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  • Many of our clients have presented us with questions regarding the safety and security of investing offshore. These FAQs have been categorized into the following headings:

    • Offshore investing and taxation
    • Expat Issues
    • Offshore banking services
    • If you would like to review these question and the answers prepared by one of our financial advisors, please contact us for a private and secure link to this list of questions. Please quote Ref.DPA-107

    • Read this New Book Release "Offshore Investment Planning and Advice" - It is generally considered that the positive aspects of investing in offshore financial centres far outweigh the negative. However, in order to advise any client on the viability and benefits if holding funds offshore it is important to understand how these centres operate and how they compare with each other. This study material is logically structured to enable the user to compare and contrast the different types of finance planning vehicles used, and to evaluate the pros and cons of investing in different offshore centres, check the manual, Offshore Investment Planning and Advice (Professional Investment Certificate)

    • If you have a personal or business interest in holding your funds offshore to avoid paying taxes or government penalties, we suggest that you review our Global Trade Page-Business Tools, which offers several excellent projects that are currently being employed and utilized by many of our clients.


  • Secrets of Swiss Banking: An Owner's Manual to Quietly Building a Fortune - This is an open look at the legal opportunities that Swiss banking and investing can provide. Written by offshore financial specialist Hoyt Barber, Secrets of Swiss Banking will show readers how to protect their hard earned assets by safely and legally moving their money into trusted Swiss financial institutions, read this book about the Secrets of Swiss Banking: An Owner's Manual to Quietly Building a Fortune


  • Operate Your Business & Investments Without Paying Any Taxes - Learn how to organize your business affairs so that you decide and control what income tax to pay, if any. The concept is 100% legal. The Delamere Group successfully use many of the techniques outlined in our e-Books and e-Courses. For the insider confidential information click here!


  • Shelter Offshore - This is a very useful and practical news site that provides readers with the latest trends and developments related to offshore funds, offshore properties and the best expat places to “reside”. Banking offshore has many potential benefits; particularly for certain demographic groups such as expatriates for example.  Others who may benefit include those seeking flexible company bank accounts, those seeking privacy of their assets and transactions, and anyone who requires an international account. Read more.



  • Selection of top recommended books related to Offshore Investing & Dual Citizenship - We have a range of over 80 books on this topic and if you are a serious researcher into the advantages of holding offshore assets and also obtaining a second passport we suggest that you visit our bookstore to obtain a copy of the book, The Offshore Nation: Strategies for Success in Global Outsourcing and Offshoring


  • Software for Investing & Investment Training - The Delamere Group and the Sharemarket Institute provides market leading training, software and data services to private investors in stocks, future and currencies access to streaming data from 36 global markets with our specialist software. As many successful traders will tell you, some of the best performing investment opportunities are in offshore markets. So, follow the smart money with access to streaming data from 36 global markets, news, company financials and announcements from Reuters. Read more.


  • Delamere Financial Education Center - Our financial training programs, sponsored by the Online Trading Academy, are geared toward individual investors, novice or experienced, who want to learn how to use the same tools and professional trading techniques as the professional traders on Wall Street. The courses and modules offered by our Online Trading Academy, cover both online and distance learning or at one of our training centers, (Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, TX, London, Dubai, UAE, plus other centers to be opened during the next few months contact us for opening dates for Johannesburg, Paris, Munich, Tokyo, Beijing, Sydney and Hong Kong) and are designed to introduce you to the basic terminology and concepts you will need to become more successful as an investor or trader in stock, forex or commodities. To excel in this fascinating world of money, you need to continue to study and learn. For more details visit the Delamere Financial Education Center

  • Take the Delamere Financial Education Center FREE course on stock market or forex trading - The course is a Macromedia Flash presentation complete with audio track. If you want to become a Successful, Professional Trader, then you must view this Free Web Class. There are seven specific and proven trading areas that need to be mastered to insure a trader's success. For more details click here.


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