing and technology experts in Southern California, MegaMeeting.com is breaking down previous barriers and providing a seamless experience for audio and web conferencing for one and all on the Internet. Read more.


  • Inbound Marketing Software by Hubspot - HubSpot's software helps marketers take advantage of the changing nature of how people research and shop for products/services, bringing together a suite of Internet marketing tools for the small or medium sized business, including tools for search engine optimization, business blogging, content publishing, lead tracking and intelligence, marketing analytics, and competitor analysis. HubSpot is web-based, does not require any IT staff, and is designed to be used by a marketing person, not a techie. Now is the time to reshape the way we think about marketing. Stop pushing. Start attracting. Stop interrupting. Start engaging. HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Software gives you all the tools you need to make marketing that people will actually love - earning quality leads and loyal customers in return. Read more.




  • Using Maps in Your Marketing - The words "geography" and "map" are commonly associated, largely because "map visualization is used to analyze and display the geographically related data and present it in the form of different map types." Readers interested in dabbling in data visualization and map making will enjoy this article, "10 Map Types in Visualization: Make Your Data Eye-catching," which covers some basic principles for creating data displays. As the title suggests, 10 different map types are covered, with a description, visualization, and suggested use for each. For example, point maps may be used for "accident tracking," while line maps are great for showing transportation routes. There is also the three-dimensional rectangular map, branded the "upgraded version of the point map." The conclusion of the piece adds remarks on the best platforms and technologies to create these maps. The other suggested software, FineReport, is freely available to download for personal use, and users will find a link to download it at the top of the article. Readers should note that this article was published in FineReport's blog as an example of how their platform can be used. Click here. (From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2020)



  • Large Collection of Fonts - Monotype offers the world’s largest collection of fonts across all our digital properties. We serve a wide variety of designers, from creative professionals working for brands to freelancers to hobbyists, offering an array of fonts across a large range of categories, like sans serifs, serifs, scripts, display and handwritten designs, to name a few. MyFonts the Largest Selection of Professional Fonts For Any Project Explore Today
FontExplorer X - Makes Everyone an Expert

  • Using a Drop Shipping Service that Actually Work for You - At The Studio, we’ve designed a quick and easy way for you to create high-quality custom products. Whether you’re looking to create custom pins, patches, socks, or other one-of-a-kind products, our online product creation tool lets you create your entire order from start to finish. The easiest way to create custom products. We take the headache out of manufacturing custom products so you can focus on growing your brand.



  • Shipping Software - Shippo is the best shipping software for growing e-commerce brands that need to save time and money, fulfill and ship at scale, and delight your customers. E-commerce businesses struggle to operate efficiently with opaque and outdated shipping processes, which are at odds with consumer expectations of speed and ease. We build technology that shakes shipping of its complexities and connects businesses to the best delivery options. Shippo: The Best Multi-carrier Shipping Software for E-commerce! Visit GoShippo.com.



  • Logo Designs - PNC logos specifically offers customized and consumer centric brand identity solutions. Backed by the some of the most talented individuals in the industry, Pac and Copy has been in the industry for over 20 years and has delivered unparalleled, outstanding and cutting edge solutions to some of the biggest brands in the country. PNC logos is the place where you head to when you need a standout brand identity. Read more.



  • The Sales Power of Live Chat - Live Chat allows visitors to get their queries solved and helps them in taking quick buying decision. We understand how important it is to get visitors to your Website! Every visitor is a probable customer. Let our Chat Agents remain online round the clock and increase your sales. Visit DeskMoz



  • Goods & Products From China - Made-in-China.com is a leading comprehensive third-party B2B e-commerce platform in China developed and operated by Focus Technology Co., Ltd. It is dedicated to serving the global trade field and providing high-quality Chinese products and suppliers information for global buyers. Our team spends hours each day scouting out the most profitable and the best quality products to make sure you have the best selection. It’s simple to set up and a great way to turn your web site into a fun and profitable enterprise. Made In China Homepage



  • Website Translation Tool - Bablic is the leading website localization solution, a one-stop platform to easily create a localized experience for every visitor in any language. We are experts at removing language barriers Although the process is fully automated, our customer have full flexibility when it comes to content translation: they can choose and combine machine, manual, or professional translation. The integration is as easy as copy/pasting a small code snippet into the website. No programming or technical skills are required. After that you are in full control of your users’ multilingual experience, and with a click you can publish/unpublish languages to your live website. Easiest Website Translation Tool Ever. Try now for free

Bablic Website Translation – 10% off with code



  • Graphic Design Studio - We are a creative branding and graphic design studio and we offer complete design creation services for start-ups, entrepreneurs, companies and businesses. We value honesty, creative and pragmatic thinking, both inside and to those with whom we work, and we really enjoy the appreciation and confidence of our customers. Logo[+]Creator - Instant Download. Extended License.



  • WordPress Plugin for Business & Marketing Sites – One can import products from eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon, Walmart, Envato to a WordPress website. All you need is a product IDs (ASINs) list.  For example, this is a plugin that is used to import products from Amazon into your Wordpress WooCommerce site. The plugin is helpful to create a store with specific Amazon products (dropship) and let you use affiliate URLs. CSV WooImporter. Add-on for WooImporter.



  • Software for Printing Labels & Barcodes - Easy to use and powerful solution for designing and printing labels, price tags, barcodes and more. Digitally printed custom labels are a fantastic solution for product promotion campaign. Use them on packaging and see the difference they make to your sales figures. PricePrint 7 Lite perpetual license



  • Scripts to Use in Web Design - PHP is one of the most popular and widely used open-source server-side scripting languages. There are about 20m websites using PHP, including top websites like Facebook, WordPress, etc. PHP has detailed documentation, huge community, various ready to use scripts, well supported frameworks and importantly it is much easier to start with PHP than other scripting languages (Python, Ruby, etc). These are some good reasons why many Website developers prefer it to other scripting languages. Small PHP Scripts is filled with lots of useful scripts related to SEO, PPC, Networks, Local Search, Social Media, Finance, Education, Maps, Mobile, etc. Adsense Ads Preview Script



  • Live Telephone Answering Services - Blue Check Communication helps your business grow by providing 24 x 7 live answering services at affordable rates. We ensure that you never miss a call again. We help businesses in all markets grow and scale their business, while improving client relations and helping boost sales. Blue Check Communication

  • How to Collect Emails Using Our Spider - A very smart email spider which scans the web for email addresses and saves them in a file. The query of search engines is also possible and email Spider can scan the entire Internet. But you can configure it, so that it searches only websites of a desired target group. You just have to indicate the start URL and the software can do its job on its own. Email Spider Gold



  • Animation Technologies - Our service is a multimedia software development and animation production company. We specialize in stop-motion animation desktop software and 2D author's animation production. Multimedia presentations - a modern and efficient way to provide information to customers, partners and investors. Click here.


  • Research Data for Marketing & Business - Get full access to our database for company, industry, and contact information and research over 100 million contacts. Learn more about the companies you want to sell to. Treasured Data has verified information on 35+ million companies and 65+ million business executives. With a Proprietary Software ensuring that you will receive the most up to date information available. We can deliver our data to your desktop or mobile device, in an Excel csv file, within seconds once you checkout and click the submit button. Visit TreasuredData.com

Verified Emails & Direct Contact Information





  • ClickMeeting – Our service is a flexible, self-service webinar solution that helps you reach, engage, educate, and convert your audience. It’s commonly used to conduct presentations, conferences, and training sessions. ClickMeeting features allow you to create virtual webinar rooms, where you can meet your audience face-to-face, engage them with your presentation, allow for voice interaction and run polls. It also allows you to share your screen and applications, present video and engage your audience on chat. The advanced rebranding tools enable organizations to impress clients with a professional design. www.clickmeeting.com How to Use Webinars to Grow Your Personal Brand



  • Creating Brand Names - You would notice that every successful business out there has a particular branding that we immediately associate something with. As soon as you hear its name, you relate it with a particular service, name, person, or reputation – you name it. That’s because they are able to capture people’s attention. That’s because they’ve mastered how to create the right branding. In this course, you will learn how you can boost your brand with a step-by-step blueprint that is designed to attract customers, and get them where you want them to be – in a mindset tailored to seeing you as a solution to their problems. This course is designed to equip you with powerful branding strategies devised for your business needs - filled with tactical tips that will help you build an awesome brand that will surely get the attention of loyal customers. Brand Identity: Creating Brand Names, Custom Logos & Designs




  • Signs & Banners - Super Cheap Signs offers customizable yard signs, banners, stickers, car magnets, and other printed materials, plus all the accessories you could need to help you keep your signs in the right place. Want to advertise while sitting in traffic? Make sure to check our our car magnets. Need sidewalk signs, spinner signs, or vehicle lettering? We have all that and much, much more. We provide both screen printing and digital printing services. Shipping is available throughout the US. Create Custom Posters at Super Cheap Signs! Shop Now!




  • Online Photo Library - Alamy is the world’s largest online photo library. We have over 65 million images, live news shots, vectors and HD videos from 600 top agencies and 36, 000 photographers. The world’s most diverse stock photo library

Alamy Ltd


  • Signs & Lettering - American Sign Letters is a nationwide sign company that sells all types of signs from LED, Neon, Metal, Custom signs and more. We are able to provide you with any kind of business signs to fit all types of budgets. We carry a huge selection of lettering, house numbers, and other types of letters. If you wanted a customized sign or logo be sure to contact us and we will get you a quote within 24 hours of submission. If you are unsure exactly what you want just give us a call and we will walk you through building your business sign. Bronze Letters - Shop Today!





  • Download Marketing Tools - VideoBlocks.com is a subscription-based website that provides members with unlimited downloads of stock video, footage, motion backgrounds, production music, sound effects and more. Instead of charging by the download, we allow members to download as much as they want with no limits and you will have unlimited access to the entire Video Blocks archive. Video Blocks 7 Day Free Trial Unlimited Downloads - Start Today

7 Day Free Trial of Unlimited Clips





  • Personalised Promotional Products - National Pen are the worldwide leaders in personalised promotional products. We provide high value promotional products for businesses and professionals in every industry at low factory direct pricing and low order quantities. We provide branded trade show giveaways and corporate gifts such as personalised pens, key chains, note pads, magnets, calendars, mugs, shopping bags and more.  National Pen has been in business for over 60 years and our European operation services 13 countries. Our high quality promotional products are manufactured, assembled and distributed directly from within the EU for a reliable service products for businesses and professionals in every industry at low factory direct pricing and low order quantities. Visit National Pen




  • FreshDesk Cloud-based Customer Support - Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that was founded with the mission of enabling companies of all sizes to provide great customer service. Our goal is simple: make it easy for brands to talk to their customers and make it easy for users to get in touch with businesses. Our customers are typically small and medium enterprises that are looking for a cloud based customer support software. Today we have more than 300 employees globally and Freshdesk helps over 50,000 businesses and organizations around the world offer better, more personal support to their customers. Super-user friendly helpdesk system that's FREE forever!



  • Certified, Professional Translator Services – We are experienced in supplying professional translators, interpreters and state-of-the-art equipment for world-wide conventions, providing fast translation services into 100+ languages by certified translators. We also offer expert language consultation and localization to industry leaders in fields from Nuclear Science to Fine Art, giving each and every client the personal, professional service they expect and deserve. Contact us for a free quote on your document translation or events that require an official certified translator. Click here.

  • Voice Over Services - Businesses love celebrity spokespersons. Putting a celebrity spokesperson in your commercial gives your business an instantly recognizable face, and people are always more comfortable with the familiar. Of course, most small businesses don’t have the resources to hire a celebrity spokesperson. The alternative is to create your own spokesperson. We suggest that you search for a voice that fits your company image and use one of our voice over artists.  Visit our database of voice over artists we have on file currently available for your use. People at advertising agencies, financial firms, healthcare organizations, radio stations, publishers and other businesses use our services. Click here.


  • Training Courses Related to Sales & Marketing - Our company has been both designing and delivering innovative training materials for over 14 years. Our cadre of highly experienced instructional designers and senior trainers are from a variety of industries. Many of our courses are specific to the retail industry such as retail selling skills and retail sales forecasting and planning. Unlike many other internet site who have dozens of canned packaged courses, our targeted soft skills topics have been very carefully developed and have been successfully delivered to professionals from senior managers to frontline employees. View our complete list of over 40 online courses, many of which are FREE. Click here.

  • Digital Marketing & Social Media - If you own (or work) in a small to medium sized enterprise or are an entrepreneur, you are probably doing some form of Digital Marketing or Social Media. Have you a strategy around why you are doing what you are doing? Are you just doing it because you feel you have to? This course will give you the basics around building a Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategy that will drive your business on the next level. Digital Marketing & Social Media for Small Business


  • Expertory is Ecommerce for Online Video - We are the world’s only all-in-one Ecommerce platform for live and pre-recorded video. Expertory makes it easy for people to sell Monthly Subscriptions & Pay-Per-View Rentals to their own online videos and Bookings to Live Online Video Consultations and Classes. Expertory is a comprehensive ecommerce solution that allows you to sell subscriptions and pay-per-view rentals of your online videos as well as conduct live consultations and classes via in-browser video calls. Expertory enables you to accept bookings for your live video sessions, manage your prerecorded videos, accept credit card payments and add team members — all with a few clicks of the mouse. Expertory is Ecommerce for Video - Start your FREE trial now!




  • Importance of Digital Marketing Research - Continuous Marketing Research should be the focus of any company. No matter how Big or how Small you are, knowing what your customer thinks, how the market evolves, what your competitors are doing should be your constant priority. In a world of Multi-Device Multi-Tasking use, do we know how your customers deal with all of this?  What Analytics are telling us about how your customer is using your website? Are they concerned about Privacy? What Social Media do they use most and how? Do you understand the Psychology of your customers? Digital Marketing Research 2015




  • Royalty Free Videos & Photos - Explore the largest collection of royalty-free video on the web, plus millions of photos, illustrations, music, sound effects, AE templates, and 3D models. Every clip submitted is reviewed by our team of expert curators for approval. Find professional, high-resolution formats in every media type. Read more.

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

  • Great Tool to Increase Sales Conversions - Cash in on the e-commerce boom by helping retailers learn about the value of onsite promotions to instantly increase sales conversions, email subscribers and social fans. Justuno provides powerful website tools to over 15,000 online retailers and is a great tool to help increase their website conversions. Read about our cients 67% Sales increase with Justuno - Case Study


  • Learn Viral Marketing - Discover the absolute EASIEST ways to rapidly spread your content, brand, and products around the web like wildfire. Follow along the steps this course reveals and learn the exact step-by-step formula and tactics that are used to spread your message and sell products to people from around the world. This powerful blueprint can be used to spread your videos, websites, articles, reports, products and virtually anything you want to get out to your audience. Viral Marketing Online



  • Brand & Print Your Marketing Materials - It couldn’t be easier. Simply add your own text, images and logos to create professional looking marketing materials. Avery Brand & Print will then print and send your product to you. If you are unsure of where to start, you can browse through the 100’s of templates to give you some inspiration. Click here



  • Bharat Book Bureau – This research service is an accurate market research reports aggregator providing informative details about different industries, companies' profiles and country reports. The company has a list of over 400 publishers from around the globe catering the latest on industries, leading companies and innovative product launches both national and international. The publishers include Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), FT.com, Euromoney, Datamonitor, BBC Research, Globaldata, Canadean and many more. We provide detailed informative material and samples of reports are available to our website visitors. Custom Research

  • Using White Papers & Reports to Increase Sales - Sales becomes simple and straightforward when you've first built trust. A superior content marketing strategy accomplishes this feat. I've spent years in the trenches using special reports and white papers to attracting leads who quickly become six-figure clients. In this course, I conversationally share this winning formula. Start learning now to shortcut your path to producing powerful B2B content marketing with white papers. You'll discover: The six elements to a winning white paper that not only leave your readers itching for more, but also move them one step further in your the sales funnel. Our course will cover: The two emotional appeals that must be conveyed on your offer page to entice visitors to become leads. Sample action-inducing bullet points that create an overwhelming uneasiness, which can only be relieved by your White Paper content. Which fields are absolutely critical (and which can be ignored) on your lead capture forms?  Plus much more. Smart B2B Content Marketing: The Winning White Paper Formulac




  • Email Marketing - iContact allows businesses, non-profit organizations, and associations to easily create, publish, and track email newsletters, surveys, blogs, autoresponders, and RSS feeds. We believe that email marketing should be really easy and have built and designed iContact from the ground up to give you all the features you need while still making it easy enough for anyone to create permission-based email marketing campaigns with high deliverability. iContact.comcj

Your business and iContact, better together - try iContact for free!  



  • Microsoft Excel Templates, Ultimate Marketing Calculator Excel Templates - Plan the Success of your Business with the Ultimate Marketing Calculator Create marketing plans that are essential to your business’s success with 74 expertly-designed Microsoft Excel templates covering forecasting and budgeting, direct advertising, marketing, pricing, competitive analysis and much more. The Ultimate Marketing Calculator allows you to develop a clear understanding of your customers, internal strengths and competitive environment – your initial computations will evolve into a vision of how your business will compete in the future. Read more.


  • Engaging & Understanding Your Customers - Qhub enables you to build your business through increased satisfaction by really engaging and understanding your customers with a fully featured, beautifully designed Q & A system.  This powerful marketing tool enables you to control the feedback from prospective customers and helps to inform them of your services in a clear and precise manner. Qhub.com - The Q&A System that builds Support Communities

Q&A Site


  • How to Present Sales Quotes to Potential Clients - Quote Roller was created to solve a critical business issue – delivering beautiful purpose-driven sales quotes to potential clients. It is no longer 1995 where quotes are text documents faxed to a potential client. The world has evolved, and it is time that proposals are elegant, dynamically driven, and efficiently produced. Create polished, professional proposals in minutes with Quote Roller

Quote Roller - Online Proposal Software 



  • Business Research & Company Information - The Delamere Group uses Hoover's, which is your premier source of business information. Providing comprehensive, up-to-date information through a global database of more than 21 million companies, 28 million decision makers, 600 industries, and a proprietary data collection process, Hoover's delivers the most reliable company information available. For accurate, relevant information that impacts each level of your business, you won't find a better resource than Hoover's. From Sales to HR, Procurement to Product Management, a Hoover's subscription saves your company invaluable time and provides insight to help reach organizational goals. Hoover’s reports give you vital information to evaluate opportunity and competition, define strategy, and prepare for sales calls - anytime, anywhere.



  • Customer Experience Management Learning this skill brings tangible business results through optimizing customer interactions in order to maximize the customer lifetime value. It’s used for example by Apple, Amazon and Google (we advice some of them also). Competitive advantage no longer comes from superior products or services only, it comes from personalized experiences: Customers want to get what they want, where they want and when they want. Many businesses are struggling with this change in business environment, because of old industrial-age mind-sets. First step to start managing customer experiences is to understand your customer in a profound way. For this purpose we created Customer Experience Blueprint. This course allows you to create a systematic and profound analysis of your customers, their expectations and subconscious needs to receive increased revenues, decreased costs and improved customer service. This customer experience management course contains powerful tools, techniques and teachings to deepen your knowledge with customer emotions and other relevant aspects. Customer Experience Management Blueprintc


  • Marketing Communications: Advertising and Promotions - Learn the Various Aspects of Advertising, Media and other forms of Product Promotions and Marketing Communications.  In this course (Sponsored by Delamere Marketing), you will get acquainted with the various options that companies have in order to market their products. It takes you through the various forms of communication and media that can be used to reach out to the target audience. It throws light on various aspects of advertising, media and other forms of promotions. This course is ideal for all marketing professionals and students, media and advertising professionals and enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and brand managers of companies and students. The participant gets a good knowledge of how to market a product/brand using various tools. The participant also gets a basic understanding of how advertising works and also what are the available options if he/she wants to promote his/her company/brand/product, etc. It also acts as a base for any student aspiring to get into media marketing or advertising. Marketing Communications - Advertising and Promotionsc





  • Learn Customer Service Fundamentals - There is no such thing as a job today that isn't service-focused, in the sense that everything within a company is being done in support of a customer. This course is an introduction to customer service and its importance in any business, and is an introduction to customer service and its importance in any business. This course covers the following topics: 1. Customer Service Overview. 2. What is Customer Service? 3. Why is it More Important Today? 4. How it Applies to Every Business. 5. Five Service Levels of Companies. Customer Service Fundamentalsc




  • How to get Publicity (PR) & Press Coverage for your Business -  This course will teach you how to get publicity (PR) and press coverage for your business from podcasts, radio shows, books, industry publications, and even celebrities. The course is interview-based. Bert Martinez, a veteran of the publicity space is being interviewed. He shares many advanced tactics for generating publicity and press coverage for your business. The course is almost all video lectures and should take between 1-2 hours to complete. The course is split up into 17 tutorial lectures and a conclusion lecture. The 17 tutorials are from questions like how to get publicity for a business, a book, from celebrities, and much more. How to get publicity and press coverage for your business

  • Display Your Seal as a Trusted Business - Trust Seals quickly increase the confidence of visitors to your website. Our unique trust-enhancing verification seals and customer feedback collection and reporting system increase e-commerce sales. Display the Trust-Verified seal on an e-commerce website to prove your credibility and legitimacy to visitors, and increase sales. Try our free three-month trial.

  • Custom Signs & Banners – We are the best choice for custom signs, banners, free custom sign themes and more. Our proprietary technology allows you to create custom banners and full color signs online from your own graphics, or through the customization of thousands of free sign templates we have created for your convenience. Our turn key sign printing operation is also equipped with the logistics needed for the prompt delivery of all signage orders within three business days, at a savings of 50% - 65% over prices charged by traditional retail sign companies. Shop eSigns.com today! 

  • Professional Logos - A logo is a company's face and there is no denial to its importance. A company's identity is build through its logo because it is the first thing that appears before consumers and they make up their minds regarding quality of services or products offered by a particular company. A company has to be logo conscious because a logo design defines the brand image and identity of the company, so it is perilous to risk the quality of the logo design. Visualization, identification and an emotional feedback from consumers are some significant functions of a company logo that allow a company to stand and stay successful at the international level. Read more.

10% Discount On Each Order!


  • Learn Audio Editing with Adobe Audition for Voice Actors – This training will help you learn the basics of recording and editing your voice with Audition 6 and how to create fully produced audio tracks. Voice acting is a very competitive industry. Knowing how to edit auditions and send fully produced audio tracks to clients will give you an advantage. The skills taught in this course will help you build a loyal client base as, not only a voice actor, but an audio producer as well. Audio Editing with Adobe Audition for Voice Actorsc




  • Logo & Graphic Design Services – Our company DesignCrowd is an online marketplace providing logo, website, print and graphic design services by providing access to freelance graphic designers and design studios around the world.  DesignCrowd gives you access to a 'virtual team' of 138,158 designers from around the world (via a process called crowdsourcing) - helping you to tap into the very best international design talent available, at a low cost. Post a project on DesignCrowd and watch designs pour in from around the world (the average project receives 50+ designs). We pride ourselves on quality (not just quantity) - DesignCrowd uses "Crowdsourcing 2.0" a fairer, sustainable, higher quality crowdsourcing where every designer can get paid and customers can browse our top graphic designers and hand-pick their favourites. Need a Logo Design? Crowdsource Your Designs Online Now!

  • Submitting Your Site to Search Engines - Established in the year 2002, SIM is one of the very few Indian SEO companies with such a vast industry experience and a full-fledged team of 100+ dedicated SEO experts in different SEO service departments such as website audit, On-page SEO, analytics, content creation, local business SEO, press release marketing, social networking promotions and much more. Click here.

  • Marketing Skills for Your Business - You're a new small business owner... or maybe you have been in business for a couple years and can't seem to attract the right type of customers. You are tired of trying to compete with larger retailers with seemingly endless marketing budgets... but how can your business survive? By learning how to position your business to eliminate your competition... by creating a marketing message that speaks directly to your target market... by attracting people who will pay top dollar for your product or service! Small Business Marketing Basics is a crash course for beginners or new business owners new to marketing. It includes 44 lectures in eight sections, each broken down into easy to follow steps. The course takes you through developing your Unique Market Position and Marketing Message, choosing the right Marketing Media for your target audience, how to gather and use Customer Testimonials, create your Advertising Plan, and invaluable Customer Retention Techniques. There are work sheets at the end of each section so you can create an actual customized, workable, plan for your business as you progress through the course. Marketing Strategy


  • Web Traffic Marketing - Millions of people waiting to hear from you and your business. Sound too good to be true? Well it's not. WebTrafficMarketing.com offers instant daily access to one of the largest legitimate bulk email databases available to online marketers today, and all of our recipients have double-opted in to receive marketing messages at one of our many partner sites. We've never had a single person accuse us of SPAM (because it's not!). We've done all the work for you. Just log into our easy-to-use web-based application, enter your offer and hit send. Your message instantly goes out to nearly 3 million people through our bulk email server. Read more.



  • E-Mail Marketing Manager for the Small Business - Once you have your online business up and running it is essential to keep in touch with your site visitors and customers with constant contact. The web site tool to now use is The E-Mail Manager. This successful tool includes:
    • Build and manage your opt-in email lists.
    • Produce professional looking HTML Newsletters and Promotions
    • Track your results with extensive reporting features. Try this service out and request the "No Obligation Free Trial".

Direct Email Marketing with Constant Contact

  • Using Videos in Your Marketing Plans - With Business Web Videos you can show, tell and sell online. As an alternative to other, expensive videos, we offer a clean white background that allows your message be the star without distracting your audience. It’s clean, simple and costs you far less. Read more.


  • Online Press Release Distribution - ABNewwire.com is the only online Press Release distribution service that guarantees inclusion on 500+ news websites, including national, regional, local, radio and TV, trade and industry, and international news websites. Online Press Releases are meaningless if they do not appear in Google and other search engines. We SEO all Press Releases to ensure that Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all leading search engines index and rank your Press Releases for relevant keywords. Read more.

  • Free Press Releases - 24-7PressRelease.com is a leader in the online press release distribution industry. Through its multi-channel distribution network, 24-7PressRelease.com helps corporations and organizations disseminate their news to consumers, editors, journalists, bloggers, and websites. 24-7Pressrelease – Effective press release distribution with results24

24-7PressRelease.com – Share Your News with Journa  

  • Promotional Item for Marketing Your Business - Red Fish Marketing is Australia's site for Promotional Products, Corporate Gifts, Promotional Items, and Promotional Gifts. All of our products can be decorated or branded with your company's logo, website address, or message to make your marketing activity stand out in the ocean. From stubbie holders and button badges to promotional corporate clothing and lanyards we have your promotional needs covered. Click here.


  • Free Press Releases - i-Newswire.com has consistently ranked as a leading press release distribution service. We offer a comprehensive list of distribution channels that ensures your message is broadcasted on various new and media sites. With our affordable rates, your ROI is maximized on single and subscription plans. Click here.


  • Business Expert Press – Our business service is partnered with Harvard Business School Press and BEP books are in use in top business schools all over the world including UCLA, Duke, USC, London Business School, INSEAD and scores of other top business schools. Business Expert Press was founded on the proposition that executives and business students need reliable, concise information and guidance from experts across the field of business. Professors from around the world typically focus on writing journal articles, lengthy monographs, textbooks and topical articles for magazines. Business Expert Press combines and summarizes these published works to help students improve their understanding of theories and gain more in-depth knowledge of a particular topic. Marketing Research Books


  • Powerful Marketing Solution – Our service is a leader in multi-channel marketing Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution for organizations worldwide. The company’s multi-channel marketing platform is a feature-rich solution used by thousands of customers in over 175 countries, including many of the most recognized brand names around the globe in retail, non-profit and hospitality industries. This service is for businesses to effectively reach customers on their preferred mode of communication. Read more.

email marketing

  • How to Turn WordPress into an Online Store – Our software is a full featured WordPress theme that transforms an installation of WordPress, into an easy to use e-commerce store. Utilizing new custom fields and menus, MarketTheme allows you to easily add product information including prices, description, options, image uploading, shipping, and more -- all from an easy to use administration interface. MarketTheme truly is the ultimate solution for creating an environment where you can sell your own physical products, affiliate products, or digital downloads without a lot of setup time or technical knowledge. Click here.

  • Software to Create Your Own Logos – We have over 200 awesome templates and loads of Web Graphics that you can customize and modify. Create Logos, Blog Images, Page Headers, Facebook Graphics and more! Click here.

  • Certified Seal of Approval - The International Bureau of Certified Internet Merchants, IBCIM.ORG, operate the Merchant Certified Seal of Approval and Trust Seal program that enables websites to display a Trust Seal, also known as a Seal of Approval, on their website to prove their credibility and legitimacy as internet merchants. It is proven that a third party Trust Seal and Seal of Approval increase conversion rates which improves your bottom line as well as your customer service perception of your website and company. Read more.

  • Royalty Free Photos – iStockphoto is the web's original source for royalty-free stock images, media and design elements. For over 10 years artists, designers and photographers from all over the world have come here to create, work and learn. Although iStockphoto started with just a few photos in 2000, we now offer vector illustrations, videos, music and sound effects, Flash and logos. Buy an iStock Subscription 



  • Trade Show Displays & Exhibits - Epic Displays offers a complete line of portable, modular and custom trade show displays and exhibits. More than just a mantra or company slogan, the Epic Displays team focuses on simply one goal: to make trade shows easier for our clients. Click here

  • How to Turn Prospects into Customers - Infusionsoft is software for small businesses that combines CRM, email marketing, and ecommerce all into one powerful system. But the real magic is in our automatic follow-up engine, because it finally makes it easy for entrepreneurs to effectively follow up with their prospects and customers. When this happen, more prospects become customers….and sales explode. That's why we are the only software company that guarantees to double your sales. Finally...Infusionsoft gives entrepreneurs the all-in-one system they need to grow their business fast.

  • How to Use Customer Relations Management (CRM) Software, InfusionSoft - Time is money. If you are paying for an Infusionsoft software application you will want to get it to produce a return on your investment (ROI) as soon as possible. A common challenge that new customers face is knowing what to do - and when - to quickly get up and running with the software. In this course, we will walk through the exact process for getting started quickly and easily with Infusionsoft. 30,000 thriving small businesses use Infusionsoft to grow sales, save time and stay on top of it all. Discover how the leading sales and marketing software built exclusively for small businesses can help you! Import and organize the contacts that come to your business (both online and offline) with tagging and segmentation. Collect data about your leads' behaviors, score them based on marketing interactions, and prioritize the leads that are hottest and ready to buy. Track engagement and customize follow-up messages based on unique customer profiles. Get Started Quickly (and Easily) With Infusionsoft

  • Downloadable Fonts – We are a leading provider of downloadable fonts to creative professionals including graphic designers, creative directors and marketers, We offer more than 150,000 products including many of the most sought after designs that have no substitute. Fonts.com Web Fonts offers the best selection, language support and workflow solution of any Web font service. Both sites serve creative professionals such as graphic designers, creative and art directors, design agencies, Web designers and marketers in addition to home users and IT professionals. Fonts.com - Download over 125,000 Fonts!fonts

Fonts.com Web Fonts

  • Video Creator Software - Create professional quality videos for your business quickly and easily at very competitive prices Finish your video in minutes with our "Quick Video Maker" or take full creative control in our powerful (but still easy-to-use) "Full Video Maker". GoAnimate is one of the best tools we've come across for developing animations... It's extremely easy to use, has a myriad of different scenarios and characters for you to chose from, and generates high definition animations that will add life to any training program or marketing campaign. Click here.

  • Market Research Reports & Publications - The panel of the market information available in our database is difficult to overestimate, the topics covered are related to numerous industries including broadcast, proav, post production and digital cinema and also data on various countries and regions across the world, making our database truly global. The catalogue is designed in a handy and user-friendly way, so each study can be easily reached and reviewed. Read more.

  • Using PowerPoint for Advertising & Marketing -  We now have available templates, clip art, video backgrounds, animations using PowerPoint, All you need to create stunning PowerPoint presentations. Download PowerPoint templates, animated clipart, presentation graphics, and HD video backgrounds. Experience the future of PowerPoint with our New Animated Templates for PowerPoint. Visit PresenterMedia

Download Unlimited PowerPoint templates 


  • Using Videos in Your Marketing Plans – Our company specializes in providing leading edge video email solutions for business. In addition to great video quality and secure delivery, we offer custom branding, exit links, tracking, mobile delivery and mobile apps with network sharing not typically available through other providers. Our service is backed by outstanding and responsive customer support, graphic and billing specialists. Get Your Covideo Free Trial Now!


  • Shopping Cart SoftwareWe are now promoting the X-Cart Shopping Cart Software, probably the most feature rich e-commerce software on the market. 100% PCI-DSS compliant. 100% customizable, complete PHP source code available.  Also check out X-Payments Solution for PCI Compliance for On-line Merchants. PA-DSS certified to meet Visa security requirements. Free X-Cart Downloadx-cart

  • Mobile App Tracking - Buying advertising for mobile apps is simple. Tracking how many new users came from each advertising source is difficult. Traditional web analytics technologies rely on cookie based tracking which only operates on web browsers. Mobile App Tracking provides real-time click and conversion data on your mobile apps across all your advertising efforts so you know exactly how many installs came from which Ad Networks and Affiliates. Read more.


  • Press Release Submissions - The need to write and produce an effective press release for your business requires professionals who can produce the important news, events or announcements, or any other upcoming news about your business or organization, in an effective and engaging manner. This service provider not only offers "Press Release Writing Services" but also if you have prepared the release in-house, also offers "Press Release Submissions" to a list of over 10,000 opt-in journalists, who will target your "Press Release" to the right people at the right price. Let the World Know About Your Company with eReleases - The Most Effective Press Release Service!

    468x60 logo on right side and green




  • Shopify (World's Leading Shopping Cart Software) - This excellent service has very powerful built-in analytics that help you keep track of your store's progress over time. Benchmarking your online store's performance helps you make the right choices that will lead to more sales. Detailed statistics include: How your customers found you and what country they are in, Which URLs are referring to your online store, What search terms were used to find your store, Tracks the number of visits, including by page hits and unique visitors. Sell Products online

Create your own online store!


  • Design Service for Business Logos - The smart branding solution for start-ups and small businesses. You've made the right decision to brand your company. Deciding which company is going to deliver the cornerstone of your brand can be difficult. We invite you to review our logo design service. Award Winning Logo Design


  • 3D Business Graphics - If you're looking for new ways to make your PowerPoint presentations stand out, Perspector will give you what you want. Perspector lets you add a variety of 3D effects to your slides, from individual shapes to full-blown 3D diagrams. There is a library with images in it that you can use to make an immediate difference to your presentations. If you want to make your bullet lists more interesting, try out one of the 3D lists. Access a comprehensive library of 3D business diagrams that you can tailor for your product or service. Read more


  • Display Your Website is Secure & Safe - All VeriSign-branded SSL Certificates come with additional features to offer more than security for online businesses. Our premium SSL Certificates, the VeriSign® Trust Seal, VeriSign Seal-in-Search™ technology, and daily Web site malware scanning work together to help assure customers that a site is safe from search to browse to buy. Boost your site traffic and conversions with powerful trust features. Free with every SSL Certificate. Protect your site and customers with VeriSign SSL Certificates. Explore our SSL solutions now.

  • Promotional Pens & Products - Our Company strives to be the worldwide leader in providing high value promotional products for businesses and professionals in every industry with low pricing. We have earned a respected reputation for meeting the needs of business marketing and corporate branding through promotional items with personalized imprints and custom logos. Visit our site.



  • Convert PDF Files Into Booklets & Page Flipping Magazines - Flip PDF is your easy way to batch convert ordinary PDF files into stunning booklets with amazing page-flipping animations and sound. No programming tricks needed. Creates realistic Adobe Flash based page-flipping books in minutes Publish your content such as magazines, brochures and catalogues to web sites, email and even CD-ROM, Also imports hyperlinks, bookmarks and text from your original PDF files. Read more.


  • Email Marketing & Survey Software - Our Company provides simple but powerful email marketing and survey software. Over 350,000 small businesses choose us, because with GetResponse they get higher response rates and get more results from their campaigns. Business owners and marketers can craft beautiful newsletters and sign-up forms, choosing from hundreds of templates and using an intuitive drag 'n drop interface. Creating, sending and delivering targeted, segmented email campaigns couldn't be simpler. GetResponse Email Marketing. Trusted by 350,000 Customers in 182 Countries. Get Started Today!

  • For our clients in UK & Europe, Click here.


  • Business & Market Research Data - OneSource provides the most complete and highest quality business information for Sales, Client Development, Marketing, Finance, Research and more. Get your free trial and see how OneSource will help you achieve your goals. For more than 20 years OneSource has been a recognized leader in business information solutions; delivering unparalleled company, executive, and industry intelligence that make business professionals more effective and productive in completing their critical daily tasks. Our products and services support a company's vital business processes, including serving their customers, finding and leveraging new opportunities, and working with suppliers and partners. Sales Pros: Better Leads
    Free Trial: Prospecting Tool Millions of Contacts and Companies


  • Software to Research Your Niche Markets - Imagine knowing exactly which of your knowledge, skills and ideas would find the largest demand and bring you lots of money... No more guesswork, no more learning from your own mistakes, no more waste of time and money. Nice picture, isn't it? It is now possible with our NicheFinder software. This unique marketing tool will give you a lot of valuable information about the demand for specific products or services in your field and other exciting information and business ideas. For more information click here

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