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  • Discount Medical Supplies – Our service is a physician-operated medical equipment and supply company that provides practitioners, patients and the general public with the highest quality products at the lowest available prices. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction as we offer the necessary resources to help you make well-informed purchasing decisions. Our customer service staff is ready and able to assist you with any questions. All of your medical supply needs in one convenient location! Shop and Save!

234x60 Discount Medical Supplies  

  • Specialized Publications & Software for Physicians, Nurses & Students - Lippincott Williams & Wilkins is a unit of Wolters Kluwer Health, a group of leading information companies offering specialized publications and software for physicians, nurses, students and specialized clinicians. Products include drug guides, medical journals, nursing journals, medical textbooks and medical pda software. More than just an online medical book store, LWW.com also contains valuable resources for Libraries & Institutions, Faculty, Medical Students & Residents, Retail Bookstores, Pharmaceutical Reps, Advertisers and Authors. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

  • Dealing With Osteoporosis - Close to 50 million people have Osteoporosis. Professionally written and designed our program Save Our Bones works and is totally drug-free. We offer quality products backed by physicians Modern medicine treats the symptoms of Osteoporosis and does not attempt to strengthen bones and thus solve the issue. Learn more about our program

  • First Aid Kits - MyMedic makes the best First Aid Kits on the Planet. We are the one stop destination for all your medical gear needs. Our Kits are also designed for everybody. Home, car, work, specific activity, we got it covered. Our supplies have been tested by experts and our goal is to keep you prepared while you’re out doing what you love. Shop MyMedic Hospital in a bag Now



  • Benefits of Aromatherapy - At Aromatherapy Associates, we focus on Mindful Beauty by giving you time to stop and find balance in your life. Leaders in aromatherapy, our beauty products address your specific concerns and take you on a sensory journey to enhance your wellbeing. Our passion for essential oils stems from the understanding that they have therapeutic benefits which work on the skin, body and mind. We have harnessed this knowledge for over 30 years to deliver award-winning luxury bath, body and skincare products that work on a deeper level to allow your natural radiance and beauty to shine through. Aromatherapy Associates



  • Relaxation & Stress Relief Products - Our partner has the highest quality, most beautiful indoor water fountains, tabletop fountains, bean bag chairs & bean bags, stress free alarm clocks, hammocks and so much more. Their selection of hand crafted outdoor & indoor fountains and comfy bean bag chairs are amazing. Plus, they have many other products for natural relaxation, stress relief, health, healing, inspiration, and feng shui. or the most stunning functional relaxation and stress relief products you've ever seen, at Discount Prices. Visit Serenity Health




  • Rapid STD Testing - Our service specializes in - helping people regain control of their personal lives by providing professional, discreet, and timely 100% FDA-approved STD testing. We have 4,000+ Labs Nationwide. Our goal is to help individuals and families obtain accurate and confidential medical testing results in the most professional, discreet, and efficient way possible. std testing



  • Hay House Books & Online Courses - We are committed to publishing products and sponsoring events that have a positive self-help slant and are conducive to healing ourselves and planet Earth. Hay House is the International Leader in inspirational, transformational, and self-help publishing with high integrity and quality products. Save 20% on New York Times Bestselling Books Everyday

  • Dermology Complete Anti-Aging System - This is a complete anti-aging formula that uses only the finest natural ingredients to reduce the appearance of aging and restore the vitality of your skin. Don’t put up with those unsightly fine lines and wrinkles any more. You don’t have to! When you order Dermology Complete Anti-Aging System today, you can begin seeing a difference in just a few weeks. Read more.




  • Learn Meditation - Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content, or as an end in itself, plus it will improve immunity, healing and reduce stress.The term meditation refers to a broad variety of practices that includes techniques designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force and develop compassion, love, patience, generosity and forgive. In this course you will learn the same kind of meditation used in the clinical trials where it showed that psoriasis patients healed four times faster and AIDS patients improved their immunity. Not only that the same meditation is proven to reduce their chances of relapsing back to depression by 40%. You will also get to know how much to meditate and when exactly you can expect start experiencing the benefits. Learn Meditation: Improve Immunity, Healing & Reduce Stress



  • Learning Deep Anger Management - From the author of Emotional Genius, Freedom Found, and Above It All, comes this powerful course: Deep Anger Management. From a background as an angry young man prone to losing his temper to a self-disciplined martial arts master, Dr. Conway brings his decades-old program to you now. Dive deep into understanding Anger, what it REALLY is, what is REALLY means, and how to step into what's REALLY going on in any of a half-dozen powerful ways. As a martial arts instructor, training ordinary and sometimes very troubled people to become masters of their own emotions is critical. A master of a combat art does not want to teach an angry person how to be even more dangerous.  From his programs and books, from decades of experience on what really works, Dr. Conway distills the powerful tools and techniques for everyone right here. Whether it's for you to control your own Anger, or you're equipping yourself to help others, or you just need to understand what's happening with the angry people you must deal with, this course is your solution. Deep Anger Management




  • Online Health Store - Health Buy provides a full line of exclusive health and beauty products. We are proud to offer a wide range of natural health supplements and skin care products made only from the finest natural ingredients available today. Click here



  • How to Deal With Back Pain - LoseTheBackPain.com is the web’s most trusted source for information on natural pain treatments, back pain relief and a wide variety of health topics. The Lose the Back Pain System is the world’s first self-assessment and self-treatment program for back pain and sciatica sufferers. It has since been refined with the help of some of the world’s leading doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals. More than 55,000 copies of this innovative and individually targeted approach have been sold in more than 85 countries. Obtain a free copy of our e-Book.

  • Heart Rate Monitors - We are all about getting people fit, boosting physical performance, and improving lifestyle. Heart Rate Monitors USA is proud to be one of the most informative databases of heart rate knowledge and wellness tips. We offer a large selection of fitness, medical and outdoor products. Example products are Heart Rate Monitors, Blood Pressure Monitors, Nebulizers, Pedometers, Hydration Packs, Scales and More. Click here.

  • Yoga Products & Equipment - We strive to deliver the best in personal service. We serve a range of people, from individuals who are new to yoga wanting to start a home practice, to physical therapists, athletic coaches, spa directors, and yoga teachers outfitting entire studios. Check our prices.

  • Healthy Colon Function - Bowtrol.com is an all-natural system that supports healthy colon function. Bowtrol helps you maintain a healthy digestive tract, supports regularity, and promotes overall health and wellbeing. Bowtrol Colon Cleanse is an all-natural herbal colon cleansing system that supports your body's natural design for eliminating toxins. Click here.


  • Medical Reviews & News - Practical Reviews is your one-stop resource for continuing medical education and board review. All medical specialties represented: Anesthesiology, Cancer Management, Cardiology, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Nuclear Medicine, OB-GYN, Ophthalmology, Orthopedic Surgery Pathology, Pediatrics, Plastic Surgery, Psychiatry, Radiology, Urology. Health & Medical Answer Book, is available at Wolters Kluwer - ORDER TODAY!




  • Meditation Experience - The Chopra Center’s popular 21-Day Meditation Experience, makes meditation easy, fun, and inspiring. We offer daily guided audio meditations via an online, interactive program. The majority of the meditations are guided by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey. The Meditation Experience is offered for free several times throughout the year. Once a “live” Meditation Experience is over, the audios of the meditations are available for purchase as downloads, on-demand streaming, or CDs. Our website offers over 40 meditation related products; and we have added additional popular meditation accessories (candles, oils, etc). Creating Abundance Meditation Experience




  • Value of Aromatherapy - In this course, the British founder of luxury, ethical skincare company: Eden Aromatics Ltd will reveal the Beauty Industry's aromatherapy secrets which help to ease a multitude of mental health symptoms...that you can easily recreate at home with your very own Rescue Kit of only 10 simple essential oils!  If you would like to find out how you can improve these conditions for yourself, in an easy, inexpensive way, this course is for you. The benefits are: Feel less stressed, Have a better nights sleep, Increase your concentration, Feel less anxious, plus many more. Transform your Body using Aromatherapy



  • Aromatherapy Training - The Aromahead Institute seeks to make the study and therapeutic use of essential oils widely accessible to casual learners and healing arts professionals around the globe through our state-of-the art online study program. By following an evidence based curriculum approach to incorporating intensive science and practical hands-on instruction, the Institute aims to elevate the science and study of aromatherapy to deliver its ability to heal and enhance wellbeing to individuals and professionals alike. Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists: A comprehensive foundation for the use of essential oils in your bodywork practice!

Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists 



  • Ayurveda Basics - Make better lifestyle and food choices with the Age Old Wisdom of Ayurveda. This course is designed for students of all kinds whose main desire is to focus on preventative health care. It is no secret that in these modern times, we have deviated slightly from a holistic perspective. What does that mean? That we have forgotten that we are all interconnected beings, not only with other humans, but with nature itself. What happens in nature, happens in us. We are the five elements. Learn what those five elements have to do with your health. This topic and many more may be found in this course. Most people are looking for a way to lose weight and find their original weight; that is as a result of an imbalance. In this course you will also find a very thorough assessment so that you may better get to your perfect state of balance and discover in which area(s) you are out of balance. This course is a comprehensive compilation of the most fundamental and basic topics of Ayurveda. Ayurveda Basics


    • Experience Relaxing Techniques - Feel the Relaxation offers products that can be used as a sleeping aid, to reduce anxiety or as an accompaniment for meditation or yoga. Listen to the soothing sounds of birds, ocean waves and wind chimes during a thunderstorm. Use our sounds to relax, de-stress, or treat post-traumatic stress disorder. Read more.



    • Benefits of Yoga - We are now promoting this excellent service for health improvement and maintenance. We are a collective of students and teachers who know how important a consistent yoga practice is to living a happy, healthy and balanced life. As yogis, it's our mission to make the benefits of yoga accessible and affordable for everyone, everywhere - and support teachers in finding new ways to succeed on their path. Founded by people who love yoga, love music, and experience life as an extension of their practice, Yoga Download is yoga for the way you really live. YogaDownload.com


    • Coping With Stress - You will learn from this new e-book how uses the human body's own reflexes to communicate to the very portion of the brain that responds to stress, and results in conditioning this part of the Nervous System to remain calm and relaxed. Nothing like this has ever been available on the market before. Reflexercise is effective in a huge variety of niches, including: chronic pain, headaches, migraines, anxiety, trauma, fibromyalgia, depression, plus much more. Bringing Balance to the World, One Brain at a Time


    • Perfect Skin Lightener - This product improves upon the ingredient with formulation that is made with Alpha-Arbutin, It is a more stable and effective lightening ingredient than any other product available in the market today. Alpha-Arbutin can be up to 10 times more effective without the negative side affects typically found in other skin lightening agents. B. Kamins Skin Lightening Treatment



    • Soothing Music from The Delamere Group & LoungeV – We now provide natural ambiance for home and office with relaxing sounds, soothing music and full HD visuals from some of the most exotic and beautiful places on earth, such as beaches, rivers, waterfalls, forests, lakes, mountains and under water. Our featured product is Caribbean Lounge 3 hour long film. Take a look and listen to our demos. Caribbean Lounge full HD film

    • Aromatherapy & Essential Oils - Floracopeia was established to promote the use of medicinal plants for grassroots healthcare, high-value crops for poverty alleviation, ecological benefits, and preservation of ethno-botanical wisdom. We provide our customers with the highest quality essential oils and other botanical aromatic treasures through our support of ecologically sustainable agricultural and agro-forestry projects. Read more.

    • Health & Wellness Products - Puzhen is a leading brand of health and wellness products. Our unique lines help restore a sense of balance, calming and relieving stress by combining ancient Chinese tradition with modern technology. Our Five Sense Aroma Diffusers help create equilibrium of body, mind, and soul, introducing the spirit of ancient China into today's lifestyle. That is what we call - Puzhen Life. Read more.

    Puzhen Yun Aroma Diffuserc 



    • Health News & Updates - Delamere Professional Health & Beauty Products now provides a link to ProHealth.com. This service provides the latest health news, support, and comprehensive nutritional solutions. We also bring you daily research and treatment news, exclusive interviews with leading physicians, traditional and alternative treatment options, and symptom control advice. Our service continually grows its information library to keep you informed of all your options, and helps you successfully manage your most troubling symptoms and cope with the many issues you face. Visit Discover new products available at ProHealth. Get free shipping on all orders $64+.

    High quality vitamins, herbs, and supplements at ProHealth.com  


    • Psoriasis Cream - Revitol Dermasis is a Psoriasis cream that contains FDA Approved Ingredients to help Psoriasis Suffers. According to the Natural Psoriasis Foundation, between 150,000 and 260,000 new cases of Psoriasis are diagnosed each year-amounting to more that 5 million Americans. Click here.


    • Healing & Relaxation Music - MusicOfMassage.com is a trusted partner for massage therapists, spas, chiropractors, yoga teachers, and pretty much anyone else who wants the ultimate in healing and relaxation music. Check our catalog


    • Educational Videos for Salon & Beauty Industry - Aesthetic Video Source is the leader in educational DVD's for the salon and beauty industry. We offer a wide variety DVD's for many aspects, including massage, esthetics, medical esthetics, hair and makeup. 10% discount on everything at Aesthetic VideoSource



    • Alternative Remedy & Complementary Health Reports - We publish alternative remedy reports that provide your body with natural solutions that are safe and affordable. Each and every one of our reports defines a holistic method to attack your problems, not just the symptoms. We're so confident in their effectiveness that each one is backed by an ironclad 6 month 100% money-back guarantee. It's the sort of confidence that only comes with 25 years of combined experience in alternative healthcare. Barton Natural Health (Barton Publishing, Inc.)


    • Learn Yoga Online - International Yogalayam offers unique yoga distance education programs, and specialty yoga e-books. The power and benefits of yoga; you can't have a healthy body without a healthy mind and you can't have a healthy mind without mastering your emotions. What's the greatest benefit? Yoga will teach you how to gain health on all these levels. Click Here!




    • Chinese Curative Herbs - The Chinese believe that proper diet and exercise, meditation and the careful prescription of herbs can prevent disease, restore the body's proper balance and aid one in maintaining optimum health. Chinese herbology posits that all disease stems from imbalance occurring in the organ system. The healthy body, with its properly functioning immune system, is more than capable of combating the viruses it is exposed to. A properly balanced system will resist and destroy bacteria before they cause disease. Simply put, illness simply cannot exist if the body is in harmony. On the other hand, Chinese herbal theory holds that an unhealthy body requires herbal and dietary treatments to restore and maintain this essential balance. Read more.


    • Self Healing with Mind/Body Medicine - This series of guided imagery recordings help to manage and control stress, change bad habits, achieve peak performance, nature your inner soul, balance your mind and emotions, plus more. Read more.


    • Cosmetic Surgery - Cosmetic Harmony is a medical tourism company specializing in complete cosmetic surgery packages, including cosmetic procedures, travel, accommodations, transportation to medical appointments, a bilingual personal assistant and medications. Cosmetic Harmony prides itself on continuity of care and a personalized experience. Cosmetic Harmony uses only FDA-approved materials. Read more.


    Alternative Health Research/Flamasil™


    • Free Health Notes - Health Monthly is a high quality online health store selling high street brands of vitamins, supplements, health and skin care products all at discounted Tax Free prices. Do you have a health concern? Visitors to our site can view hundreds of different Health Notes for FREE! Click here to see our list.


    • Home Environment Products - These are products that enhance home comfort, including air purifiers, air filters, heaters and fans and more. These home environment products enhance home comfort through smartly designed products that naturally complement your home and revolutionary technology that really works. Our state-of-the-art on-site testing facility enables us to explore technologies, materials and consumer interface options to bring you the very highest level of home environment comfort and convenience. Check our online catalog.


    • STD Testing - Our service provides a full spectrum of STD testing options, including at-home & clinic-based testing. All orders are placed online, including orders for pre-visit requisition forms. Visit http://www.stdcheck.com



    • HIV Home Test Kit - The HomeCheck HIV kit is a test to determine the presence of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) in Human Blood. HomeCheck HIV kit is the same test approved for and used in hospitals and clinics nationwide to test for HIV. Rather than you having to go to a clinic or hospital to test and wait days before the results, the HomeCheck HIV kit provides private at-home HIV testing with fast and reliable results. HomeCheck HIV (AIDS) kit


    • Physiotherapy Equipment & Supplies - PhysioSupplies UK are one of the leading internet suppliers of physiotherapy (physical therapy), rehabilitation, and sports therapy equipment to the public and professional therapist. We also have an extensive range of exercise equipment that is used in gyms, pilates, yoga and for general health and exercise. Our extensive range of products include back, lumbar supports and cushions, knee, arm and leg supports, orthopaedic pillows, TENS Machines, exercise balls and bands, wobble boards, blood pressure monitors, plus many more items available. All of the products that we supply are used and recommended by our professional, occupational & sports therapists. Browse the web site of Physio Supplies Ltd


    • Control & Prevention Against Allergies - This online medical store suppliers a vast range of products that prevent and control allergies in the home and office. Browse the online catalog and search for categories related to, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, cleaning products and personal care, plus many more. What Causes Allergies?


    • Human Kinetics - What is the mission of Human Kinetics? To produce innovative, informative products in all areas of physical activity that help people worldwide lead healthier, more active lives. To learn this is the premier knowledge integrator in the physical activity field. We synthesize vast amounts of information into a constantly evolving array of products that utilize current technology to meet the needs of our varied audiences. Today, HK produces textbooks and their ancillaries, consumer books, software, videos, audiocassettes, journals, and distance education courses. For more details click here


    • Streaming Video Yoga Classes - This site is an online yoga studio/community featuring streaming video yoga classes in Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. YogaYak - Your Portable Yoga Studio



    • Relax & Stress Relief Made Simple -Newest software technology, multi-sensory, interactive one minute stress reduction program. Use in the comfort of your office or home for higher levels of concentration and focus. As seen on; Art Bell, Public Health Radio, Good Day Oregon. Testimonials include; Dr James Durlacher D.C.-author of Freedom From Fear Forever, Regina-VP Risk Management, Marcia-Entertainment Executive, Stephanie-Student, Paul-Manufacturing, Heather-Artisit. Buy DOWNLOADABLE Relax & Rejuv for Win 98 or Newer


    • Treatment for Anxiety Attacks - Over 20 million people in the USA alone suffer with ANXIETY DISORDER and/or PANIC DISORDER. Many have used The Linden Method, which is a successful treatment methodology for anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. For more details on this excellent report and treatment, Click Here!

    • We currently have available a service that you can use to download dozens of documents and guides related to health care and therapies. For example you may download for FREE this excellent review of "Aromatherapy as a Practical Healing Therapy". Many other topics are covered, such as, Sports Injuries, Stress Management, Dietary Supplements, Sensible Weight Loss, plus many more. Visit this site and select "Health & Wellness Guides and Information" Nutrition, fitness, health and wellness guides and information - MegaDox



    • Problems with Bad Backs - From prevention to healing, or managing chronic back problems, we're here to assist any way we can. If you're looking for products, we have a range that varies from the traditional to the alternative and the high tech to the herbal. Our information section covers various conditions, treatments and therapies as well as many useful links. It can also help you find a relevant health provider in your area. And, importantly, with new developments happening daily, we'll keep you updated with the latest research, technology, diagnostic tests and much more. Read more.


    • How to treat lower back pain & spinal problems - This Health Education site, highly recommended by Professional Beauty Products, Inc. provides information in the form of online full screen videos regarding minimally invasive, interventional procedures related to the diagnosis and treatment of back and spine pain. Each video includes a discussion of the procedure, a short case history and relevant PDF Patient Fact Sheets that can be downloaded. Click here.


    • Exercises & Preventative cures for your back - This health supplier provides a full range of books, videos, equipment and therapy to cure, relax, and prevent back problems. Browse the online catalog for the complete range of products. Relax The Back Free Gift with Purchase!

    Relax The Back Logo Banner 120x60

    • Yoga Supplies & Study Material - This leading supplier of yoga mats, CDs, meditation and training material, music and videos all related to becoming an expert yoga, is one of the most popular on the Internet. Browse and also test firsthand the material for free. Achieve health, fitness, relaxation, and balance with Yoga.


    • Yoga Health Secrets - This e-book is your comprehensive guide to all the techniques you need for happiness and good health. Happiness is in the mind, and the mind is supported by the body, a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Your happiness depends on your mind and it depends on your body. Without physical health you can't be completely happy, and without mental happiness you can't be completely healthy. Health is a positive state; not just the absence of a negative one. Request the FREE Meditation and Yoga Philosophy eCourse. click here for more details


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