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Home Loans


  • Freedom Finance (UK Only) - Our company is one of the best known loan brands in the UK. The business is looking to offer loans to the homeowner market through a variety of lenders offering a wide range of secured and unsecured loans. The unique proposition offered by Freedom Finance is its ability to offer customers the best loan possible for their personal circumstances without adversely affecting their credit rating.  Freedom Finance has pioneered soft search technology which enables them to determine which loans a customer is accepted for and the best rate they are can achieve. This allows customers to have access to a wide variety of loan products without worrying about multiple applications and rejections, which negatively impacts their credit score. Visit Freedom Finance





  • Quicken Loans, The Easiest Way to Get a Home Loan - This leading financial service has been voted "best of the web" by Forbes, Money, and PC magazines, and is now open for all applications. The request form for a home loan is straightforward and simple, with no obligations. Refinance with the VA loan: Up to 90% of the value of your home!

Commercial Property Loans


  • Loans & Finance for Real Estate - Commercial Loan Direct provides commercial real estate loans for both owner-occupied and investor properties, including traditional and non-traditional property types. Commercial Loan Direct offers clients up to 90% commercial financing, 30 year fixed-rate terms, and unlimited cash out options. Commercial Loan Direct


  • Commercial Mortgage Brokers Store - Our unique products are created exclusively for commercial mortgage brokers. Note that all of these have been "street tested" and proven by real commercial mortgage brokers. We stand behind all of these products by offering a FULL, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE because they are all legitimate and we are confident you'll agree. Read more.


  • Need Venture Capital for Your Business? - Research has been undertaken on over 100 countries and the available resources for small business and entrepreneurial loans have been listed. You are also able to download digital products, such as "28 Ways to Finance Your Venture", "Seven Venture Capital Reports," plus a sample Business Plan, and may other products and services for the small business entrepreneur. We highly recommend that you obtain the "Venture Capital Database" (on CD-ROM) which lists over 4500 sources of venture capital loans worldwide and is upgraded regularly. Click Here



  • Learn Commercial Real Estate Lending Skills - Ocean View (The Loan School) provides this course and their associate facilitators collectively have over a 100+ years of combined experience in their areas of expertise. All of our facilitators are highly regarded experts in their fields and bring their years of real life business practice and experience to you at OceanView. You will not only gain valuable classroom knowledge but real world practicality and what you can expect to find once you graduate and enter into a commercial lending career. The knowledge you will gain from our team of executive level facilitators and OceanView training will be an invaluable tool as you begin your new career. Visit OceanView

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