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  • We currently have available a service that you can use to download dozens of documents and guides related to health care and therapies. For example you may download for FREE this excellent review of "Aromatherapy as a Practical Healing Therapy". Many other topics are covered, such as, Sports Injuries, Stress Management, Dietary Supplements, Sensible Weight Loss, plus many more. Visit this site and select "Health & Wellness Guides and Information" Nutrition, fitness, health and wellness guides and information - MegaDox



  • The Mayo Clinic Diet – This is a weight loss and lifestyle program that was designed by the experts at the Mayo Clinic. The purpose is to help you lose weight by teaching healthy eating and habits to develop and healthy lifestyle. Visit diet.mayoclinic.org




  • Green Coffee Bean Max – This product is a revolutionary new weight loss supplement clinically proven to boost metabolism, balance blood sugar levels and double weight loss results.  Weight loss experts will tell you that the only way to lose weight safely is to burn more calories than you take in each day. This generally means eating less or healthier food in addition to exercising each day. The astonishing thing about GCB MAX is that it works exactly the way that the industry professionals recommend, without the need for diet and exercise. Click here.

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  • Cho-Yung Tea – This product is the revolutionary weight loss solution that's helped thousands of women and men lose weight quickly and safely. Because its premium ingredients are high in natural anti-oxidants, no extreme exercise is needed - just eat sensibly and take light exercise. And if you're already dieting to lose weight, drinking Cho-Yung Tea as well can help to increase your weight loss by as much as 50% more. Read more.

Cho Yung Green Tea


  • New Weight Loss System for Women – Femazyn is a revolutionary new weight loss system for women. Using our natural products and healthy choices system you can lose over 10 pounds a month, and it doesn't require vigorous exercises or a strict diet. Read more.

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  • Leading Diet Programs - Diet.com, a leading brand name in online weight management offers users the Personality Type Diet, a truly customized weight loss program based on a user's lifestyle and diet personality. Read more.



  • Health & Diet Products - In order to provide the type of nutrition that is needed by those from such varied backgrounds and in today's hectic fast paced environment, we have had to explore a variety of products that are not found in the common store. We have provided nutritional information and guidance for diet, health, and sports needs to many different people. Click here.



  • Weight Management Products - SlimCentre has helped thousands of men and women with weight management across Europe since first opening its doors in 2004. The brand has developed a reputation for promoting high quality products that have a proven track record. Read more.



  • Healthy Life Style - The Mayo Clinic has a terrific public outreach program, and this website provides a rich array of materials that deal with common and uncommon medical conditions. The Healthy Lifestyle area contains a range of tools and information for a healthy lifestyle. The sections include Healthy Lifestyle Topics, Life Stages, and Healthy Recipes. Within each section, visitors will find multimedia clips, expert answers, additional resources, and links to commonly asked questions. The Weight Loss area is particularly useful, as it contains over 25 different resources designed to help individuals address this increasingly common desire in a way that is balanced and meaningful. On a related note, the Healthy Recipes are a nice complement to these materials as they include suggestions for drinks, entrees, and side dishes. Visit this site. (From the Scout Report)


  • Natural Vitamins - We are the leading weight loss, sports nutrition and general health supplement and vitamin company leading online natural vitamin store. Our goal is help people achieve their weight loss goals, live a healthier life, and fulfill their wellness needs. All of Vital Mend’s products are from trusted manufacturers that provide the most natural materials with the highest levels of purity. Shop at VitalMend.comvital


  • Weight Watchers Online - This very successful weight loss program is one of the most used and recommended in the world. The program is ideal for "home use" or "corporate use" and the results speak for themselves. The PointsPlus® Program:Loosing weight never felt so good. See success with Weight Watchers®

Weight Watchers(R)

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