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Based on a recent survey taken amongst over 10,000 small businesses both in the USA (by the Small Business Administration (SBA), Europe and other developed and developing countries, we have listed the ten most common problems, which make the task of operating a small business more and more difficult, especially with more competition and coping with a recurring world recession. The material that our firm has researched, specifically investigates these common problems and we hope will help the entrepreneur and small business owner, to survive the difficulties experienced by their fellow entrepreneurs.


  • Business Problem Number 2 - Small businesses are more likely to become the victims of fraud than larger businesses. Here's how you can prevent fraudulent activity in your workplace.
  • Business Problem Number 3 - How can one remain positive about yourself and your business venture? How can one avoid being discouraged?
  • Business Problem Number 4 - Choosing the right legal format of ownership of your successful business venture, mainly for tax benefits and personal protection.
  • Business Problem Number 6 - How to avoid unnecessary income tax on your earnings from the business, and how to legally use your "expense accounts."
  • Business Problem Number 10 - How to select good employees, and how to successfully manage these employees with regard to salaries, benefits, and labour laws.

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